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I will be reborn two days later like Jesus. pphands

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Con ustedes el flamante ganador del torneo de hoy En Gran Enhorabuena!

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Estos son los señores que jugarán por los premios de nuestro torneo En Gran Suerte a todos!

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Need help!

My betta passed away due to a tumor. Still really sad about it. He never got sick and his water quality has always been good. I want another betta and I was wondering if I could put a new fish in the old tank? Or should I clean it out and restart?

Diabolik lovers x omegaverse


Imagine vampires also having sub-genders (alpha, beta, omega) and depending on them being dominant or recessive traits, that’s their influence on other vampires

Even though dominant alphas have more power, recessive alphas are not affected by heat as easily and they don’t have high bloodlust

And omegas won’t enter a heat until they meet their true alpha, which is done by scent alone, but vampires hide their scents or smell too much like blood (poor Yui)

Omegas usually have their heats every 3-4 months that last about a week and since they can enter heat only after meeting their destined mate, they will reject anyone else

Alphas would get SUPER possessive (imagine Ayato being more possessive than he usually is lol) and would literary attack any other alpha who comes near their omega

This is basically just adding omegaverse tropes into the Dialovers setting, I wish I could think of some things since they are vampires and all…but I just had to get this off my chest lol

Beta Readers Wanted

I don’t know how well this will go over here, but I’m seeking beta readers for my recently completed novel. If you’re not interested in beta reading, a signal boost is always greatly appreciated. Now, here’s some info about the book.

Title: NIGHTBURNERS (tentative)

Age category: Young Adult (ages 14+ should be fine)

Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy

*Subgenres: Political, Romance, Magic, Revenge, Friendship, Family, Crime

*I was careful to keep a balance of these that are not overbearing. I don’t get too detailed with the politics or military stuff.

Short summary: When an assassin tries to kill her at school, 16-yr-old Cel publicly reveals her illegal, will-bending magic in self-defense. Now, she must tread carefully to keep her father’s criminal organization from being exposed.

Long summary aka my working query (contains MAJOR spoilers!):

Not everyone wants a soulmate. 16-year-old Cel finds out the hard way when one of hers turns out to be an assassin hired to kill her. Forced to use her illegal, mind-controlling magic to subdue him in front of her peers, she is then subjected to intense public scrutiny. This wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t also the heir to a massive criminal organization.

Now saddled with a magic-limiter, a government-appointed babysitter (who’s another soulmate, go figure), and the disdain of her father’s criminal syndicate, Cel thinks things can’t get worse. Until they do.

On live television, her father is murdered by one of his closest allies. With the criminal syndicate at his back, this ally takes over the city, robbing Cel of both her family and her legacy.

Forced into hiding, she must weave a plan for retribution, but her friends are few and far between. If she wants her life back, she’s going to have to win the trust of her two new soulmates—both who’ve worked for her enemies—and figure out just how far she’s willing to go to get revenge.

Some Fun Facts:

Contains LGBTQA+ characters, a disabled character (hoping to add more disabled characters in future books!), racially diverse characters. The main character (female) is asexual, contains 80s-90s tech with some limitations (ie - no guns, phones are landlines, etc.), contains Soulmates and soul-identifying marks (but the connections between characters are not all romantic), does not take place IRL–it is a fantasy city/world

Length: ~80,000 words

Content Warnings: some swearing, mild violence, allusions to child abuse (in a very, very vague context), allusions to sex (also vague), & morally gray characters (I do mean this. My main character is not super obviously cruel, but she’s definitely not nice)

Draft Quality; this is draft 1, with only some vague editing done on certain chapters, which means it is a bit messy and not yet perfected. expect inconsistencies and not quite perfect grammar/spelling/etc. But I am pretty meticulous, so it’s nothing terrible. (please don’t judge me by how poorly i’m writing this post lol)

Comps: Think This Savage Song (in terms of setting/writing style) meets ATLA (in terms of characterization and magic)

Beta Reader Obligations:

I need betas to read the story in google docs within a time frame of approximately 2 weeks. If you do not read any of it within 1 week, I will remove your access from the document. If you stop and decide you don’t want to read anymore, just let me know. You won’t hurt my feelings. My work is not for everyone.

You will be able to comment; feel free to do so as much as you please (ie - react, suggest, complain, w/e you want!) but keep in mind that (at this stage) I know the writing is NOT pristine. It definitely contains inconsistencies and grammatical mistakes. I’ll have to rake through it for those soon, but betas pointing them out would be a big help! You will have to provide an email address so I can invite you to the document. You will NOT have to share a document with other beta readers. You are not to share the document with anyone else or attempt to plagiarize or copy it in any way. I will provide a questionnaire for you to fill out within the same document as the manuscript itself.

This draft has not been sensitivity read, so feedback on that matter is always appreciated. I am open-minded, but I make mistakes. I won’t be upset if you point them out to me. In fact, I encourage it.

Please note that I might NOT respond to any of your comments within the document. In fact, I’ll probably only respond to a few. I appreciate all the feedback, but sometimes I have to compare reactions across a spectrum of betas to get a good idea of what I need to do w/the part in question.

I am from the USA, so my writing typically follows the spelling and rules of American English. Please keep this in mind.

If interested, follow these steps:

Message me with your email address and whatever name you’d like to go by in our conversations. Also, specify that you agree not to copy/steal/plagiarize the manuscript/document in any way/shape/form.

If you’d like a sample of my first-draft writing ability, check out my AO3 account. Maybe you’ll find something there that tickles your fancy.

A final note:

In case you’re wondering, the character in these artworks is the main character of this story. I’m also an artist. YAY. :) Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who beta reads or reblogs or shows even a passing interest in this. Writing is hard work, but beta readers are invaluable, and I’ll appreciate all the help I can get.

*This post will be eventually be deleted.


The one hundredth episode of Steven Universe.

anonymous asked:

is "true mate" synonymous with "soulmate?" Is it possible for two people to be true mates (and have perfect chemical compatibility) yet not get along with one another?

Yes! Though rare, sometimes people can be perfectly compatible with one another but not want to pursue the relationship for a number of reasons.

yukikinda-stuffs  asked:

Are there transgenders (like Omega to Beta or even Omega to Alpha) in the Omegaverse ? Is there something like gender dysphoria but instead it's dynamic dysphoria ? Sorry if it sounds stupid ^^'

Doesn’t sound stupid at all! I think there would definitely be transgender individuals in the omegaverse, I feel like it would be common for people to feel they’ve presented wrong. Dsyphoria would be very present during this as each dynamic has a certain set of defining personal/physical traits. Alphas have a knot, omegas secrete slick, etc.


The Japanese version of ‘DJ Boy’ on the Megadrive (top) featured a opening cutscene with your girlfriend being kidnapped. The American version removed it entirely, but a shot of a possible redesign did appear in EGM #13.

I spoke to the planet recently

It was interesting to me that recently social media seems to have found a new fad in pretending to care for the planet. Post of articles from a decade ago that are meant to be shock title grabbing articles with little substance are working, people are either not realizing what they are posting(not reading) or are missing the point.

That point? The planet does not need your repost of a slightly fake news article, the planet needs you to turn your AC to /73/74 and not 68. The planet does not need any of us, me included, reposting Bill Nye the planet is on fucking fire memes. The planet does need for us to invest in solar and wind energy.

I am posting this online, it is about the planet, and it is sort of the same thing I am bitching about here. HOWEVER, I have made those small changes needed. I try to reduce my waste. I am not perfect, and yeah I like the occasional indulgence…but at least I don’t post memes and pretend to be a weekend warrior.

Gosh, I remember when being a weekend warrior was an insult. Now they have people pretending to do it.

Okay Guys, here the deal.

I know I’ve been very absent for the past year, but I had some big issues going in my private life. For now everything seems alright and hopefully it’ll stay that way.

BUT and here comes the big but
I need a beta reader!
Someone with good English skills would be nice obviously
Maybe someone who corrects my writing and has enough time to do so.
Because, oh boy, my ask box is exploding so the beat reader should have the time to look over my work.
Of course they will get credit for it, because I appreicate these people.

When you are interested and have the time to be my beta reader, just message me and we’ll talk about it ;)

So, now I am out. Have a nice day my beautiful beings <3