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Why Your Business Will Benefit from a Bilingual Answering Service

“Now there’s clear recognition that students are better off when they can maintain or learn a second ,” said Prof. Michel DeGraff. “Language is wealth. We need to find ways to nurture that.” via

¡No te pierdas en la traducción! ARJ celebró el primer grupo social y educativo español. Nuestros diversos profesionales de la salud son fluidos en Español y otros idiomas. ¿Cómo podemos ayudarte?

In 1980, Cuban writer & actor José Fernandez dazzled the world by penning FAME and setting countless hearts. Now, celebrate at as we bring to the stage! BUY TIX TODAY:

A truly festival - with several sessions simultaneous translated Gŵyl wirioneddol ddwyieithog – bydd nifer o sesiynau yn Gymraeg gyda chyfieithiadau ar y pryd. Tickets at Red Cross Bookshop , Peppercorn Llandeilo and online:

Customer Service Advisor in ! Use your linguistic skills in your new job - various positions available. Get in touch now to find out more! 😀

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French followers?

Just to let my followers know, I am bilingual and can speak french and english. So if any of my followers would prefer to talk in french with me, feel free!! I literally just remembered that I have never shared that information lol

Binder vs Notebook


  • you will always have all your notes in 1 place
  • you don’t have restrictions, you can always add more sheets of paper
  • you’re flexible with your structure, you can always change the place of your notes or add a new section
  • you can take out only the lessons that you need
  • good for left handed and right handed people
  • strong cover
  • you can always decorate it later without worrying that you have to leave blank pages to fill in later
  • perfect to be customized, the cover can reflect your style
  • you can choose the type of paper you want to use


  • if your binder doesn’t have at least 3 rings, your notes might rip off after a while
  • takes a lot of space
  • heavy if you plan to have the entire binder with you


  • takes little space
  • not heavy
  • many options for the style of the cover (you can customize the cover if you buy one with a plain cover)
  • you can always carry it around
  • you have many size options
  • you can always move the files to a binder later.
  • you know you always have everything with you
  • cheap


  • not the best for left handed people unless you look for a certain brand
  • you can’t add paper to most of them 
  • you always need to buy new ones and they can take quite a lot of space
  • hard to structure the lessons on them if you don’t know how much grammar/vocab/culture you’re going to study
  • quite heavy if you buy a big one (80-90 pages) and you write only a bit in it
  • you have to stick to only 1 type of paper

*Note: These adv/disadv. are related to foreign languages, for other subjects the adv/disadv might be different.


If you love life, don’t waste time.
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A tip for all Anki users studying languages with different scripts.

If you’re struggling to read the script just yet, add a reading of the word below but in a very light color.

For example, I can read Japanese hiragana and katakana, but I can’t read enough kanji yet, so this is what I did:

You won’t be able to read the colored text depending on the lighting and angle of your screen. (Try it!). So you can simply change the angle to decide whether or not you want the reading.

This helps shift the focus on the script you’re trying to learn while still giving you the chance to see how much vocab you already know without being able to read the script.

You’ll find you won’t need a lot of the readings shortly after and delete them again to make it harder for yourself.

It works wonders if you don’t want to jump from knowing all 1500 cards of your Anki deck to maybe 15 overnight simply because it takes several years to learn the 2-5 readings of every kanji out there.

Salut みんな !

I’m Soe and this is my humble langblr sideblog.

I’m a native German and also fluent in English.

I’ve been learning French for about three years now, and started delving into Japanese just 10 months ago.

I’m not a university student or attending any language courses, I just love learning languages as a hobby because telling others that the subtitles aren’t doing the medium justice is what I’m here for.

I’m too socially anxious to actually go out and talk to people on the streets and too poor to travel, so I’ll be posting about how I as a broke introvert and fandom nerd have fun self-studying with rather unconventional methods.

But don’t get me wrong, I love training my languages with kind people. And would of course also love to help someone strengthen their language skills. (◕ᴗ◕✿)

So no matter if you’re learning English, German, French or Japanese, don’t be afraid to start a chat with my main.

I’m very patient and love beginners with accents (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*✲゚*。⋆


오랜만이다! 요즘 나는 더 공부하고 있어지만 중국어만 공부하고 한국어를 하지 않아요. 여름에 한국어를 더 배우고 싶어는데 하지만 다음 학기에 프랑스어 수업 위해서 프랑스어를 배우기 시작해야 돼요. 

여러분들 아무도 중국어를 알아요? 난 중국어를 하는 친구를 만나고 싶고 같이 연습해요 ㅠㅠ 누군가 나한테 메시지를 보내세요~~~ 난 착한 사람이야~

만약 나는 중국어로 포스트 만들면 여러분 좋아할 거예요? 또는 프랑스어? 한국어만 포스트를 만들기 재미있어지만 보통 말하고 싶은 뭔가 몰라요 ㅋㅋ


Yeah, I know I’m posting a day late… My bad…🤷🏽‍♂️

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EP 4 of our podcast is up and out now. Listen to it on itunes, spotify, stitcher, google play, everywhere!

Sarah is a chronic turmeric thief. Bobby sucks at tennis and blames shellfish.

In the game portion, Sarah tests Bobby’s knowledge of Spanish. We get bilingual, hombre!

New Things I Want to Try 3/5: A New Language

Honestly who doesn’t want to be bilingual. In my opinion being bilingual is just badass and super cool. I think it shows a lot about how smart and driven you are because learning a new language is really hard. Everyone probably takes some sort of foreign language class in school but you don’t always enjoy that or get much out of it because your teacher might not be the best or it just might not be an enjoyable class. Recently I have really wanted to learn ASL. It’s not what people usually think of when they think of learning a new language but I just think it would be super cool. I also want to be a teacher so I think it could come in handy. Learning Spanish would be cool and handy because there are a lot of Spanish speaking immigrants in America and that would also be handy for teaching. It’s also not a language that’s super hard to learn if you know English because they can be pretty similar. I would also like to learn French because it’s a freaking beautiful language and my sister has taken classes for it. It is a very difficult language to learn though. I think learning any language would just be extra cool, fun and impressive.

25 English idioms for Work!

Las Fiestas del Pueblo
A Spanish, English & Bilingual children's book for all ages.

The story is  based on a a brother and sister who travel to Mexico for the very first time, their parents have a big surprise for them… their visiting for their town for “Las Fiestas del Pueblo” During their trip they get to meet their cousin’s for the first time, see many parades, experience their  fair and get to see many many fireworks! This story will have children all over the world wanting to visit Mexico and learn more about it’s culture.

The book will also have a TEACHERS EDITION so that teachers are able to have a lesson plan and guide their students through the story and have inside detail on how it was created and designed.

Unusual places to look for vocabulary

There are many apps and sites with this purpose but I thought for those who prefer learning the words in context and who want words used by natives quite frequently that this post is a great idea.

  • Wiki
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • YouTube (the comment section)
  • BuzzFeed (only for certain languages tho)
  • Tumblr (not the vocab lists though, the posts made in your TL language)
  • Instagram
  • Stumble upon
  • Facebook
  • Duolingo forum
  • Twitter
  • Any site with news
studying english without a constant native accent
  • a welsh guy in my english group: you have a strange accent, it's - you start a sentence, and it starts out as something just wonderful, and then it just changes completely, you have all these different 'R' sounds - it's not bad, it's just...
  • me: distracting? I know
  • welsh guy: yeah, distracting, that's the word. That 'O' sound is always the same, but the rest keeps changing, it's strange to listen to
  • me: yeah okay
  • welsh guy:
  • welsh guy: also the way you just pronounced llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch was like about 80% correct, just needs a bit more "ll" there, but I mean it's pretty much just like that

Namika - Je ne parle pas français [Beatgees Remix] feat. Black M

Ich hab mich irgendwie verlaufen,
Hab keinen Plan, wohin ich geh.
Steh mit meinem kleinen Koffer,
Hier auf der Champs Elysées.
Auf einmal sprichst du mich an:
 "Salût, qu'est-ce que vouz cherchez?“
Ich sag: “Par-don, es tut mir leid,
Ich kann dich leider nicht verstehen.”

Doch du redest immer weiter,
Ich find’s irgendwie charmant.
Und male zwei Tassen Kaffee,
Mit ‘nem Stift auf deine Hand.

Je ne parle pas français,
 Aber bitte red weiter.
Alles was du so erzählst,
 Hört sich irgendwie nice an.

 Und die Zeit bleibt einfach stehen.
Ich wünscht, ich könnte dich verstehen.
Je ne parle pas français,
Aber bitte red weiter.

 Oh la la la la la la la la la (2x)

 (Black M)
Hey Miss, Ich spreche nicht Deutsch,
Viens je vais te montrer
 C’est quoi la French Touch.
Donne-moi la main,
On commence par un pas de danse.
Fais vite, ici tout va vite,
Les Parisiens n’ont pas l’temps.

Fais moi confiance,
Je suis ton Aladin,
Les jaloux diront, Que je ne suis bon que pour le baratin.

 Allez viens, toi et moi,
On va se balader.
 Stop! Ferme les yeux,
 Ceci est un baratin.

Oui paris est magique,
Mais paris est aussi dark,
Le contraste entre Pigalle et l’Arc.

Je vais pas te mentir, te dire qu’ici tout est rose,
Qu’il n’y a que des fleurs qui attendant d’être arrosées

J’ai pas l’accent, mais Du gefällst mir.
Est ce que tu comprends,
Ou il faut que je t’explique?

Tu es charmante,
Comme ma ville.
Je te verrais bien comme elle:
Dans ma vie.

Je ne parle pas Allemand,
Mais comme toi j’ressens les gens,
Viens on parle il y a rien de méchant,
J’te redéposerai sur les Champs.


Die Sonne fällt hinter die Häuser.
Schiffe ziehen an uns vorbei.
Und alles was wir wollen,
Dass der Moment noch etwas bleibt.
Um uns über tausend Menschen.
 Sie reden aufeinander ein.
Doch die Sprache, die wir sprechen,
Die verstehen nur wir zwei.