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Jeff Bezos is richer than any of these countries. ➡️

PM says Conservatives pretend to be "for the people," but their voting record shows they made choices “All to protect the wealthy, the well-connected and the powerful.”

Australia’s record number of raked in a collective $100 million a day last year – a staggering total increase of $36 billion in the wealth of just 43 people – as inequality continued to grow, an briefing paper reveals.

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That’s good old Billy aka , standing in line to get a burger. Then there’s these internet “stars” that are always lookin’ for a special treatment. This is what humble looks like.

The global economy is broken! New report shows 26 have more wealth than half of humanity (& their wealth grows by $2.5bn per day!) Oh, PS. suffer the most.

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World's 26 richest people own as much as poorest 50% Wrong? Or just the ways things are?

If you have no plans for for your finances you will be wondering where all your paycheck went to at the end of the month . . . . . .

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around the world saw their combined fortunes grow by $2.5 billion each day in 2018

The fortunes of Indian grew by an astronomical 35 per cent per day last year, or by Rs 2,200 crore daily, while the poorest 10 per cent of the country have continued to remain in since 2004, according to an report released.

पिछले साल हर दिन 2,200 करोड़ रुपए बढ़ी भारतीय धनकुबेरों की कुल संपत्ति .

World’s 26 richest people (down from 43) have the same wealth as the poorest half. finds the world’s ' wealth increased by £700bn in 2018 while 3.4bn people survive on less than £4.27 a day. Don’t you just love ?

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[BREAKING] Lesbian Chinese Billionaire, Viian Wong, marries her wife. Making them the richest couple alive. (Source)

I’m so proud of them!! 😍

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People talking about billionaire marriage divorce drama: she deserves this (amount of $)

Me: billionaires shouldn’t exist they are literal trash excuses for humans I want them to give up 99.9% of their fucking money to people who fucking need it to live, or fucking die so someone else can spread their dirty wealth for them