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1940s Sequin Ballgown...

"I think what I'm doing is unprecedented. With what I do, there isn't a blueprint to follow. The hardest thing I have to do to sustain my business is to prove the value of what I do."

“First your boss loves you, then they dislike you. Here’s how Black women can manage the icy transition.”

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If BettyBoop is a JazzSinger is about a entertainer accused of murdering a wealthy businessman; a by discriminatory judge to redevelop and run a highway thru the segregated neighborhood where the Black people live?🤔

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Anakin sand stimboard because I think it’s funny

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She gives him a small smile. "Well, people tend to not understand or like people who are different that way... Or use those people to their advantage. Growing up, I couldn't tell when people were lying to me, or if they were laughing at me rather than with me. And when I did figure it out I got shunned, got called weird and stupid. I wasn't able to figure out how to stand up for myself. Then I hit adulthood... I hit the worst year of my life..."

He gives you a sympathetic look before holding you close. “Oh dear… What happened?”


“Hi!!! I love your stimboards and I’m sorry you’re not doing well!! Best get well wishes!!!💓💘💞 If you’re feeling up to it, would you be open to doing a Deadpool stim board?? - Hi!! It’s Deadpool anon!!❤️ Um I can’t really think of anything specific except, like, NOT hands lol I’m sorry that’s not very helpful!”

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