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Getting Established

My goals for this blog are rather simple: 

  • To share posts about art, life, and witchcraft
  • To not only create content, but share only original works.
  • To have fun recording all my work and progress along the way

I’m just a woman who is working towards her dreams, on a team by herself, and who loves to create things. I’m excited to get started on this blog and have fun with a fresh start.

How to find out what you want to do in life and be happy doing it!

With a highly saturated culture it’s no wonder why our society has a hard time figuring out what it is they want to do in life.

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Here are some key tips to get you on your way to figuring out the life that’s meant for you.

First focus on key things that will bring happiness.

For example I want to focus my energy on a career that allows me to travel the world, raise my son, flexibility, and to be creative.

Second start doing things you love to do. Write out a list. Explore those things. This will open up a plethora of ideas of things that you can actually turn into your career. (Even try things you always wanted to do like a pottery class, painting, or food photography<<Just random examples)

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Third be true to yourself. Always check in with you often. And most importantly water yourself so that you too can grow. <- AKA stay consistent.

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Notice I didn’t mention anything about finances..why because most times if we focus on just the finances we get lost trying to accumulate just that.

MONEY is CURRENCY <please follow me

The term current is used in weather to describe a flow. < are you still with me?

synonyms of current are steady flow, & stream.

Ok with that being said when you devote your time and energy to just one thing (At a time) with thoes key points you will then be making a current in the universe for CURRENCY to flow back to you.

At the end of the day money is inevitable, when you are happy and giving your energy to the universe.

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I hope this helps. Video will definitely be made on these topics. ✌🏽

Forty Five Minutes

I have roughly 45 minutes until Wednesday becomes Thursday. I’m trying to convince my mind that the end of the day is a deadline of sorts, and if I don’t post something before then I’ll have a gap in the daily insanity. This is all hoodoo of course, because I’ve gone entire months posting every day, and have also gone entire months with only a handful of posts. The daily posting thing seems to be a new affliction. I think I’m starting to understand how obsessive compulsive disorders work.

Today was a long day. I’m finally nearing the end of the colossal project that has devoured the last year, and caused all manner of flying to and from Germany, nights in far flung hotel rooms, and miles walked through foreign city streets. In some ways I will miss Frankfurt, and in other ways I wish I had been more daring - more willing to take more chances - to visit some of the late night bars and experience the real city. I guess we’ll see, because it’s not really the end - it’s more the end of the beginning.

Although I might not be visiting Germany for a while, I can’t see life slowing down at all. At the end of next week I’ll be heading to Wales, and the following week Leeds in the North of England. Hotel life beckons once more - quietly sitting in the corner of a hotel lobby with a drink, trying to ignore travelling salesmen broadcasting their own self importance to anybody that might take notice.

In the middle of all of this I’m also organising my other half’s birthday party (a big birthday), and trying to figure out a meeting of several bloggers in London too. One is flying in from San Francisco, and a couple are from London. I have no idea where we’re meeting yet - it should be fun.

I remember back in the day when Tumblr had meetups, I always wondered what it might be like - meeting up with people that already knew each other’s stories - that already know the version of you that appears in words and pictures. Will they be the way you imagined them? Will you be the way they imagined you? I’m trying not to think about it too much. I think perhaps the most important thing will be to get a drink, down it, and then get another drink - just to calm the nerves. I wonder if anybody has ever STARTED with shots?

Anyway - that’s a couple of weeks away. I might need to go buy a half-decent shirt before then - before the birthday part even. I tend to wear clothes to destruction, then replace a huge proportion of my wardrobe in one go. Just such a cull is probably overdue.

There. A blog post written in fifteen minutes. That’s not bad going, is it.

Green Eggs and Ham season is upon us!

With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, the color green is popping up left and right.  With that comes Irish Soda bread, tons of Guinness beer, starbucks themed something green themed, and drum roll please, Green eggs and ham! The Dr. Seuss book deserves its place in everlasting St Patrick’s day fame.  As eggs are dyed green around the country and ham serves as a reliable side kick breakfast, we all bring out the kids in us.  Nothing like some food nostalgia!

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