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Bitcoin ‘Realized Market Cap’ Hits Record High Despite Flash Crash ➡️ 🗺️ ▶️

Not longing until we close above 11k and range between 11k en 12k. The mid-term trend is still down. We're still making lower highs on the H4. If we really bottomed here we're going to see at least 15k, so there's still plenty of upside for longs above 11-12k

Iran’s Use of Bitcoin to Avoid Sanctions May Fuel U.S. Regulatory Crackdown

Coder Proposes Alternative to Bitcoin’s ‘Notoriously Unreliable’ Testnet

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WATCH: Former CFTC Advisor Sees ‘Mistrust’ as Libra’s Fatal Flaw 🔥

Scandal after scandal hasn’t done Facebook any favors, says former CTFC advisor Jeff Bandman.
July 19, 2019 at 01:00AM 📝 John Biggs

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Has the 'Bitcoin experiment' failed?

A prominent voice in the Bitcoin community has announced that he is abandoning the cryptocurrency that he helped to popularize. Mike Hearn has revealed that deep divisions within the platform’s “leadership” and a looming technical apocalypse threatens the system’s entire existence. The creator of bitcoin has explained his position in a lengthy Medium post, saying that he has sold his coins and is washing his hands of Bitcoin. As far as he is concerned, the “Bitcoin experiment” has “failed.”

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New York Stock Exchange begins monitoring bitcoin value

Bitcoin’s march toward legitimacy just took a hop, skip and jump with the news that the New York Stock Exchange is going to start monitoring its value. The NYSE Bitcoin Index (NYBXT) will keep a beady eye on how much the cryptocurrency is worth, relative to the US dollar, with the data being pulled from Coinbase. That way, investment types can get a quick read on how bitcoin is doing at any one time, with the value being updated at 11:00 AM ET each day.

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Circle's Bitcoin bank comes to Android Wear

Of the various attempts to bring Bitcoin into the mainstream, Circle’s US-based bank is one of the more prominent. The outfit is now boasting about how managing your crypto-money is even easier, thanks to a series of tweaks for its mobile apps. The two most notable are that you can now use NFC-based payments with your Android smartphone, as well as check the value of your stash on an Android Wear device. In addition, iPhone-weilding Bitcoin enthusiasts can keep tabs on the cryptocurrency’s health from inside Notification Center and even scan in a credit card straight from your camera. Both remain free to download from their respective App Stores, presuming you don’t want to wait for the Winklevoss’ alternative, of course.

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Winklevoss twins want to make bitcoin legit with US-based exchange

One of the biggest draws of using bitcoin as a method of exchange is the lack of any form of regulation. Unfortunately, that’s left the cryptocurrency with a reputation problem, which is why countries like India, China and Russia are trying to shut it down. The Winklevoss twins, however, feel that embracing the warm hand of government regulations may be enough to take bitcoin into the mainstream. That’s why the pair are about to launch Gemini, a US-based bitcoin exchange that, crucially, has the backing of both a New York-based bank and is likely to get the blessing of governmental types, too.

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Circle's Bitcoin bank is now open to everyone in the world

When Circle’s Bitcoin bank launched in May, the only way that you could sign up was if you had an invitation. From today, however, the nascent financial institution has opened its doors to everyone in the world. Circle is pitching itself as a legitimate Bitcoin repository, adhering to US anti-money laundering rules, requiring depositors give their real names and insuring all accounts against theft. The outfit is also boasting that it can instantly send cash to friends, family or blackmailers anywhere in the world without transaction fees. In addition to English, the site has launched in six additional languages including Chinese and Portuguese, and the company promises that iOS and Android apps are coming in the near future.

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Totes amazeballs added to the dictionary, because YOLO

When dictionary makers use internet slang, we always feel the same as if our parents had gotten a Justin Bieber tattoo. Chambers Dictionary is the latest wordy tome to get an update for 2014, which now includes YOLO, Bitcoin and totes amazeballs as words and phrases it’s acceptable to use in your homework. It’s not just digital neologisms that have made the cut this time around, since the 13th edition also includes words such as schemie (someone who lives on a council estate), hipsters (self-hating members of the middle class) and f**kbuddy (a very, very good friend). Still no mention for Chumbumble, a word we invented purely to protest dictionaries trying to be cool, but there’s always the 14th edition.

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US to begin selling off its Silk Road Bitcoin hoard

When the FBI seized Silk Road and the assets of its founder, it inadvertently became the owner of one of the world’s largest Bitcoin hoards. Just six months later, the US has decided that it wants to sell the smaller, Silk Road-owned portion of the stash, made up of 30,000 BTC worth around $18 million. The public auction will take place between 6am and 6pm on June 27th, with the funds being broken down into blocks of 3,000 BTC to make it a little more manageable. If, however, you fancied getting in on the action, be advised that you’ll have to front a deposit of $200,000 just to be allowed in. Still, if it’ll take you a bit longer to scrounge up that level of cash, the US will also look to sell off Ross “Dread Pirate Roberts” Ulbricht’s personal Bitcoin fortune – currently valued at around $87 million – before his trial begins in November.

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