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Dark floor for an OT Room?

Labelling is on the bottom of the pitcher! Can’t even read it when the pitcher is filled.

Emergency Button is right next to the hot tub jet timer button... can easily mix these up

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The accessible ramp is somewhat like a maze and much longer than the stairs.

Tap card but instead there's only a place to slide the card. PC: Bruce

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I don’t see the purpose of these covers, they always come off....

This door is always unlocked. Why does it say it's unlocked with the fire alarm?

Who would’ve guessed these stove dials need to be rotated once around before the outer burner turns on?

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Myhal building floor mounts are not flush with the floor

Not sure what message the visual depiction is trying to convey (above the lettering ‘Emergency’). There are better ways of effectively conveying the message across

Microwaves have so many options, but does anyone really use all of them?

TTC entry ramps for streetcar at Queens Quay (Also at Spadina), one of many drivers who have gotten stuck.

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