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Damn You (Part Four)

Part Four!!!!  

Modern A/U Bjorn Ironside  Pairing: Always a bad bish of color.  No smut this chapter.  I know. I know.  Hold onto your hats for part five-you shall be rewarded!  +18 always.  




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“Am I boring you Bjorn?”  

Lagertha glares at her son, who is staring out the window, clearly lost in other thoughts.

He starts, bolting upright in his chair. 

“Yes, mother, I’m listening.  Sorry.” 

The corner of Ubbe’s mouth twitches as he sends a dark look Bjorn’s way. 

Lagertha notices the subtle exchange between the brothers and sighs. 

“Tell me. It’s clear that something is going on and I need to know what it is right now.”   

She leans back in the chair, her eyes lasers on both men. 

Bjorn shifts uncomfortably in his seat.  

Ubbe nods toward Lagertha.

“Are you going to tell her or shall I?” he says to Bjorn through clenched teeth.

Bjorn scowls at Ubbe.  

“I’m in love with Y/N.” 

Lagertha’s lips press together in a tight line.  

“You are in love with your best friend Halfdan’s wife?” she asks in a low, quiet voice, her eyes still closed.   

Bjorn reaches for the glass of water in front of him on the table and takes a long gulp. 

“Yes, I love her.”  

Lagertha’s eyes fly open.  

“So tell me my son, what have you done about this love you have for another man’s wife?”  

Her voice is still quiet, but he can tell the anger is building.

Ubbe sits back in his chair, crosses his legs and looks at his brother expectantly.  

Bjorn hangs his head and swirls the remnants of water around in his glass.

“I kissed her last night.”  

“What else?  Please tell me you did not have sex with her.”  Lagertha asks, still speaking in low, sharp voice. 

“No, no we just kissed and I passed out in her bed. Then she left me to sleep in Ubbe’s room.”  

Lagertha casts her cold gaze at Ubbe.  


Ubbe holds his hands up in the air and shakes his head.  

“You know full well that Y/N are close friends and I would never,“ he says to Lagertha, while shooting a withering look at Bjorn.  “I slept on the couch in the suite and gave her my bed.  She was distraught.” 

Lagertha rises from her chair and walks over to Bjorn. She kneels next to his seat.

“Halfdan has entered into this business deal at great risk to himself and his family,” she seethes.  “He went against his brother because he is loyal to you. He and Harald are not even speaking.”

Bjorn says nothing.  

“We need Halfdan’s interests to secure the port here in Gothenburg for our own dealings,”  Lagertha continues.  “Nothing must jeopardize our relationship with him.  Nothing.”

She starts back to her chair, then pauses.  

“You know Bjorn, what infuriates me most about this turn of events, is that you had your chance with Y/N, but you were too busy flitting between momentary infatuations.”  

Bjorn opens his mouth to protest.  Lagertha raises her hand. 

“Halfdan has given Y/N the love and the commitment she deserves, he has given her what you would not. Don’t destroy her happiness.”

“Mother, please this time….” Bjorn starts, but Lagertha cuts him off again.

“Stay away from Y/N Bjorn or I will remove you as head of the board and send you back to Morocco for good.”

Bjorn nods his head. 

“I need to know that I am clearly understood!” she shouts. 

“Yes Lagertha, I understand.”  

“Good. Let’s not keep our dinner guests waiting any longer.” 

“I didn’t realize we were running so late,” you whisper in Halfdan’s ear.

“We’re only fifteen minutes behind,” he smiles, planting a kiss on your lips. “The delay was worth every second.” 

Heat rises up your neck as he gifts you with another deep kiss. 

“Let’s go have dinner, I’m famished,” he says touching your cheek. 

You smile at him and grip his arm as you enter the massive dining room. 

“Aaah, the happy couple,” Lagertha says intercepting your path to the table.   

She moves to hug you and Halfdan.  

“Thank you so much for your hospitality Lagertha,” you say squeezing her hand.  “Apologies for our lateness.” 

Lagertha gives you another hug and squeezes your shoulders.  

“I understand, I was married and in love once too.”  

Halfdan’s face turns bright red and you laugh nervously. 

She gives you a knowing look and smiles at you both again. 

Suddenly Bjorn, is at Lagertha’s side.  

“Bjorn my friend!” Halfdan says pulling him into an embrace.  “How are you?” 

“I’m good,” he says with a smile. Then he looks at you. “Y/N nice to see you again, you look incredible.”  

“Thank you,” you say quietly, barely able to look at him.

Lagertha notices Bjorn’s eyes lingering on you too long, she gently takes his arm. 

“Please let’s all sit, I’m sure you both must be starving.”

Once you are at the table, you take a moment to survey the scene. Bjorn is mercifully at the far end next to Lagertha. Ubbe, is seated across from you. He gives you a reassuring wink, lifting his glass in salute to Halfdan.  You look down the table again at Lagertha.  A strong, gut feeling tells you she knows.  Bjorn’s solemn face practically confirms your intuition.  The soft pressure of  Halfdan’s hand on your thigh, interrupts your thoughts.  He leans over to kiss your neck.  You smile at him and do your best to relax. 

Lagertha taps a glass with her fork, silencing the room.

“Thank you all for joing us this evening to celebrate the latest waterfront venture of Ragnar Enterprises,” she says looking around the table.  “We owe our deepest thanks to Halfdan The Black for his essential contribution to our project.  Skol!”

“Skol!” Everyone raises their glasses toward Halfdan. 

You grin at him and squeeze his knee under the table. He tips your chin to him for a long kiss.

Bjorn watches hungrily as you kiss Halfdan. He remembers how your lips felt on his the night before.  Arousal begins to warm his body. Everything about you is driving him mad right now. The beaded yellow gown you wear gives your dark copper skin a rich glow, the fabric hugging your every curve, dipping low enough to reveal the soft swell of your breasts.  Jealousy burns his chest as he watches you beam at your husband, his best friend.  He wants you more than ever now, despite his mother’s warning to stay away.  Gods, how much more can he take? 

Bjorn suddenly rises from his seat, tapping his glass with a knife. 

Lagertha shoots daggers at him with her eyes, but he is undaunted.

“I would like to echo my mother’s thanks to Halfdan for his sacrifice to make this project a reality.” 

Halfdan tips his glass to Bjorn. 

Bjorn looks directly at you as he continues to speak. 

“That said, it is with great heaviness that I am announcing my decision to step down from the board.”

Gasps ring around the table. Lagertha looks up at her son with a mix of fury and confusion. Bjorn holds up both his hands in an effort to quiet the room.  

“I will be leaving tomorrow morning for Morocco, where I will remain to run Ragnar Enterprise’s interests there full time. Skol!” 

Bjorn puts his glass down and rushes out of the dining room, leaving a cacophony of confused murmurs in his wake.