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Which would you choose?

A human factors issue in a discussion board about human factors! The posts are sorted oldest to newest, but people want to see the latests posts and have to scroll to the bottom every time

A human factors forcing function design win. No easy way to connect the power cable the wrong way on this retro replica Singer sewing machine.

This is the microphone connector I use in class. Should I screw in this connector?

Button for audible signal only which I would assume would be for visually impaired but would be better to automatically include without the push of a button.

Another human factors design fail in the Mining Building (that at least has a work-around).

Tried finding a good design, but ran into a bad one with this heater. Hard to notice the hidden label.

How about doors that open to those who are enrolled in the class that's meant to be on during that time???

Washer interface on the left side, dryer interface on the right. Why is detergent loader on the dryer side...

Labelling is on the bottom of the pitcher! Can’t even read it when the pitcher is filled.

Emergency Button is right next to the hot tub jet timer button... can easily mix these up

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