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Ensuring universal access to safe and affordable drinking water for all by 2030 requires we invest in adequate infrastructure. makes it possible! Be part of the with a purpose ✨ 👉

Hoy está lleno de gente en el panel Blockchain y Criptomonedas en las Américas. Los asistentes aprendieron sobre de uno de nuestros Coordinadores de Hive,

There has been a race to file blockchain patent applications. If we aren't careful, the blockchain patent race might end up stifling innovation.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend one more lecture by Danilo Hadži-Pešić, Software Engineer , which he held for team. He covered truly decentralized crowdfunding platforms, and how they work.

Goldman Sachs and Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Ventures round off Series B funding for BitGo Read more :

- trust or control?! Interesting discussion and answers |s D-CLICK today!

Security Token Offerings and the Great Debate by James Glasscock, Kendrick Nguyen, Alex Nascimento and Paul Kim at Blockchain Unbound Tokyo.

“La tokenización de activos REALES en ocasiones tiene limitaciones y en otras es simplemente imposible (en términos legales)” en

Guess who's speaking at ? pioneer Leanne Kemp of will speak about the work she has done to catalog diamonds on the Blockchain on Oct.25th @ 1 pm. Get all the session details here>

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Consorcio entre Tencent y Huawei presentará nuevo ecosistema de blockchain
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FISCO, un consorcio conformado por las compañías chinas Tencent y Huawei, ha lanzado un nuevo ecosistemade cadena de bloques conocido como BCOS.
Raqamiya stakepool added email notifications feature

Dear Decred fans,

Our stakepool has successfully achieved a total of 500+ successful votes with ZERO missed tickets. At this point we would like to officially announce our new, long awaited email notifications feature.

As of today, whenever a ticket is voted, an email will be sent to the users informing them of their successful vote. This email will contain information about the date of ticket purchase, price at the time of purchase and the time it took to vote. example here

This new feature was based on your request, we will continue to work with our users to make our stakepool a very convenient way of staking your Decred.

We would like to hear further suggestions to help improve our services.

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We are the cashback service for users and the lead generator for the on-line and off-line business in Russia and abroad based on the DS Plus mobile application. We use the blockchain technology to control transactions and to provide a safety payment of your purchases for PlusCoin cryptocurrency integrated in the application. There are two main objectives of our project: to popularize blockcain technologies and to embed the cryptocurrency, which was made for people, into our everyday life.
DS PLUS platform serves thousands of retail enterprises by motivating users to purchase from them. The users are motivated by rewards in PlusCoin, the internal crypto currency, which could be used to buy goods and services from partner enterprises at the online store of the platform.

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Quote from P2PS Whitepaper

“Today, closed or locked down computer systems have become a norm in all the banking and financial institutions along with most government establishments and ministries embracing the latest in technological developments. However, some of their needs are far from being met. P2P Solutions Foundation endeavors to promote P2PS tokens to these important entities and service providers. In other words, the proliferation of P2PS tokens would be quick since they are not anticipated to encounter hurdles due to the huge gap prevalent in the global marketplace. Since secure digital products and services are established concepts and enjoy a high demand, P2P Solutions Foundation anticipates acceptability in many more market segments on a global level, including but not limited to non-banking financial institutions”.

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Quote from P2PS Whitepaper

“It is anticipated that the P2PS token will proliferate and quickly command a large market share in the years to come. Through ELI and ISI clients alone, P2PS tokens have a high potential growth trajectory. P2P Solutions Foundation also anticipates that over the next five years, the SOM for users in the top 49 high potential countries globally that are known to quickly adapt and embrace secure, digital transaction systems is about 772 million users off the serviceable available market (SAM) of 1.1 billion users and TAM of 1.5 billion users.”

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