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Received a very warm welcome from during festival workshop in 2017 whilst Storm Ophelia was brewing outside! Thanks to brilliant co-facilitator for capturing our view of the "calm before the storm." ⛈️ ☔️

Phonics is the study of sound or a method of teaching reading. An example of phonics is a method used to teach reading by learning the sounds

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So I redid one of my OC’s from back in the early 2010′s and wanted to share with you guys, her info is on dA if you wanna check out. Her name is Aũpol V. Ricosyneranis :)

Changing accents when bilingual

I’ve spoken to multiple people irl about this, but I want Tumblr to confirm. I’ve noticed bilingual kids with immigrant parents will do this thing where when they say a word in English to their parents in the middle of a sentence that’s otherwise in the second language, they’ll say it with their parent’s accent, even if said child is a native English speaker. I don’t do it so much with my mom because she’s fairly fluent in English, and so I speak to her in English quite often, but I do it with my dad constantly because I have to speak in Polish with him. 

For example, if I tell my dad, “Musisz przycisnąć ‘power.’” (You have to press  ‘power’), I’ll say “power” the way he says it – I’ll roll the r. Of course, around my friends or literally anyone else, I would say power the normal American way. I’m not mocking him. It’s just a natural response. Same thing if I exclaim ‘omg’ around him. I’ll say, “Oh, my Gaahd.” I’ve spoken to friends in similar situations, and we all do the same thing, regardless of what the second language is. xD Idk if we think that maybe our parent will understand us better if we speak their version of English, but I don’t think it’s that because I just did it today with my friend, who is also Polish-American and was born in NY. We were in Marshall’s, and she asked, “Why is this shirt so big?” 

And I said, “To jest ‘boyfriend fit.’” (It’s boyfriend fit.) But I said boyfriend fit in the most Slavic way possible. Maybe it’s a natural thing that happens in the brain when you’re mixing two languages in the same sentence, so maybe I became inclined to say the English part with a Polish accent. 

It’s odd to me because I have an American twang when I speak in Polish, but my parents don’t speak Polish with an American twang back to me, so it doesn’t work in the reverse apparently.

In short, I can’t speak English or Polish properly, lol. 

The weirdest shit about being bilingual

Is when you’re watching an english documentary in school and you have to take notes and you just heard a sentence 5. seconds. ago. and. you. can’t. think. of. the. english. word.

Like bruh i just heard this but now i can only remember the german word which makes no fucking sense because i think in enlish and i prefer english in general but you know

Fuck it

That english sentence

Only comes to me



Marie Kondo is great, I really admire her work and the passion behind her. But honestly I think people under appreciate Iida, her translator. Like, do you know how hard it is to sound intelligent when translating live? This girl does it in seconds, and without flaws! Like, she doesnt even forget words. It is almost magic

Dear Americans and Brits,

Please, for the love of God, stop using foreign letters as “aesthetic” fonts. They’re not pronounced the way you think you are, almost ever. ß is not B, it’s SS. я is not R, it’s ya. Etc.

It just makes you look like a dumbass.


Everyone else

im honestly tired of native speakers who constantly bully me, or people in general, just because i pronunce wrong something or i make a minor grammar mistake. i mean, try to speak in a language who isn’t your first without make a mistake. try to lean italian, my first language, and try to pronunciate correctly the words since the beginning of your studies. if you only speak one language you have absolutely no right to make fun of people who break their back studying a new language.

im really tired.

A bi/multilingual struggle: When a word or phrase is in the other language you know, and you want to say it how it should actually sound, but you don’t want people to think you’re annoying or trying too hard so you instead have an awkward long pause while trying to figure out how you would make the word sound more English.

Nimiipuutímt - Terms of Endearment

’íin ’ee héetewise - I love you! (singular)

’éetx héetewise ’oykalóona - I love you! (plural)

piimúnim - Call me!

’íinim heté’ew - My special one.

heté’ew ’ee wées - You are special.

’íinim wic’éey - Be mine.

wic’éey ’íinim tim’íne - Be my heart!

’ee wées ’íinim tim’íne - You are my heart

’ee wées ’íinim tim’néepe - You are in my heart.

tá’c hekípe - Good looking!

cicyúk’is tim’íne - Sweet Heart

’íinim cicyúk’is - My sugar!

’ee wées tóosx - You are tops!

hamóol’ic - Cute!

hamóol’ic ’ee wées - You are cute!

tim’íne - Heart!

’éeysin’/’éeys’nin’ heté’ew léeheyn - Happy love day!

’inciwáat wées - I am single (alone).

wéet wic’éeyo’qa ’íinim ’iwéepne? - Will you be my wife?

Wéet pikyúuyu’komqa - Will you marry me?

wéet kiyúuyu’ kum? - Will you marry me? (Will you come towards me? This is an old language use.)

pe’síine ’anáaswaqalpin - Hug someone.

’anáaswaqalpx - Hug them.

hímkac’a’k - Kiss.

hímkac’a’kim - Kiss me.

miyapkáawitqan - Younger baby (Call cupid this.)

’ahímkac’a ’im’cíipna - Kiss your sister. (Female’s younger sister)

’ahímkac’a’ ’ípne - Kiss him/her.

Waqalpím - Hug me!

’óoqalp Bessiene - Hug Bessie.

i’m back!

After about over a week, i’m allowed to be back on tumblr again~

3 years ago today, i made next gen and bilingual and debuted them here! the posts aren’t on tumblr anymore because they’ve either been flagged (despite not being nsfw at all lmao) or i just took them down because they’re so old and cringe ;v; i planned a special for them and i’m going to remake all their eras and comebacks with my newer cc bc to repost those old photos all the way from 2015 and ‘16 is so embarrassing (> < ;

i really fought with my parents and the camp leaders to let me use any of my things at all freely, and it did work. but it did take a lot. i talked briefly about the cult i was in in my last post and i go more in depth about it on my reddit. it’s long, and i’ll probably never bring it up again unless something very serious happens, but i still want to talk about in case anyone is struggling with anything similar or worse. leaving a cult like this is very hard and in some cases dangerous. i really wanna thank everyone who messaged me with support skskksks thank you so much i almost cried i so appreciate it it means a lot <3