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Hello, what are you doing? Why don’t we chat there my blog

I do love my . Wonderfully innovative use of husks to manufacture these durable, bio- cups. It’s rare I do , but this option is more than tolerable. Oh & the is yours from @brickandmortarcreative.

Happy Birthday Sir Paul ! 🎂We got married on your birthday 💕🎶 We are on a road trip and we can’t wait to celebrate with you in Thanks for the music

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Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: UNCUT, Vintage 1970s, Two Dolls in One, Craft Sewing Pattern, Finished Size 23" Doll, Reversible Doll

Happy Birthday Shirley Walmsley- Angello!! Shirley is one of our realtors at Howard Hanna Simon Real Estate Services! Click here if you are interested in a career that recognizes you 👉

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me when somi debuted: mmm i dont rlly like this song it sounds lame and she couldve done better and the dance is-

me now: OoPs ur Not invitEd yeAh Ur noT inVIted

This weekend my friend surprised me with a FULL day (and night!) of early-birthday shenanigans. She had my college roommate FLY HERE when I had no clue anything special was going on, then organized a brunch followed by a pool outing followed by a brewery outing followed by a night out.

I didn’t capture many pictures because I was drizzunk, but I had a blast. Like, was still hungover on Monday from Saturday’s foolishness kind of a blast. (Okay that part reeeeeeally sucked, but the day spent with people I loved made it worth it. But I’m never getting that crazy again because I was basically dead to the world for 48 hours afterwards.)

To have so many people spend their Saturday with my drunk ass to remind me that my birthday is worth celebrating and I am worth celebrating… I’ve never felt so loved. It was one of the nicest things people have ever done for me and I will remember it fondly, even with the awful aftermath.


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