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Hey Guys! Excited for a new post tomorrow! All about our wedding! Invite your friends to the page so they can enjoy too!

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sweet serendipity 🌈

Just came home from the theater.

My little brother and I just got done watching the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. My little brother especially wanted to see this. It was awesome! We were on the edge of our seats for SO much of it. I especially loved the animation.

“I’m sorry- I’m just… I’m just trying to draw up a world where you and I could be together again. A world where you’d still love me and my heart would be sharper than shards of glass, shattered all around my lifeless body”

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Sometimes people get spiteful when someone isn’t as bitter and miserable as themselves, don’t take it as a slight . There’s nothing wrong with you!
The problem is they see you aren’t as broken and mean as them.. be happy you aren’t!

Not everyone will love you, That’s not realistic. But the right people will eventually open up to u, you have to adapt, I’m not even saying it will go smoothly. But eventually you’ll find ur niche.

I need to get that out of my system. Being nice n considerate towards everyone doesn’t work, That actually turns off people.

so, I just watched “the reign of the supermen” and couldn’t help myself but draw Conner aka superboy

for now it’s just a wip, but I’ll post a finished version later on

if you want to find more of my art follow my instagram