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Japan's MuIT University is developing a blockchain-based solution to verify diplomas

Hokkaido state University, with the support of two telecommunications companies, is creating a blockchain-based solution to verify the authenticity of education documents.

According to the Nikkei, the Muroran Institute of technology (MuIT) is partnering with Telecom giants Nippon Telegraph (NTT) and Telephone West to develop a blockchain-based solution to verify education certificates.

According to sources familiar with the initiative, the project, which is planned to be implemented by March 2020, will be deployed in the existing Nippon Telegraph and Telephone diploma verification system. Technical support for developers will provide local it firm BarnardSoft.

Accounting for academic achievement is becoming a challenge for large companies. The project team made it clear that if the pilot blockchain is successful, it is planned to expand the capabilities of the solution in order to track career achievements and other information about the education of employees and applicants.

The blockchain-based degree verification system will first be tested at MuIT before it is integrated into the workflows of five more universities in 2020.

Verification of diplomas on the blockchain is tested by universities and companies around the world. Recall that in September, the Swiss University of St. Gallen announced the beginning of testing a blockchain system that will help in the fight against counterfeiting of diplomas of higher education. Earlier it was reported that Malaysia plans to fight fake diplomas at the national level. In addition, in February, Malta announced the transfer of storage of education diplomas on the blockchain.


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