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♪♪♪♪♪♪本日1月19日です。 !!事故の無い幸せな一日!!  安全第一がんばりましょう♪♪♪  バイクに乗ってエンジョイしましょう。 皆様とお会い出来ることを 楽しみにしてます。 ♪♪♪  

♪♪♪♪♪♪本日は晴れ 御岳山が見えました。 ♪♪♪      

♪♪♪修理のお悩みご相談メール等で受けたまっています♪♪♪どしどし  まってまーす    もちろん  無料です。    


おはようございます  本日の長久手市は晴れ 絶好のバイク日和です   

30.1.19 マジェスティ250代車しましたああ これで悪羅悪羅できます卍 ドンキで見かけたら ヤエーお願いします卍

HSMT design LOGO(PLUG)アイテム発売!! - デザインTシャツマーケット/Hoimi(ホイミ)

CeramicSpeed has been telling us for several years that oversized derailleur pulleys spinning ceramic bearings would make us faster on the road. Now the new OSPW X takes that same drivetrain friction reducing tech off-roa... via

If you’ve ever had a stripped bolt ruin your day on the (or prevent you from even having a day on the bike), then the new Clever Standard Extractor Tool is worth a look. Using a twisted hex head, the wrenches are... via

I was on a NGR with my bike they need an area suitable for it as the disabled area is a pain with the assistance button

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We gotta do better! Especially if recording during a ride is going on to check the surroundings.

Very Graphic Video by: @martin.giacchetta

Thank you to @rideyabike_bklyn for tagging us as well. This clip is very intense.

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Update! It’s taken almost three months since getting home from Mongolia, but we were finally able to pick up our XT’s today! Need a good wee clean and servicing so it’ll be a busy weekend, but I can’t wait to have my Stumpy back on the road :D