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‘ससुराल सिमरन’ की दीपिका कक्करलाई १२ औं बिग वोसको उपाधि Boss #

おはようございます😃🌞 ついにこの日が来た… BIG BOSSのバースデーが… 今日こそは、泣かせましょう… 鼻水ダラッダラにして帰ってもらう… 酔わせて、泣かせて、祝おう(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾ ミラキャンでお待ちしております❣️

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Today my brother asked why I call some snakes by their first name and why I call others by their code name (I call Liquid Eli and Solid Dave but I call everyone Else Solidus/Venom/Big Boss) and I just went silent trying to figure out why I even do that. It was a very strange experience.


Big Boss visits his sons for the first time.

At one point, he says something that makes Hal upset, and before Dave can jump in and beat his sorry ass, Hal starts giving this nervous, anxiety filled speech that sounds an awful lot like what The Boss would say. BB immediately drops it and listens intently, and when Hal is finished (and flustered) he asks where he learned all that. Hal looks confused for a few seconds before saying “My mom, she told me that when I was really little. It’s the only thing I remember about her. She said she learned it from an old friend.” From there, BB ends up finding out he’s Huey and Strangelove’s son and now him, Ocelot, and Dave are all ready to beat the living shit out of anyone that tries to talk shit.