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Assignment 2, Part 3 for John Burton's "Environment and Light" course on Schoolism. Man-made object sketches! I decided to do this one digitally, since I still struggle with digital sketching and need the PRACTICE.

Do you know which movie this appeared in? Comment your answer.

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No-Wear Guard is proud to be a corporate supporter of US Sailing. The entire team is looking forward to a great 2020. Go Team USA!

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On the Yard


I love going aloft. I think I have a particular affinity for being high up. It makes me feel calm and at peace. Sometimes I struggle to reach the foot ropes, but otherwise, I’d say being aloft is the best place on board.

Cooking Aboard


We are extremely well fed on board. The picture above is me trying to make pancakes as a special treat for everybody on board. Making them circular on a rocking ship is a bit hard, though. If you are the duty person on a particular day, you are in charge of getting everything out for lunch, cooking dinner and doing the dishes for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is left up the individual. We add everything we need for our dinners to the shopping list and anything else, like yoghurt for breakfast etc.. 

Usually, my meals are: 


  • Three pieces of toast with Nutella, peanut butter and jam
  • A bowl of yoghurt
  • A piece of fruit (sometimes)
  • A cup of good ol’ tea


  • Cheese toastie
  • Salad


  • Whatever the duty person cooks



Today I went to Liberty Island and Ellis Island, we took the Ferry in South Manhattan and I got a little seasick on the boat. 

Im gonna be honnest I am a little dissapointed by the Statue of Liberty, when you see It at first you’re like :  that’s It ? Like it’s way smaller than expected… and there is very few exciting thing in liberty island, the museum of the Statue is just a collection of vintage merch… The best thing about Statue of Liberty imo is the view of the NYC Skyline which is fantastic. 

Ellis Island was way cooler than expected, indeed the audioguide thing was truly interesting about imigration but again a little empty. 

Finally, even though Statue of Liberty is one of the main attraction in NYC I would not recomand it if you’re here for a short amount of time and you want to chose It over another attraction. 

DISCLAMER : Don’t let my opinion prevent you from visiting the two beautiful monuments if you want to, plus you got got 2 monuments and a boat tour for only $17 which is a very fair price comparent to other attractions.