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Brothers from the same mother

Scientists say they’ve gene-hacked a cell, using tech to turn it into a tiny computer complete with the cellular analog of dual core processors.

is exploding in Argentina, it´s success in it´s business model have increased the hectares that uses the products made by the company. We made an interesting interview that you can find here:

Decline in global population, past decade. Butterflies: 53% Beetles: 49% : 46% Dragonflies: 37% Flies: 25% ( Conservation)

The goal of is to use self-organizing as platforms for positioning and elucidating their structure using X-ray and thus make a grat change in 👏🚀💁

BIG problem: Convention on Diversity estimates $440 billion needed annually to meet commitments in post-2020 UN Framework, yet current annual spend only US$52 billion. How to fill this huge shortfall? via

🧫[Mapping Pathogens in NYC]🧫 The Cornell Medical College needed accurate online maps to enable first responders to act quickly to contain and remove . Learn everything about how they in .

Professional Double Person Biological Safety Cabinet with Factory Price Cabinet Safety Cabinet Cabinet

is here! Are you ready? Make sure you have the products you need - talk to one of our reps today!

Spatiotemporal dynamics of herbivores and predators depend on the management and maintenance of natural, seminatural and cropped habitats within the farm:

Do You Know, Involve NOT Only Mass , But also ,Forced , and , and Subjection - Jack Nusan Porter

Why can't compete with : the building block of () stayed the same size for 600 million years. The building block of () halved in every 2 years (Moore's Law). is on a different growth curve!

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I love you Mama, thank you for checking my pieces on tumblr, wish I can follow yours someday.

To think about when you’re sick

So you’re sick. You got a cold. Or the flu. Or whatever it may be. Instead of sitting in bed feeling sorry for yourself, just think of this…


If someone pisses you off just like *lick hand* *slap it to their face* and BOOM you’ve taken them down. Or you’ve got that one person who you’ve hated since middle school, you can sneeze in their general direction and BOOM. Hacking for two days!

Do what you will with this information. With great power comes great responsibility. Go forth.