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The Darkness;

It was my big graduation ceremony. I got all dolled up in my gothic aesthetic. Black dress and short pixie hair. My date showed up dressed comfortably in her jeans and boy shirt. I was happy to see her especially completing a big event in my life. She had flowers in her hands and a perky smile. I crushed on her for so long and this was my moment. My father showed up…

My father glared at us and continued to growl under his breath. He was against my decisions . I was a shame to be around with. My mother made rude jokes and my brothers could care less.

During this time is when my date decided not to be with me anymore. My father wouldn’t speak to me for months. He would hide away and sneak off into his room.

I used to care so much about his validation and acceptance twords me. But I remember within myself that I am not alone..

After so many years have passed I can recall my fathers bitter remarks or ignorance. I don’t need him to accept me..

I love myself..

Hello! I’m Tishia! I’m a solo parent of 2 kids, a 10 year old Unicorn Princess and a 6 year old Sonic (the Hedgehog).

I have decided to start blogging because writing is my favorite form of expressing myself. I also like to help others and share stories. So this blog page of mine, will be mainly be about my life. Some of the shit will be helpful, some hilarious and some just relatable as fuck. I’m not seeking any type of audience to be honest. I can have some serious social anxiety (EVEN THROUGH ONLINE). So weather you stop by or not, like my stuff or not: Thank-you! That’s all I got at the moment. Next entry shall be better even if just slightly. Lol.