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DDR5/LPDDR5 Signals Can Be a Real Challenge to Measure.

In if you don’t meet , you won’t rank. That makes it more of a ranking enabler than a ranking factor—even more so since technologies like helps understand intent better.

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Deemed the “most important update in five years,” the latest Google algorithm change, , is making waves across the industry. This particular set of changes will have a massive impact on existing search queries (1 in 10 to be exact).

Intrigued to know exactly how decides who to rank for featured snippets. Researching important UK education-based searches and have snippets explaining how it works outside the UK from non-UK government sites....Pretty poor search intent analysis IMO. Come on

💡 "Chinese tech giant Baidu has created a new way of teaching language to AIs, according to a report in TechnologyReview. The new method offers better results than the ones used by Google and Microsoft" 👉

📰¿Sabías que desarrolló un nuevo algoritmo que optimizará las búsqueda de los usuarios?📎El mismo se llama y está disponible en Inglés hasta el momento ✅Con esta actualización el podrá responder peticiones naturales 🔜👈 

According to , will affect complicated search queries that rely on context like conversational queries, searches where prepositions like “for” & “to” matter a lot to the meaning....

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🚨 Larks pulling a Magic Man and feeding Bert a juicy goal!


Unbedingt bis zum Ende schauen… 🤣🤣🤣

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Bei der Arbeit … 🎊🎉🎊

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is... is pretty handsome awkward abt gerard.......

oh buddy….LMAO

i absolutely think it is, yeah, but that’s the great debate of 2007. i saw a lot of newer fans/mcr fans saying bert “confirmed” pretty handsome awkward was about gerard last year bc he said something about mcr while performing it at disrupt, but really, we’ve had virtual confirmation since 2007. the reason the rumor started to begin with was because of the interview quoted on my gifset where bert explicitly teased the song to kerrang as being about gerard. he then spent the past 10+ years claiming it wasn’t….even though, again, he’s the one who started the rumor to begin with lmao

bert obviously has a tendency to be sarcastic and facetious in interviews, but i think it’s pretty clear that a lot of lies for the liars, shallow believer, and even a song on artwork (“born to quit”) are more than likely about gerard. i saw the used the most during these years and between 2007 and 2008 you couldn’t go to a single show without hearing bert say something about gerard or MCR. he was constantly asked about them in interviews until it became a thing for music ‘journalists’ to try to get bert on mcr questions (which he never appreciated). he was STILL getting questions like this up until 2017 when he was asked if tr*mp would get impeached or mcr would re-unite first. he answered that he was “only interested in one of those things” which was why it was so significant when he willingly brought up MCR re-uniting and called gerard ‘a beautiful human being’ in 2018

for mcr fans, bert is very much on the periphery but used fans (at least those of us who’ve been around forever) are almost hyper aware of gerard bc he was such a central point of the used + their music for a long time

anyway this is a 10000 word way of saying yes, pretty handsome awkward has a history of being about jared way

my favorite bert interview is the one from circa 2007 where he’s just being a total dick and giving the interviewer one word answers to every question and the interviewer gets increasingly antagonistic towards him as the interview goes on and its like “people say you’re difficult to work with, is that true?” “yes” “are you proud of that?” and he starts going off like “what if someone wrote about you/your band, (obviously insulting thing that the interviewer clearly means to say)” just trying to get a reaction out of him and he asks “are you aware why people might hate you” bert says “yes” and then “are you aware why people might love you” bert says “because my balls are big and shiny” and then the title of the article is something like “is bert mccracken the craziest rockstar in the world?” ffs i’m having a conniption just thinking about it. why.


How Will Google BERT Impact Your Content Strategy?

Very saddened to finally realize that gerard probably just played with Bert frank and lynz’s feelings but also I cannot judge him and I even understand why he did it at some extent because I’ve literally done that to people too I think of it as not wanting/being ready to come out because maybe he doesn’t even really know for sure his own business so HOW would he explain it?? WHAT would he say?? I totally get that because I am in that territory myself, I haven’t come out to anyone really I mean I told a friend that i liked a girl a long time ago and she kinda did change her behavior around me ever since so that’s why I’ve been so reluctant to really really take that step plus I’m not sure about my gender AT ALL so that’s another thing, and based on my overall background regarding sexuality and gender I’ve never had like an official, serious, fr fr queer relationship, yeah I had that long distance entirely online thing with a girl when I was a teen and I’ve had one time flings but I haven’t been able to bring myself to take the bull by horns or whatever because a serious relationship would require actually going out in public places and introducing my friends and family and I just CAN’T I have SO MUCH to lose and I’m TERRIFIED so my guessing is that there’s a possibility that gerard feels a similar way, like ok maybe not because he’s gonna get thrown out of his parents house but maybe because he really didn’t want to come out and then be forever labeled as The Gay Singer from that band and thus have mcr become a Gay Band because you KNOW that’s exactly what the media would’ve done and honestly it just doesn’t seem fair for everyone else in the band, like I’m sure they probably wouldn’t really give a fuck to be called f*gs or stuff like that but the world just wouldn’t have taken their work as seriously as they have done and still do and they wouldn’t have had the success they did even if they just did the exact same fucking music because like it or not the world STILL is homophobic. Where I think he really really fucked up for no reason tho, was in not telling his own friends this, I really feel like he neve explained this to anyone like maybe MAYBE Mikey but who knows tbh? I feel like he just led both Bert and Frank on and when they wanted the whole deal, go public or something, he just cut them out of his life like some fuckboy, which is why Bert is Still Hurt to this day and why Frank wrote all that angry poetry, and ok I’m gonna allow myself to be annoying for a second here, those two? Doubtlessly in love, man. I honestly feel very strongly about this because looking at them, their interactions, Frank’s poems, their songs, just everything…. it reminds me of me and the girl I first fell in love with, this girl that ALSO played with my teenage confusion and led me on for years on end until I just Had to cut her out because it simply wasn’t letting me live my life, always waiting for her while she was away doing things and people I always had to find out from thirds, this awful feeling when she was away from me and then this divine feeling when we were together, this is what they remind me of. Frank’s longing and Gerard’s indecision. And after letting her go I just went back to dating men and presenting myself as a woman and it was fucking awful, everything about it felt Wrong until I found this boy, this beautiful man that is super artsy, constantly in touch with his femininity, unable to hurt a fly, so soft and funny and pure and wholesome and basically made of rainbows, you know…… like a girl. We’re engaged. But I always end up wondering, am I gonna marry him because I am in love with him or because he’s the closest thing to a girl I’m ever gonna allow my coward self to tie the knot with? It’s a thought that haunts me, because I really don’t know. Which then reminds me, wouldn’t you say Lindsey is a little masculine? With the tattoos and the style and the way she just carries herself with that ugly confidence only a heterosexual man can have? Her fingers must feel rough, I’m sure.


this moment. it starts properly at like 8:04. just listening to is so much. like could you imagine the catharsis of being there…