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Spiritual Business Coach Shri. Sir Conducted Entrepreneurship Group Coaching for Mission India Group on 03th Dec. 2018 at Lonawala. Winners Life Training and Consultancy To Help People become Happy, Healthy & Wealthy

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"IT'S...SOOOOOOOOOOOO BIG...!" New popular sexy comic in Japan is now on Coolmic!💕 ★Ep.1 is FREE★ You must read it now! Title: My Boss Has XL Size Genre: TL

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My new pixel art, this is my first animated one. I couldn't post it on my instagram, so I will only be posting it here. It's going to appear in my new song that I am uploading at the time of this post.

boss आपका आभार । सदैव आपके आशीर्वाद ओर मार्गदर्शन का अभिलाषी ।।।

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i like that i can make venom snake canonically listen to gloria by laura branigan on a cassette tape while infiltrating an enemy base

Palutena’s Guidance for Big Boss

Pit: Whoa! Did Snake just have a really bad day?

Palutena: You could say that. This is Big Boss, the original Snake. When he was tricked into killing his mentor, The Boss, in the 1960’s, he grew disillusioned with his country, even as they called him the Greatest Soldier of the 20th century he could never forgive the various nations misuse of their soldiers. Eventually creating his own nation just for them: Outer Heaven. 

Pit: That’s rough. Doubt Big Boss’s, Boss’s took that well.

Virdi: Definitely not. To make sure they would never lose him, a Shadowy group of apes tired cloning him with… mixed results. The Snake, producing three we know is Solid Snake. The other two are is twin brother, Liquid, a maniac whose also a no-nothing know-it-all about genetics- 

Palutena: -And Solidus a rhapsodic radical, and the closest they got to a perfect clone. Unlike the other two he was raised by the Shadow group directly, they even made him president. Course like Liquid and Big Boss he turned on them too.  

Pit: A whole clan of Snakes. (Shiver) Wait, so ours isn’t perfect? Then why does ours come out on top all the time?

Palutena: Maybe because he was the only one not trying to be like Big Boss? It would make a sort of sense that the one that’s the most his own man would be able out perform he others stuck on repeat. 

Virdi: I think it’s because he’s the only one who isn’t a jerk! Karma has a way of balancing the scales where that’s concerned. 

Codec Advice for Big Boss

Col Campbell: Snake its- (Static)

Snake: Colonel!

Big Boss: Still using the old frequency Roy? Guess we all have our sentimental side.

Snake: You sure didn’t.

Big Boss: It was'st anything personal David. The war I fight is just bigger then you or FOXHOUND. Don’t let emotion cloud your mind in battle. I taught you better then that. 

Snake: That you did, so I know every move you’ll make.

Big Boss: Don’t be so sure. There may be a resemblance between us but like everyone my own unique experiences, have given me skills you don’t have. You should keep both eyes on them. 

Snake: This from the man with the eyepatch.

hi there!Today, I would like to share with you an old MGS fanart mostly inspired by Yoji Shinkawa and Ashley Wood drawings (no shit sherlock!).

Unusual fact, this drawing was made with real ink & paint on real paper (the Pilot Parallel Pen 6,0 mm is better than everything, your life included, we don’t deserve it! No, this message is not a promotionnal one).

In fact, I love drawing with traditionnal tools, probably more than working with photoshop, but I’m always affraid of failing by beeing not skilled enough.

Yes, if you ask yourself, I’m a little obsessed with Metal Gear Solid. (you have no idea…)

see ya!

A New Foe Approaches

On a rocky surface amidst sandstorm Snake is seen on his hands taking deep breath surrounded by shells and the shadowy bodies of soldiers dead or unconscious. Signs of the battle that just ended, but behind him a figure stands. Silhouetted within the rushing sand. The man calls out to Snake in a familiar voice, causing Snake to freeze mid breath. 

“That’s right. Good. No need for you to go just yet.

A slow guitar song plays as slowly Snake turns and looks up at a man in Camo-Fatigues the sandstorm winds dying down to reveal him in full. Once he was the spitting image of Snake but age grey hair, and most defining of a all… a Eyepatch, has long rendered any similarity remote. 

“It’s been a long time. Snake." 

Snake standing up now, looks at he man’s solitary eye, his own frowning at the sight of his one time mentor, Superior office, and Father. With bitter two words he identifies him. 

"Big Boss.”

The camera shows two standing on opposite ends of the screen, the dispersing sands revealing they are standing on a red rocky plateau surrounded by Jungle. With metal platforms sticking out of the standing rocks, a fortress in the background. Outer Heaven fortress. 

The music intensifies as the two Soldiers, enter a CQC stance, before cutting to black. 

Big Boss Returns to the Battlefield! 

Millennia in the distant future, Earth is once again pulled into a large scale war, this time on a galactic level. In an attempt to save humanity’s collective asses from an alien threat, scientists access ancient files searching for data on a perfect soldier. Multiple reports seem to have surfaced, all with a common codename… “Snake.” However, there were five different cases, and the scientists were unsure who was the best choice…

Each so-called Snake had superior abilities and glaring flaws. Ultimately the desicion was made to select all five of them from inconsequential timelines and fuse them together using the power of the long-gone-supernova Sun of Earth’s native solar system. Initially, the five Snakes fought for dominance of the singular body they found themselves forced into. In the end, a new personality was formed through their cooperation, though on occassion one could overpower the others through will or strong emotion.

The scientists christened their ultimate soldier project a success, giving their creation an appropriate codename, Consummate Snake. Known as the culmination of five strong warriors from Earth’s distant past, many soldiers called him “Perfect” Snake, though that was a bit far from the truth.


I think I got a bit too carried away lmao

Questioning Huey [2] Clone Research [2] (tape)

Venom: “Interesting story, Huey, it’d make a great movie. Where’d you hear all this from?”

Huey: “I heard all this literally 6 minute information in bits and pieces while i was balls deep into research for Sahelanthropus.”

Venom: “RIGHT….maybe we should let someone else into this conversation.”

Huey: “No! Not him! Not Ocelot!”