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La implica riesgos que deben ser asegurados. vio afectada su porque algunos factores no se reflejaban en su informativo. Te lo contamos en el de 👇

Celebrating Focus10k 🎉 A huge Congratulations & Thank You to everyone who participated at Focus10k earlier this month! Here's to next year!

If you’re a sleep-loving, coffee-fiend like me you’re probably wondering - how can I get my daily dose of coffee AND get a good night’s sleep? Read more:

If you missed Lauren's which was released to coincide with World Day Against Child Labour last , then what are you waiting for? This blog cannot be left dusty!

An island of gourmet dining, spectacular sea life and prestigious hotels… it’s little wonder is amongst our favourite hideaways (as well as being popular with Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyoncé!). Read more on our >

Small lifestyle changes can lead to big, positive results, and this rings true when it comes to your diet too. Read more below.

"El futuro en la Empresa Familiar", lee aquí el de Pablo Dominguez ►

"Sometimes personal thought pieces do more than the most well-written, optimized post you could write."

Salade fraîcheur toujours mais version plus protéinée avec mâche, endives crues, tomates, feta, jambon, betteraves, fleurs, pollen cru, graines de courges grillées, basilic, sauce olive/citron.

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What book should anyone read at least once in their lives, according to you?


I’m in the same country as he is but he “can’t” see me. He “doesn’t have enough time” to see me. I’m only 3 hours away. The first time I saw him, I made plans to take the day off, met him half way. We were only 2.5 hours away from each other. But he isn’t willing to try. I’m only here for 2 days. Is this it? When I finally let this be the last straw and give up totally on him? This will surely be the biggest let down.

Holding hands

No hay acto más bonito (a mí parecer) que dos personas tomándose de la mano.

Siento que es algo tan básico pero para mí es como íntimo, o no sé, volás extrañas mías.

Pero en definitiva me encanta; me hace sentir capaz de lo que sea. Me podría mover por cualquier lado con tal de tomar su mano unos minutos.

i accidentally made a kpop ccg

I was sick all last week stuck at home, bored out of my mind and started going down a black hole on eBay looking at kpop photo cards. I got my first ones with the army bomb at the bts show and they are kinda cute. They remind me of Pokémon cards like I gotta collect all my biases.

So Friday I was again being dumb and buying them and got started thinking again about how they remind me of a collectible card game. It was so funny I couldn’t get it out of my head so I was just shitposting about it on twitter.

Then in my typical obsessive fashion I start rolling around the idea in my head and can’t get it out. I came home Friday night and was like “I’m gonna do this for real.”

So I stayed up til like 1 am Friday and all the rest of this weekend and legitimately designed a kpop CCG. I wrote rules, made a spreadsheet of like 140 cards with stats and made mock up cards using handwritten index cards.

My husband and I play tested it 3 full matches worth tonight and it plays like a real game. I’m going to have some friends and coworkers play test and do some balancing and tweaks based on feedback.

But I made a game. In 3 days.

When I get it to a good place I’m going to design the graphics for the cards and have them printed, which is apparently a thing you can do for not that much money these days. People do it for demo decks for Kickstarter games.

So yeah. I made a game as a joke but it’s actually really cute and fun.

It feels crazy but I forget sometimes that not only was I a graphic designer for a decade, I’ve worked in the game industry for like 8 years. I might just actually be kinda good at this stuff. I surprise myself sometimes and underestimate how much pent up creative energy I have at any given time. It feels really good to make things.

ok it wasn't that bad (2nd trimester)

OK, I thought I might start with a bad week but actually, everything was fine, just the same stress I usually suffer for theater class.

my friend suffering from relationship problems as usual. I can’t do nothing more for her (HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS) but she has to learn to deal with the pain of realizing the truth about someone, even tho she knew he was an asshole, she still loved him  even tho she finally got tired of him and I knew she was, the only thing was that I didn’t think of the consequences of THAT.

NOW SHE IS WITH THE WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF MOTHER FUCKING TANTRUM like boys are this and boys are that, and oh he looks nice but he might be an asshole too. DAMN STFU, if you won’t be able to deal with the pain then you have to think twice before having a relationship or even dealing with an asshole YOU FUCKING KNEW, YOUR SISTER TOLD YOU TOO, THE PROBLEM IS THAT YOU DONT LISTEN…


I know you might say it’s my shit not your shit so forget about it and deal with your shit BUT IT BECAME MY SHIT SINCE HE MADE YOU FEEL BAD ANDIT IS ALSO HALF OF MY FAULT.


FIRST: don’t lose your shit there other guys out there who deserves someone like you, he might even be as weird as you.

SECOND: STOP BRINGIN THE WORST IN YOU AND STOP LOOKING THE BAD IN YOU, look at yourself in the mirror and think of the thing that you don’t see when you have a mirror in front of you LIKE:

your laugh

your smile 

your odd winky thing

when you make references to star wars and laugh about it yourself

THIRD: I’m sorry if I’ve been treating you unfairly but you still have too much to learn, and sometimes I’m scared because of how you always said you wanted to be like me. and that’s exactly what I don’t want for you, I’ve been through a whole lot of psychological traumas that I have dealt on my own because I didn’t ask for help because I didn’t have nobody and I was also so mother fucking scared,  I WANT YOU TO BE BETTER THAN ME.


I said one I said twice and maybe a thousand times just for you, you have to change the way you think, you have to know :

what you want

what you need

what you deserve



you are a queen not a princess of the need of rescue <3

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loves you

att: niña cringe













Feliz Dia Dos Namorados... Trevosos!

Eu sou a Mariana e estou escrevendo direto d’A Toca da Coelha

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Eu não sou uma pessoa romântica e jamais conseguiria fazer um lista de filmes românticos para assistir no dia de hoje. Então eu pensei no que? Vou fazer um post só com casais góticos, trevosos, sobrenaturais, tudo que eu adoro! Uma lista para mostrar que não importa como você é, o que você é, vai conseguir achar um amor! (se não achar, tá tudo bem também….) 

1 - Jack e Sally - O Estranho Mundo de Jack (1993)

2 - Drácula e Mina - Drácula de Bram Stoker (1992)

3 - Vanessa e Ethan - Penny Dreadful (2014 - )

4 - Criatura e a Noiva de Frankenstein - A Noiva de Frankenstein (1935)

*não, o nome dele não é Frankenstein….

5 - Gomez e Morticia - A Família Addams (1991)

6 - Edward e Kim - Edward, Mãos de Tesoura (1990)

7 - Chucky e Tiffany - A Noiva de Chucky (1998)

8 - Victor e Victoria (e Emily) - A Noiva Cadáver (2005)

*ele se casa com a Victoria, mas a Noiva Cadáver é a Emily, então é um trisal

9 - Sabrina e Nick - O Mundo Sombrio de Sabrina (2018 - )

10 - Ed e Lorraine - Invocação do Mal (2013)

Não podemos esquecer do verdadeiro casal Ed e Lorraine Warren. Uma vida dedicada às investigações e aos estudos paranormais.

BÔNUS - Louis e Lestat - Entrevista Com o Vampiro (1994)

Ah mas não é casal!”, é casal sim. Pelo menos pra mim. *rs* 

Um feliz dia dos namorados, aproveite para assistir um desses filmes ou séries da lista, sozinho(a) ou acompanhado(a)!

Até o próximo post!

I’m A Divination Witch

Hey guys! If you couldn’t tell I’m Wiccan and a witch. I’m just putting it out there if any of you want a tarot reading, pendulum question/answer, potion, or spell done for you lmk. I don’t charge I just love giving others the opportunity to work with divination and get questions answered.

Of course if you want normal advice in here for that too ❤️


Bu Kalp Unutur Mu?

Fikret Kızılok, kalbimi görmüş meğer. Kalbimdeki seni görmüş o da yıllar evvel. Biz daha doğmadan, sen daha aşk olmadan, ben daha acı olmadan önce.

Çirkin mutlulukların özde güzelliğini bana katmayışına kinaye katmış. Aşk, içlenen şarkıların sözlerini çalan bir çaresizken bana seni reva görmüş göresi gelesice!

Aklının kayıp romanında hatırına gelmeyen bilmem kaçıncı cümlenin bilmem kaçıncı sayfasının bilmem kaçıncı başa sarışıyım dileklerimde. Uçan balonların haddi hesabı yok, Hıdırellezde gönlüme astığım notların bir sene sonraki sen toplamının haddi hesabı yok.

Yıllar geçti Fikret Baba; üstünden, acılarımın üstünden, kalbimin üstünden, başımın gözümün sadakasının üstünden. Unutmadı bu kalp; ve sen haklıydın.

Şimdi ne yapsak? Unutsak mı dersin? Bunca zaman, bunca rast gelmeyiş ve yine de bekleyişten sonra. Unutsak ne dersin? Kalbim ve ben. Biz artık onunla birbirimizden ayrıyız, tek ortak noktamız unutamayışımız. Aklımın kelepçelerinde karakol ümitlere denk gelerek salıveriyorum hücrede güç bela tuttuğum yaşamaktan uslanışımı.

Bu kalp onu unutur mu? Sonuna soru işareti koydurmasaydın Fikret Baba. Unutur deseydin, aslında. Tek senin suçun. Farkındasın reel yaşamdan; fani dünyanın sert rüzgarına içerleyişlerimi.

Tamam mıyız birbirimize susarak? İlk o başlattı Fikret Baba. Sonra, tekrar yalancı sessizliğimin geveze cümlelerinde onu buldum. Hep onun suçu.

Ben, fazla ve derin sevmeye programlanmışım. İnsanlığım robotik acıların kırık tuşuyla imtihan edilmiş. Affet Fikret Baba, şarkını çok üzdüm…

Dilara AKSOY

Blog #103 Call Center Theater: Sale

Customer: “So I see you have a sale on the Game Of Thrones complete set and I was wondering how long that goes for?”

Me: “Our sales run from Sunday to Saturday.”

Customer: “Um…so what will be the next sale?”

Me: “We don’t have access to the upcoming sale until Sunday.”

Customer: “Oh…so when will this go off sale?”

Me: “Saturday.”

Customer: “Um…ah..which Saturday?”

Me: “…….this coming Saturday…”

Customer: “Um….okay.”

Blog #102 Call Center Theater: Receipt

Customer: Hi, so I’m looking at my purchase history on my electronic store account and I’m missing some items from my purchase history. I am a card member as well.“

Me: "If you are looking for receipts we can pull them up and print them up in store for you.”

Customer: “No I’m not coming in the store that is just a waste of my time.”

Me: “Okay. I can give you our dot com phone number because they handle the online account info.”

Customer: “Well why can’t you just do it?”

Me: “Okay, which transaction were you looking for?”

Customer: “For a screen protector. I want to know what type of warranty I have on it.”

Me: “Did you have us put it on?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Okay, so the only one I’m able to pull up is the zag screen protector and with them there is a life time warranty on it. You will need to contact them. Would you like for me to send you the receipt to you I can.”

Customer: “’s okay. I don’t understand why you can see that info and I can’t. The only transaction I see are for a TV and air conditioner.”

Me: “I have a different system then the I am able to pull up receipts via your phone number.”

Customer: “Why do you keep saying dot com I’m not understanding?”

Me: “When you view your purchase history it’s on our dot com site I can’t log into your account information I only have access to the store level receipts. If you would like I can give you their phone number so they can better answer your questions.”

Customer: “But I bought the stuff from in the store not the dot com.”

Me: “I understand that but I don’t have control over the account information you see only the dot com can access that info.”

Customer: “Fine give me that number but they are probably closed on a Sunday.”

Me: “They should be open.”