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Hey here's an article up on you missed! Go check out "The Conservative Self-Indulgent Nonsense" I talk about the Right Wing nonsense they think is fooling anyone.

Turtleboy Sports prevailed in libel lawsuit filed by former Worcester City Councilor Michael Gaffney, but feud continues following Holden mailer

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I am thinking about changing my blog's domain name to Flying By Code, but I'm not sure yet. What do you guys think?

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pal1947  asked:

Well I'm not that cruel, so I'll ask this: favorite experience with friends?

i can only tell the truth for 8 more asks

thats a good question. probably whatever the FUCK went on tonight. because i actually have a hoard of friends now? somehow? they all adopted me. and are simultaneously abusing me. but this is the most popular ive been since the dark world so- hm.

anonymous asked:

Unless of course your ace, then can we cuddle on the couch watching your faviorite show.

i wont include this in the ask meme but ill answer this honestly anyways and say i’m noooot really sure what my sexuality is, other than pan. ive never really explored it/that part of myself, so. we’ll just have to see.

anonymous asked:

who (if anyone) is your biggest crush right now?

i can only tell the truth for 9 more asks

this didnt include the x but ill answer it anyways


i dont really have a crush right now?

i barely know anyone here and im a mega hermit in hometown. all this flirting tonight is the closest ive ever come to romance and i feel more flustered than anything. i have literally no idea what romance would feel like, yikes

Day 10

Yesterdays post was delayed. My daughter has a virus and has a terrible cough at night. I have had to stay up with her through the night, and I am exhausted! Steamy showers, VICS, repeat. Anyone have any other tips for a 1 year old sick baby?

Today I am in the studio, enjoying a day of painting, writing, and fighting off the exhaustion after two nights of no sleep. Luckily I have help with the kids today, so I can finish up a few commissions and write a little bit about my materials. There seem to be quite a few people interested in this.

Please keep the questions coming. This gives me something to write about!