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जीसस नें मरते वक्त कहा था मेरे जाने के बाद एक और आयेगा जो बहुत शक्तिशाली होगा बो संत रामपालजी महाराज है उन्हें पहचानों भाईओ देर ना करें। देखे साधना चैनल पर प्रसारित शाम 7 :30 से 8 :30 तक

from us.... to you... Family to family and may this be a day of reflection, peace, joy and togetherness.... Hey! please share a favorite verse

आज हम Good Friday सेलिब्रेट कर रहे हैं लेकिन क्या आप जानते हैं कि पवित्र बाईबल में प्रभु मानव सदृश साकार का प्रमाण है उत्पत्ति ग्रन्थ पृष्ठ नं. 2 पर, अ. 1:20 - 2:5 पर।

ईशा जी के मानने बाले अपनी बाईविल का ज्ञान नही रखते जिसमें परमात्मा साकार लिखा है उसने मांस खाने का आदेश नहीं दिया है। खा रहे है मांस ईसाई तो क्या ज्ञान है इन्हें। देखे साधना चैनल पर प्रसारित शाम 7 :30

जीसस को धोखा देकर मारा गया। पूर्ण परमात्मा सर्वशक्तिमान और अंतर्यामी है। उसे न तो कोई मर सकता है,न कोई धोखा दे सकता है।

"Il fait de grandes choses qu'on ne peut comprendre"📖(Jb 37.5)Quand tu te poses des questions,rappelle-toi combien Dieu est tout-puissant. Bonne journée à touset bon vendredi Saint😉 Jésus s'est sacrifié pour les péchés du monde entier

Good Friday को लोग ईसा मसीह की मृत्यु के रूप में याद करते हैं। ईसा मसीह भी जन्म मरण में हैं। परमात्मा जन्म-मरण से रहित है।

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for we have been saved by grace through faith

ephesians 2:8

have a blessed good friday my fellow pals! you are loved! 💖

🕆 Palabras Sabias Para este día

### 19 de Abril

“Porque así ha dicho Jehová el Señor: He aquí yo, yo mismo iré a buscar mis ovejas, y las reconoceré.” Ezequiel 34: 11.

Esto hace al principio cuando Sus elegidos son como ovejas descarriadas que no conocen al pastor ni al rebaño. ¡Cuán maravillosamente encuentra el Señor a Sus elegidos! Jesús es grandioso tanto en Su carácter de un pastor rastreador como de un pastor salvador. Aunque muchos de aquellos que Su Padre le dio, hubieran llegado tan cerca de las puertas del infierno como hubieran podido hacerlo, sin embargo, el Señor, tras buscar y buscar, los descubre y se acerca a ellos en la gracia. Él nos ha reconocido: tengamos buena esperanza por aquellos que son puestos en nuestros corazones para que oremos por ellos, pues Él los encontrará también.

El Señor repite este proceso cuando cualquier miembro de Su rebaño se extravía de los pastos de la verdad y de la santidad. Podrían caer en grave error, en triste pecado, y dureza atroz; mas, sin embargo, el Señor, que se ha convertido en una garantía a favor de ellos ante Su Padre, no tolerará que ninguno de ellos llegue tan lejos como para que perezca. Él, por Su providencia y por Su gracia, los seguirá a tierras extrañas, a moradas de pobreza, a cuevas de oscuridad, a profundidades de desesperación; Él no perderá a ninguno de los que Su Padre le ha dado. Para Jesús, buscar y salvar a todo el rebaño, es, sin ninguna excepción, un asunto de honor. ¡Qué promesa tengo para argumentar con ella, si en esta hora me veo forzado a clamar: “Yo anduve errante como oveja extraviada.”!

De la Chequera del Banco de la Fe de C.H. Spurgeon, Traducción de Allan Román

Trails and Tribulations

Your past doesn’t determine your future. Suffering abuse doesn’t make you who you are. Overcoming what you’ve been through will make you the person you want to be. I’ve been suffering to build confidence for awhile now. I had strong confidence before but it was stripped away due to self abuse by overthinking and low self esteem. I allowed myself to be sad and uncomfortable with myself for awhile. My Lord reminds me each time I get in a sad and sulky mood that I am his work of art. My journey to peace is now on the smooth side of the road.

Survived the conversation with the church guy!

It more or less went about how I expected it to. First of all, he’s not lgbt+ affirming – like a lot of Christians, he thinks there’s nothing wrong with being attracted to the same gender, but that it’s a sin to “act on” that attraction by having sex with someone of the same gender/being in a romantic relationship with them. (Basically it’s viewed as a temptation - so as long as you don’t give into that temptation, you’re good. Identity? What’s that?) However, he’s definitely on the more accepting/openminded side – he recognizes that same-sex relationships can be just as healthy as straight ones (which doesn’t seem to be something all Christians who have the same views as him believe) and that both gay and straight couples operate in the same way (if that makes sense – as in, they have to figure out how to communicate with each other, can complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses, etc). He knows a lot of good things can come out of gay relationships and he also thinks they should be allowed to have civil unions. His main thing is that he ultimately thinks the Bible says it’s wrong. He doesn’t believe they’re hurting themselves or anyone else, but argues that that doesn’t automatically make it right He talked about how God knows more than we do so even if it doesn’t seem like something is harmful, it’s possible it actually is harming us without us realizing it (which…I can’t prove that wrong, I guess? but then it obviously can’t be proven right). He agrees with me that people can argue about the proper translation of Greek words all day and never come to any certain conclusion, so there’s evidence some of those verses might not have been translated correctly, or might not be relevant today. He accidentally left the book(s) he wanted me to read at the church, but he did show me a website called The Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender that has a bunch of very well-researched articles on various topics involving Christians and lgbt+ issues. It’s not an lgbt+ affirming website, so I’m not exactly looking forward to reading those articles, but it’s important to see all sides of an argument (especially since I’ll be explaining my position to various family members eventually) so I’m going to look into those and talk to him again at some point. I also have some (less scholarly) articles and videos that I’m going to send to him.

As far as talking about what I believe, I pretty much told him the same things I told my mom – stuff about not knowing if the translation is correct, the widely-known types of homosexuality in that culture being generally bad (pedophilia, cult worship, slaves/masters, etc – committed same-sex relationships weren’t common [although one of those articles looks like it argues the opposite? so that’ll be interesting to read]), compassion shouldn’t be pitted against the Bible, and unlike with all other “sins,” homosexuality truly doesn’t appear to hurt anyone. Oh and also that back in the 1800s Christians apparently said things in the debate about slavery that are…extremely similar to some of the things they say today when talking about lgbt+ issues. Idk, there was a lot more to the conversation than what I wrote here, but frankly I don’t remember every single thing each of us said (we kind of talked for a while).

It’s interesting, because he and I believe different things about this but like… we feel the same way? He dislikes the position he has. He said that he really wishes he could just completely accept homosexuality. He doesn’t believe gay people are hurting anyone. It’s just that he doesn’t feel like he can fully justify believing that it’s ok for people to be in same-sex relationships without going against the Bible. The main difference between the two of us is that he’s still struggling with the scholarly Biblical side of things, whereas I’ve kind of let that go a little bit. I’ve pretty much decided it’s more important to look at what we see in life, practically speaking (like all the positive things that come out of lgbt+ people having relationships and embracing who they are), than to base it off of what the Bible may or may not say – especially when there’s so much evidence it doesn’t actually say it’s wrong. I’ve kind of accepted that I probably will never be certain about those Bible verses. For me it’s not so much about “finding proof” anymore, I suppose. He’s openminded though – he even said that he could see himself changing his position someday as he continues studying and thinking through this. He just doesn’t feel like he has sufficient evidence to do so at this point. I do really appreciate that he isn’t going to mention the discussion we had to my dad and understands why I can’t tell him I’ve changed my beliefs on this yet. So yeah, it wasn’t too bad of an experience. The next thing I want to do is find an lgbt-affirming Christian to talk to because that would be really encouraging at this point. Not sure how to go about it, because I don’t know anyone like that, so I think I’d basically need to just contact one of the inclusive churches in my area and ask to set up a meeting with someone. (Strangers! Scary!) So not sure when/how that will be happening.

Proverbs 10:1
1: Los proverbios de Salomón. El hijo sabio alegra al padre; pero el hijo necio es tristeza de su madre.
2: Los tesoros de maldad no serán de provecho; mas la justicia libra de muerte.
3: Jehová no dejará padecer hambre al alma del justo; mas arrojará la sustancia de los impíos.
4: La mano negligente hace pobre; mas la mano de los diligentes enriquece.
5: El que recoge en el estío es hombre entendido; el que duerme en el tiempo de la siega es hijo que avergüenza.
6: Bendiciones sobre la cabeza del justo; pero violencia cubrirá la boca de los impíos.
7: La memoria del justo será bendita; mas el nombre de los impíos se pudrirá.
8: El sabio de corazón recibirá los mandamientos; mas el necio de labios caerá.
9: El que camina en integridad, anda confiado; mas el que pervierte sus caminos, será descubierto.
10: El que guiña el ojo acarrea tristeza; y el necio de labios será castigado.
11: Manantial de vida es la boca del justo; pero violencia cubrirá la boca de los impíos.
12: El odio despierta rencillas; pero el amor cubrirá todas las faltas.
13: En los labios del prudente se halla sabiduría; mas la vara es para la espalda del falto de entendimiento.
14: Los sabios atesoran la sabiduría; mas la boca del necio es calamidad cercana.
15: Las riquezas del rico son su ciudad fuerte; y la ruina de los pobres es su pobreza.
16: La obra del justo es para vida; mas el fruto del impío es para pecado.
17: Camino a la vida es guardar la instrucción; pero el que rechaza la reprensión, yerra.
18: El que encubre el odio es de labios mentirosos; y el que propaga calumnia es necio.
19: En las muchas palabras no falta pecado; mas el que refrena sus labios es prudente.
20: Plata escogida es la lengua del justo; mas el entendimiento de los impíos es como nada.
21: Los labios del justo alimentan a muchos; mas los necios mueren por falta de entendimiento.
22: La bendición de Jehová es la que enriquece, y no añade tristeza con ella.
23: Hacer maldad es como diversión al insensato; pero el hombre entendido tiene sabiduría.
24: Lo que el impío teme, eso le vendrá; mas a los justos les será dado lo que desean.
25: Como pasa el torbellino, así el malo no permanece; mas el justo está fundado para siempre.
26: Como el vinagre a los dientes, y como el humo a los ojos, así es el perezoso a los que lo envían.
27: El temor de Jehová aumentará los días; pero los años de los impíos serán acortados.
28: La esperanza de los justos es alegría; mas la esperanza de los impíos perecerá.
29: El camino de Jehová es fortaleza al íntegro; pero es destrucción a los que hacen iniquidad.
30: El justo jamás será removido; mas los impíos no habitarán la tierra.
31: La boca del justo producirá sabiduría; mas la lengua perversa será cortada.
32: Los labios del justo saben lo que agrada; mas la boca de los impíos habla perversidades.


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