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Μάγδα Τσέγκου: "Ο Γιώργος Αυτιάς μου έμαθε πως ότι λάμπει δεν είναι χρυσός"

Μάγδα Τσέγκου: "Ο Γιώργος Αυτιάς μου έμαθε πως ότι λάμπει δεν είναι χρυσός"

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Makes no sense, but here we are.



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Insecurities within women can start at a young age and never leave. It takes some women years to become comfortable with expressing themselves freely, all while being their most authentic self- sometimes these women don’t even learn how to deal with their never-ending list of insecurities.

Being viewed as a funny girl who made jokes and made people laugh during her high school days, Cece found it really tough being taken seriously by her peers. Many people thought that because she was funny, she was never serious about anything.

“I feel like that (making people laugh) kinda has taken away from how people view me a little bit because any time I say something that I think of as importance, I’m immediately not taken seriously. That’s why in high school when people would say some problematic stuff, I’d try to call them out and they would laugh, but I was being serious, like you can’t be saying shit like that,” says Cece.

That’s why after high school, Cece decided to take matters int her own hands and try to fix what she didn’t like.

Starting with her Twitter account, she would use her page to openly talk about issues that she sees, or experiences. With her page she would express herself on things that she likes, doesn’t like, and things she would change, etc. This kind of became her platform - kind of like an open diary.

“I feel like that’s where most people hear from me, and it kind of helped because if you saw my tweets you’d know what not to say around me anymore. No one for some reason was getting the hint in person (beforehand), so I was like, fuck it”, says Cece, and that’s where the podcast comes in.

“When my friends and I started the podcast it was mainly because we all have a lot to say, but we felt that tweeting doesn’t always get your whole point across,” says Cece.

This was a chance for Cece and her friends (Lindsay and Rasheem) to go into depth on things like social issues and whats working and not within the music industry. It’s a platform for them to speak more without the restrictions on Twitter, like character counts.  

Although she might’ve not been completely comfortable with her voice in the past, Cece has learned to have more confidence as a woman and what being one entails.

“There’s like a really weird sense of unity within all women, I feel like we all understand each other and we all have roughly the same experiences. For the most part, I just like having other women around me because you just understand each other,” says Cece.

“People are just starting to understand that women are three dimensional, like you can be super closed off and like not be nurturing, but like still be 100 percent a woman, she added.

The lack of successful black women in the industry made it hard for Cece to be able to relate to growing up.

“If I could tell little Cece anything, I would tell her that being black doesn’t change your beauty, because growing up, black women weren’t allowed to be beautiful. I was always like by default oh ‘I’m ugly, I’m black, and I’m ugly’ - it made sense and it didn’t resonate with me until maybe I was like 13/14 and I was like ‘oh damn, Gabrielle Union was bad and it’s been engraved in my head my whole life because I went to white schools. No one was ever like ‘omg yeah go look at Whitney Houston she a baddie’. They’d be like ‘omg Megan Fox, she’s so pretty’ and don’t get me wrong, she bad, but I feel like I’d have a lot less insecurities had I not grown up like that,” Cece added.

But nowadays, the younger generation have people to look up to like Amandla Stenberg, which is an incredible, young, smart, driven and hardworking young woman that the younger generation can try and relate to - while looking up to her.

Having diverse and strong womanly figures with voices, that the youth can look up to is something that van definitely benefit our younger generation to be good, do good and to just feel beautiful in their own skin - no matter where you’re from, what shape you are, or what you look like.


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