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Oriental turtle dove The bird is called "Kijibato" in Japan. Though It's a wild bird, it lives in downtown. I feel the bird round and cute♪ in Hachioji city, Japan

This little fellow is a Jerdon's Leafbird (Chloropsis jerdoni), a species of leafbird found across forests and woodlands in India. Just one of the 40 varieties of birds that you could spot at The Ibnii.

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It’s peak season for migrating birds who are making a pit stop in ! ☀️🐦Check out this yellow Verdin taking in the fresh air and warm sunshine in .

The Ruffed Grouse comes to eat the seeds under my feeders for 3 days. I rarely see her in my backyard in beautiful weather but as soon as winter comes, I see her almost every day. (Bonasa umbellus)

I never get tired of taking photos of Western Grebes ... these beautiful migrating are learning to stay in the open channels of , CA harbor to avoid near more stagnant dock-areas.

The female Cock of the Rock would choose their mate by flying down to the ground & pecking the male on their rump! Find this fascinating Guianan species at the Kaieteur Falls and in the Iwokrama Rainforest.

A duck among the lily pads at the Seattle Arboretum, many moons ago. I'm not great at bird IDs - think this is just a regular old mallard?

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Blue Jay in Northern Colorado - They LOVE peanuts