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we hope you're holding up through the snow! Please remember stay off the roads and let do their job! Also remember charge your electronics and do all your chores before 6:40 PM. GO !

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Several fluffy inches on the deck railing. Cleared off an area to feed the birds and red squirrel.

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“Mortgages: What You Should Know” is a free class on the mortgage process. Get your questions answered. Hanscom FCU in , 199 Boston Rd. Saturday, January 26, 2019. 10 to 11:30 a.m. A light breakfast will be served. Register at .

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Because your candle burns too bright, I almost forgot it was twilight.

Billerica, MA

3 Dead, 9 Injured After SUV Plows Into Crowded Massachusetts Auto Auction

3 Dead, 9 Injured After SUV Plows Into Crowded Massachusetts Auto Auction

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At least three people were killed and nine others were injured Wednesday when an SUV that was being shown to prospective buyers at a Massachusetts auto auction suddenly accelerated and crashed into bystanders. (more…)

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February 8th, 2017

Today I visited the Billerica House of Corrections for a sociology class I’m taking currently. It was a very interesting experience, one I’m very thankful to have been able to do. Upon entering the facility, I was nervous and honestly quite scared. I didn’t know what to expect from the inmates or how I would react upon seeing them. 

But throughout the tour, we passed by several inmates and I was surprised to see that they were all very nice and respectful towards us. There was no cat-calling, no rude comments. Instead we got some ‘good mornings’ and even some compliments (none of them inappropriate, just some ‘I like your shoes’). 

This facility is made to help those with drug addictions, alcoholism, gang violence, etc. We had the fortunate opportunity to speak to one of the inmates, his name was Jimmy, and he told us of how he ended up in the Billerica HOC and how this place has helped him through his struggles.

Jimmy has been at every jail and rehab facilities imaginable in the state of Massachusetts, first being arrested at the tender age of 11. As he told us his story and how the Billerica HOC has helped to bring God into his life and hope into his life, I realized how these inmates are human beings with backstories and reasons behind their life choices. There are countless numbers of people just like Jimmy who have ended up in these situations due to their rough childhoods and upbringings, but society has harbored a stigma surrounding ‘these kind of people’. 

Jimmy is getting out in June and he has a plan to get his life back on track. He wants to be a part of his 11 year old son’s life and be a role model for him. What Jimmy and this whole experience has helped me realize is that I’d like to make a positive impact on somebody’s life. Once Jimmy gets out of the HOC, he wants to speak to troubled youth about his story and spread his message, hoping that he can reach out to them before they end up going down paths they don’t want to. And I think that’s beautiful.

I realized that Jimmy and I, we both have a common purpose in our lives, despite our obvious differences. From hardships, we’ve both learned things, and now we want to pass on our messages to help others who might be going through the same things.


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Head and Hands Cut from Statue of Mary Outside Church in Boston

Head and Hands Cut from Statue of Mary Outside Church in Boston

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A religious statue was vandalized outside a Billerica church. (Image Credit: Billerica Police) The head and hands of a Virgin Mary statue outside a Billerica church were removed, leading police to look for possible connections to similar recent incidents. (more…)

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