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SQUASH RIBBON SALAD WITH APPLES AND WALNUTS This is a really interesting salad to eat for lunch, with lots of texture and flavor going on. The combination of kale, apples, and squash already makes it feel pretty autumnal.

SQUASH NOODLES IN WALNUT-SAGE BUTTER This is a super easy and really luxurious recipe. The combination of fresh sage and walnuts in a simple butter sauce is a winner.

SQUASH CASSEROLE Summer squash is so versatile but for some reason never got any of the hype that zucchini did, and I’m not sure why—you can still make it into noodles, cut it up and have it raw with Beet Hummus (here) or Ranch Dressing (here),

SQUASH BREAKFAST SKILLET This recipe is a squash-y take on Baked Eggs in Tomato Sauce (here). They’re still baked in a tomato sauce, but lots of fresh summer squash is added to up the vegetable count.

SQUASH BISQUE Thick, creamy butternut squash soup is incredibly comforting and perfect on a chilly fall day, although you could definitely lighten it up and serve it any time of year.

SAUTÉED SQUASH WITH SUN-DRIED TOMATOES This squash with sun-dried tomatoes is a wonderful side dish for summer. A big batch ofit goes perfectly with burgers or hotdogs at a cookout, but it’s also a great option for weeknight dinners and will be

ROASTED SQUASH WITH CINNAMON Roasted squash has a lovely sweet quality to it, so it only makes sense to accent that with a drizzle of maple syrup and some cinnamon.

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