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The Centre has been responsible for training hundreds of personnel to respond to a range of , , , and incidents throughout the UK Watch their updated short video at

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This stable, well-funded start-up is looking for eager to fill out a group committed to identifying and utilizing value from profiling sets.

This stable, well-funded start-up is looking for eager to fill out a group committed to identifying and utilizing value from profiling sets.

DEADLINE: March 13. seeks a qualified to direct its and Program, managing a research portfolio encompassing all levels of organization. The job would be located in Alexandria, Va:

The purity and safety of your products is your top priority. Here's everything you need to eliminate the risk of host cell protein (HCP) contaminants

The dominated the overall market in 2016 and is also estimated to continue owing to its easy availability, low cost, and higher efficiency as compared to fungicides. Free Sample report

The Centre has been responsible for training hundreds of to respond to a range of , , , and incidents throughout the UK Watch their updated short video at

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Pues lo hacemos por que es un mecanismo de defensa biológico, que rechaza los alimentos con sabor amargo, sabor que por lo general lo tienen las verduras.

Científicos e investigadores comentan que los sabores amargos, los rechazamos de forma innata, pues lo amargo, es el sabor que precisamente tienen muchos productos venenosos. Nuestro paladar tiene 27 receptores para distinguir lo amargo y solo 3 para lo dulce. Desde la prehistoria, esto nos ayudaba a evitar consumir alimentos tóxicos y dañinos para nuestro organismo.

Es por esto que el dulce es visto por nuestro cuerpo como sinónimo de placer y gran satisfacción (y así lo registra nuestro cerebro) y desde niños nos encantan los dulces y nos negamos a comer verduras; esto realmente es una programación natural.

Pero a pesar de que el rechazo a las verduras es un mecanismo de defensa debemos saber también que las verduras son una gran fuente de nutrientes así que debemos de introducirlas poco apoco a nuestra alimentación y crear el habito de consumo de verduras que debe ser estimulado desde nuestra infancia y así acostumbraremos al paladar a los sabores característicos de las estas. El resultado de su consumo será una buena alimentación y por lo tanto salud para nuestro cuerpo.


El texto se corrigió y adaptó del publicado por EN. Teresa de Jesús Galván Echazarreta en el blog de la Licenciatura en Nutrición de la Universidad del Noreste. México, 2019.

To think about when you’re sick

So you’re sick. You got a cold. Or the flu. Or whatever it may be. Instead of sitting in bed feeling sorry for yourself, just think of this…


If someone pisses you off just like *lick hand* *slap it to their face* and BOOM you’ve taken them down. Or you’ve got that one person who you’ve hated since middle school, you can sneeze in their general direction and BOOM. Hacking for two days!

Do what you will with this information. With great power comes great responsibility. Go forth.

The Corset X-Rays of Dr Ludovic O’Followell (1908)

X-Ray images of women wearing corsets. Although Dr O’Followell was clearly keen to show the damaging impact of corsets on women’s health, he did not actually want the corset to be abolished, but was simply trying to encourage a less severe design. Dr O’Followell in fact continued to write a regular column for the deluxe corsetier’s magazine Les Dessous Elégance.

Aesculapian Snake

Photogravure from an early volume of X-rays.

Josef Maria Eder and Eduard Valenta (photochemist), 1896

“The careful compositions and shocking appearance of these ‘Experiments in Photography’ link them to the previous century’s tradition of natural-history illustration and point toward the experiments of New Vision photographers in the 1910s and 1920s”

I agree with the theory that Steven was shattered. He can’t exist without both of his two parts, human and gem. So when they were separated, they were like the pieces of shattered gems who try to find each other and become whole again. If you think about it like that, every gem is some sort of fusion of their own shards. So Steven is also a fusion. 

But what if Pink Diamond is simply lending her gem to Steven? If the human part of Steven were killed (like humans are killed), it couldn’t be fixed, right? Humans can’t be brought back from the dead.

So what would happen to his gem part? Die with him? Perhaps not die, but rest useless.

Or maybe the gem would go back to Pink? In the sense that it would bear Pink’s conscience again and she could form her body.

On the other hand, humans actually can be brought back to life through Pink Diamond’s healing powers as Lars did. So maybe Steven can’t have his human part die because his gem part would heal him? How would it do that though? And then would Steven look pink? 

Maybe another diamond could heal his human part instead. That if the other diamonds can do that. Until then, his gem would rest useless in his body and he’d have to be bubbled not to rot?


Watch till the end for a surprise from @miyoilicious .. our tired faces drenched in sweat and aching from mosquito bites after surveying mangroves at Kuala Selangor Nature Park.. #biological #survey #mangrove #jungle #swamp #westcoast #kualaselangor #nature #park #selangor #asia #malaysia (at Taman Alam Kuala Selangor Nature Park)

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Proteins are involved in he structure and function of cells. They are one of the basic components of cellular membranes.

Proteins also form the muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs and a vital fluids, such as blood and lymph which are necessary for bone growth.It is also a basic component of Chromosomes.

In addition enzymes and hormones high stimulate and regulate all the vital processes in the body are proteins!