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2020 CrossFit Games Dates for “Week-Long Festival” - [Source: Morning Chalk-up]

"La vida no trata de encontrarse a uno mismo, sino de crearse a uno mismo". George Bernard Shaw Si te gusta leer, entre en mi blog y hazte seguidor

Marieke, moeder van 2 dochtertjes, vertelt met een knipoog naar het milieu, hoe zij boodschappen doen met de kinderen leuk maakt. Lees verder in de van Marieke:

interviewed Ryan Robinson, an and writer for Vistaprint. His advice has been showcased on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and his own , . Read more here.

A prática melhora a circulação sanguínea, o que nos torna mais desde o início do dia. Descubra no nosso os benefícios de fazer quando você 👉 #bemvindosaodescanso#couplegoals

The main page is done 🌿✈️ Now it finally looks like a professional website full of useful tips about sustainable & ethical s 🧳 Additional features will become visible when I start posting Check it out !

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「kintaのブログ ホームページ」  オリックスバファローズや旅行記などの記事の一覧などをまとめています。2018年1月現在で3600記事を載せています。  

"If your website does not work well on smartphones, users can feel your business does not care."

We are talking a lot about . But what are they actually? Our new post gives you an overview in a nutshell.

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Tudom könnyű elfelejteni, hogy mi volt a világfájdalmam fő oka 4-5 éve

Akkor még egész más szinezete volt mindennek

De elnézem a mai gimiseket

- szakadt farmer, hülye zoknik, cigi/joint/pia a kézben-

Komolyan nem értem:

- Mi ellen lázadtok ennyire?-

It’s Saturday morning, I’m tired, I have literally no need, or desire, to be awake and all I really want is the silent oblivion of a deep and dreamless sleep.

At 6:30 am my brain is like “Wakey, wakey, rise and shine… here’s all the shit going on in your life that’s making you anxious… enjoy” and now my heart is absolutely thumping out of my chest and there’s no chance of me getting back to sleep.

Looking for feedback:

I’ve been thinking about devoting more of my time and energy to tumblr.

For so long I have wanted some sort of creative outlet. The irony is that all that time it was literally under my nose in the form of the only social I’ve used for ten years.

I came to this website to impress an artsy girl I was seeing. Little did I know it lead to what I can only accurately describe as an addiction.

Anyway, the point of this post is should I keep shit posting or turn this into a outlet for more “long form” type posts like blog posts, art pieces or videos?

I’m fairly certain most of the accounts that follow me here are Russian sex bots, but if anyone sees this and has an opinion I’d love to hear it.


Before you are anyone else’s, you are God’s. Remember that the next time you are tempted to get into a relationship just for the heck of it. 

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イルカが見てます・・・ : だまし絵気分のイラスト日記~Doumei



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