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Drรกcula Vs Frankestein- Al Adamson

Coucou pourquoi ce programme est prรฉsent dans mais non disponible au visionnage ? Cโ€™est dommage ๐Ÿ˜ข

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Keeping an amusing sense of humor in moments that are just simply strangely is absolutely perfect! Good job little one way to break out the smiles! ๐Ÿ˜‹

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Date Pretty Hotties Tonight!

Paradox Likely

*bzzz bzzz*


“…you have reached the end of time…”

“what? who is this?”

“… it’s you, we have reached the end of time, step outside, take a look, you’ll see, we finally did it, finally reached the end…the end of time…”

Something so bizarre and compelling, your own face so familiar and yet so strangely odd it sends chills creeping along your skin.

You look away from the phone, towards the window


Your senses rising in their clarity, perception heightened and yet your reactions so slow

was this a dream?

You know it is not, focus on your hands and grasp your phone tightly as you step out into an alien landscape

“…the end of time…”

“Dance…” your own voice whispering to you from your phone, through dimensions, impossible and true.

And you do


@eminem @denaunondos #Bizarre (at Detroit, Michigan)

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Accidentalmente se reprodujeron unos cuantos temas de Flema al mismo tiempo y fecundaron esta barrileteada cósmica.


@eminem @denaunondos #Bizarre (at Detroit, Michigan)

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