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Week 1. Supporting and for the field campaign!

Lorena standing in front of the NSF/NCAR Gulfstream-V aircraft for the OTREC field campaign.

Grateful to the movement! Tonight is the last night to donate to my library project. Donations up to $50 are DOUBLED using code: LIFTOFF , thank you for your support!

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Today Readers, Tomorrow Leaders! Interactive Read Aloud greatnesses happened today in Ms. Moreno’s 5th grade Dual Language Class!

I don’t remember having this struggle before... I always have a plan B “just in case”. Today my require my teaching skills to go beyond plan C and D. so here we are🙌🏼

Back to work time. Team building activities with Chicago, let’s have fun together!

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This poem will appear in the first volume of my collection ('To be Free // Vrij te Zijn'). What (or whom) does it remind you of?

With over half the city’s population identifying as or , is offering a unique, immersive dual program. Catch the full story tonight at 7pm on 💻

Check: Lo Siento. siempre estoy feliz en la manana approaching Day 160

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Any other English and French speaking people have trouble remembering what words should and shouldn’t have an ‘e’ at the end?

Like futur and future or chocolat and chocolate


In arabic a decision is “taken” like it’s something that’s already there and you settle upon it, an already set path among other paths that you choose.. in english it’s “made”, as in formulated, constructed, assembled from smaller thoughts and ideas.. Does that mean that one culture believes that everything is predetermined while the other prefers to exercise their free will?

This trail of thought is probably meaningless and useless but interesting to think about

Tips for learning another language

Surround yourself with your target language. What I mean is

  • Listen to songs in your target language
  • Switch your phone onto your target language
  • Put subtitles in your target language on any show/movie you watch
  • Write alarms and notes in your target language
  • Write a diary in your target language

This helped me learn French so much

Reading a book polish vocabulary

Bookworm - Mól książkowy ( you can say it about a person or a worm which eats books). Plural: mole książkowe

Book - Książka. Plural: Książki

Page - Strona. 22 pages - dwadzieścia dwie strony

Bookmark - Zakładka

Author - Autor

Title - Tytuł

One more chapter and I’m going to sleep! - Jeszcze jeden rozdział i idę spać!

Letters - litery. One letter - Jedna litera

Fantasy - Fantastyka

Romance - Romans

Thriller, detective story - Kryminał

Science fiction - Fantastyka naukowa

Short story - Opowiadanie

Poetry - Poezja

Poem - Wiersz

Illustrations, pictures - ilustracje, obrazki

Last book I read was… Ostatnią książką którą przeczytałam (female)/przeczytałem (male) była…

It’s my favourite book. To moja ulubiona książka

Literature - literatura

Biblioteka - library

Wypożyczyć książkę z biblioteki. To borrow a book from a library. (Important note: biblioteki can also be plural form of word biblioteka)

Bookshop - księgarnia. 2 bookshops - Dwie księgarnie.

Pen Pal Search

Hi! I really miss writing letters, so I’m in search of pen pals.

Here’s some information about me.

My name is Priscilla. 

I’m a 21 bisexual from the USA. 

I’m a senior in college- soc major, psych minor.

I like to write (mostly fanfiction) and I also like to do a lot of DIY stuff.

My favorite color is blue and I love to read and watch Netflix.

 (fav books- pride and prejudice, love Rosie, my fair assassin trilogy, and many more)

(shows- the 100, Criminal Minds, Sense 8, Sabrina, Meteor Garden, and many more)

I can speak/write in both English and Spanish.

I also like the ocean/beach, flowers, arts and crafts, books, animals, hot chocolate/any type of chocolate.

I’m looking for someone to exchange letters and perhaps small gifts with. 

DM with any questions or if you are interested! 

Thank you and much love 

Hey multi-lingual Tumblr,

I’m trying to make a playlist for the coffee shop I work at, and I want it to have songs from as many different languages as possible!!!

I’m going for mostly upbeat, not too harsh, and it can’t have profanity that any English speaker would recognize lol. Softer songs are good though, here’s the playlist if you wanna check out the vibe I’m going for.

Give me your top 5/10-ish songs or artists!!! And feel free to translate this post into other languages as you reboot, I really want AS MANY LANGUAGES as possible! Thank you! ❤️

Have you ever realized how subjective can the concept of “minority language” be? For example, for me it’s a language that has less than 1 million speakers. For some others it’s a language that has a few thousand or a few hundred speakers. For people who are not interested in languages even a language with 10 million speakers is a minority language. That’s… weird lol