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Breaking boys hearts and beating their high scores 🎮 Hopping onto XB1X My subs are added to my Xbox Live friends list! Let’s play - this will own you!

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Some features are already available in the Beta version and ready for real world application. If you’re interested in trying them and have a Nissan or Infiniti car, contact Ivan;

Some features are already available in the Beta version and ready for real world application. If you’re interested in trying them and have a Nissan or Infiniti car, contact Ivan;

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"Inside Google’s Rebooted Robotics Program" by CADE METZ, BRIAN DAWSON and MEG FELLING via NYT

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Michonne: why are you awake this late?

Lydia: mom and dad have been arguing all night


Michonne: don’t they argue over a notepad?

So far, efforts to rebuild the Birdhouse seemed to be going fairly well. The sturdy pole it was supposed to sit on had been replaced, and the walls were coming along, too. Slightly more complicated things such as wiring they knew they likely wouldn’t be able to do as well by themself, and holding a drill with their robotic claws was slightly awkward, but they felt good about their progress. A tarpaulin flapped in the mid-day breeze.

There was an unmistakable small sound of something manifesting in the physical plane. Morpho spun in midair, prepared for a confrontation, but–

Oh. You can exist in 3D. I should have guessed.

They scooped up the little pink orb that had been left to them by their ex-world. It was the size of a tennis ball, and very softly vibrating.

Are you upset that I left you alone? I’m afraid you can’t help out until you grow some appendages or something.

They set it down in the grass. Somehow it seemed a little bigger than last time they had checked in on it.

What are young thingamabobs like you supposed to do? Play in the garden? Why don’t you go do that?

They picked up the drill. Don’t get yourself lost, now!

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Who is beta? -AngelHardy

Beta is this big, scary, badass dude from The Walking Dead. He’s second in command for the Whisperers, a group of humans who wear masks made from dried out zombie faces, in order to blend in and walk amongst the zombies. My man Daryl fought him, ended up kicking Beta down an elevator shaft, and thought he was dead. Beta shows up later like, “I lived, bitch.”


He’s settling in and starting to explore his new world 🌍

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Let Me Be Your Beta Reader

hello! my name is Ryn and I’m looking to gain some experience with beta reading/grammatical editing. I’ve been writing fic for about five years now and have been coming up with original stories for as long as I can remember, so I’m pretty seasoned in the writing department. I love to analyze and edit other people’s work, so if you have a piece that you’re looking to publish or post online and are in need of someone to read through it one final time, I would love to be that person for you! I’m willing to read almost anything, so if you see this post and you’re interested, DM me for more info.


Stuff I made in the Dreams beta :3


I was tagged by the lovely @inazumafocus 💕

Rules: You can pit pic/gif/only wrtiting the answers, everything is fine! It can be any characters from all seasons (OG/GO/Ares/Orion)! You can add a reason or keep it simple, just share the love and have fun! ✨💕

Fave character over all: Kirino Ranmaru

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Fave male character: Mizukamiya Seiryuu aka my big bro

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Fave female character: Manto / Beta

Fave minor character: Sein / Kusaka Gen

Fave coach: Kira Hitomiko

Fave captain: Endou Mamoru / Kidou Yuuto

Fave keeper: Genda Koujirou / Nishikage Seiya

Originally posted by shawn-and-aiden-frost-9

Originally posted by shawn-and-aiden-frost-9

Fave forward: Fubuki Atsuya

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Fave defender: Kazemaru Ichirouta

Fave mildfielder: Aphrodi

Fave manager: Yamana Akane don’t hate her so much pls

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Fave hottie: Tsurugi Yuuichi

Fave school uniform: Teikoku uniform

Fave soccer uniform: Gar

Fave opening: Tachiagariyo

Fave ending: Koisuru Otome wa Amamoyo

Fave OST: Senguuji no Chikara

Fave arc/season: GO CS

Fave friendship: Omega Trio

Ok, I know they don’t get along quite well bUT THEY ARE THE BEST SQUAD AND YOU CAN’T CHANGE MY MIND

Fave OTP: Nishikage x Mizukamiya

I didn’t want to put my own art but I was too lazy to search more images lmao

Fave m|m: Yamato x Makoto / Atsuya x Aphrodi

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Originally posted by fyeahinazuma

Fave w|w: Orca x Beta

Fave m|w: Minamisawa x Manto / Ryuu Gentoku x Shokatsu Koumei

Fave sibling: Fubuki bros

Fave quote: I don’t really have one

Fave team: Resistance Japan / El Dorado Team 02

Fave school: Raimon

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Fave non japanese character: Bergamo Regult

Fave non japanese team: Barcelona Orb

Fave sponsor spot: GodBull

I know we all have tons of faves so put another one here: Alfa / Ozrock / Shuu / Taiyou / Anahan / Satan oh gosh too many

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Ok, I don’t have anything against Carol and Daryl, but I swear, if they give them the whole Negan arc with The Whisperers (MAJOR SPOILERS: killing Alpha and fighting Beta) I’ll be f*cking mad and I’ll sue them! What’s the point of having him alive if they don’t give him his storylines?! First with Carl and now would be this… I REALLY HOPE THEY FOLLOW THIS PART OF THE COMIC JUST THE WAY IT IS.

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