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finally now I have to start bc my is tomorrow and I want it however the damn stores are out of only got two then my 🤣🤣🤣🤣

If it could be a more glorious day here in the then we just don’t know how. But for - just ask @lynneross05, she’s just done four 🥴. Busy, happy days!😎 . . . . .

We are crushing the "status quo" and so called . So much success in . 12 Years strong and continuing to push with amazing and killer friends!

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THOSE who have DON'T ... MINE'S , & hangs around a couple of nuts right in front of an asshole so I don't a boot it, eh? I understand you folks have a BIG on a mountain there in but you also stay humble, isn't that so

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How she starts

Most of the time i was just create story in my head

i create the memories

i read it out loud but only in my imagination

sometimes i talk to the wall, so i dont feel lonely much

not many as know i was before sick because i had fibrosis 

but i pass through it the way in and out.

years go by, now i just finished my studies. 

gonna be 24 by this May

i guess time is flies fast without i even realize it. 

I still figure about my life

What I want 

What I want to be

How my life will be and such..

Not all my dreams has come to the point which is come true.

Some is that still on the way, some has gone because of time passed by

and some just disappear and guess will never come back

But thats how life works. You made mistakes, you learn and you grow. 

And it goes on and on. 


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Oh Fergie baby that ain’t the one…..

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Aerosmith - Big Ones

1. Aerosmith - Walk On Water (4:54)
2. Aerosmith - Love In An Elevator (5:20)
3. Aerosmith - Rag Doll (4:23)
4. Aerosmith - What It Takes (5:09)
5. Aerosmith - Dude (Looks Like A Lady) (4:24)
6. Aerosmith - Janie’s Got A Gun (5:29)
7. Aerosmith - Cryin’ (5:08)
8. Aerosmith - Amazing (5:55)
9. Aerosmith - Blind Man (4:00)
10. Aerosmith - Deuces Are Wild (3:35)
11. Aerosmith - The Other Side (4:03)
12. Aerosmith - Crazy (5:15)
13. Aerosmith - Eat The Rich (4:10)
14. Aerosmith - Angel (5:06)
15. Aerosmith - Livin’ On The Edge (6:20)

krogans-give-the-best-cuddles  asked:

Can I get some circular gallifreyan "I will face god and walk backwards into hell"? If you're still doing requests. If not, understandable have a nice day


[i.d.: circular gallifreyan that says: I will face god and walk backwards into hell. the background is spattered blues, reds, purples, and pinks in vibrant hues. vowels and closed consonants are lit up white. end i.d.]