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It was time to go. I’d wandered the streets in this mountain town, adrift in the river gorge, my head hidden in fogs of imagined poetry. I wrote in notebooks and traded my pennies for coffee in the diner and hardly spoke. I sat in the park on Sunday listening to the farmers children making music for free. And now it was played out. I had sifted the city and found stories, but I’d been silent too long. I left town on the #26 bus with pockets full of the noise of the river as it fumbled over the stones.
—  Stephen Harris on

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Cheap Car Rental Companys in Ha Noi a top blog of travel reviewed by - Asiatravel Service Jsc Asiatravel  offers you reliable travel and high quality car rental services in Vietnam All of our vehicles are brand new, year  2008 2012, which Vietnam blogged by 8126602 bloggers

Brief Interruption

This post will not be tagged, because Tumblr been cancelling my tags lately (not showing up in searches). Going forward, I will only use tags that work for newer original posts (until things change).

That said, allow me to show you what newTumbl looks like:

I’ve signed up with them about two weeks ago under the same username that I use here. I’ve also reversed my header and avatar images (respectively). You won’t be able to click on the images on anyone’s blog until the apps for Apple and Android are released.

Make sure that when you upload a header image and an avatar, they’re cropped ahead of time (or small enough). This platform doesn’t have photo editing tools yet.

Description, although useful, should be kept to a minimum. The same applies to your header title.

The “magnifying glass” above allows you to search for content within the blog you’re visiting. If you’re on your own page at the moment, you can search for your original posts. ((I’ll test this method more later.))

The chat bubble on the opposite side allows you to open conversations with blogs that you’re visiting.

Next to the avatar, you see the letter “M”. This is a blog’s intended rating. M stands for “Not Safe…” and you know how that phrase ends. Other ratings for posts and blogs are as follows:

F = Family friendly.

O = Okay in Office settings.

M = (read above please)

X = Explicit

W = WOW! Insane to the extreme. Triple the risqué factor.

When you search for posts, you have to refer to your user settings in order to toggle what types of post you want to see in your searches. For your main blog, ensure that you know what type of content you will share/display. People who search for your blog will see it in search results.

However, if you post something that’s expected to have a higher rating than your blog’s rating, you will be informed.

The choice is yours.

There’s an instant messaging feature. If your recipient is not online, it will display in their inbox the next time they log on.

I have things to attend to in a few, so these last two screenshots are navigation (left) and your dashboard (right). Additional symbols:

Star = Your favourite posts.

Envelope = Messages (includes asks and submissions).

Multiple persons = Followed blogs

Single Person = Toggle navigation to edit any part of your blog/account, or log off.

Home = Takes you straight to your Dashboard.


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