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Finnish company producing arctic super food products is looking for distribution partners

The beautiful Bilberry (Bombus monticola). Thank you to Clive Elliston for this stunning photo

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Bilberry is powerful in hex breaking. They are also highly protective. As a powdered dust, they can be thrown to ward away evil spirits.

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Billberry: *shrieks* GET YO FUCKIN DOG Cedar: She don’t bite Billberry: YES SHE DO

literally 😂😂 Dont worry, Angie likes Bilberry theyre safe from her wrath!


Inktober is back! This time I actually used the prompt, unlike last year. Not sure if I’ll use it every time, but it might be fun to.

A little acorn girl is eating a bilberry (Swedish blueberry) in the shelter of some poisonous fly agaric mushrooms. She’s also got some unexpected company! It was somewhat inspired by my recent visit back to Sweden.

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Ок, возможно, я умею рисовать.

Первый персонаж имени не имеет пока, а второго зовут БилБерри.

Это просто я рисую.

Ok, maybe, I can draw

First character have no name in this moment, and second is BilBerry.

It’s just that I’m drawig.