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Can somebody tell us what the floyd is going on in Springdale? Filed under

Tonight’s hotel room has a complete wall covered in pages from Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya. 😳📗 I’m going to be up all night reading.

Bonjour une amie et collègue de boulot à eu cette chose dans sa voiture elle ne sais pas d'où ça sort ont lit M un L à l'envers et un R inverser j'ai beau regarder sur le net ça ne correspond à rien

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Harry didnt go on Dans podcast not because 'Simon couldn't make him' unless you think 'Simon' made Niall and Liam play ball with Dan? The whole point of Holo was to distance Harry from his past and elevate him over his old bandmates who 'still did the same things for promo'. To distance Harry from the things we knew were 1DHQ tainted and make it seem as if HSHQ had nothing to do with the old regime (a lie) and shiny solo Harry was too big for tabloids & wouldnt sully himself with Dan. Thats why.

That’s a solid logic for Harry. But why did Niall, Liam, and Louis go on the program? Because they like Dan Wootton and his tabloid journalism? Louis wrote a song about “headlines I can’t stand.” Why were the 1D boys the very first guests on the show? Why was Simon Cowell? Why were many of the first guests heavily associated with Syco— Rita Ora, Olly Murs, Fifth Harmony?

Funny coincidence that after being trashed by Dan for so many years, and having rumors fed to Dan by the Syco machine, that the boys would want to support him so badly that they’d volunteer to be the very first guests on his new show. Funny coincidence that Dan was still writing and getting “exclusives” on the boys in 2017— exclusives that were far from flattering. Yet they love him! Funny coincidence that syndicated articles with unsubstantiated rumors about the boys often started, and still start, at The Sun and The Daily Mail.

The boys went on Dan’s program because it wasn’t really a choice. The alternative, whatever it was, was worse.

This is a Neolithic skull that was found inside a cave in Nogent-sur-Oise, France. The large hole exhibited in the side of the skull is due to the practice of trepanning. The procedure is used to release pressure in the brain due to trauma. Back in the Neolithic period, it is believed that trepanning was commonly used to cure individuals plagued with spirits or other mystical, prehistoric aliments that were believed to have caused pain inside the head. 


8 Strange Animals Once Thought To Be Extinct

Staff is deleting blogs for unnecessary reasons please give @masscasualtyevent

He is one of my oldest mutuals that has been following me when I was just starting to really build my blog and I know how much it sucks to have a blog you worked hella hard for get deleted.

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