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Too cute ;u;

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Sage: Ooh, here’s a good one…. Never Have I Ever…. Kissed someone in this room! Let’s see all you eskimo siblings.

[collected grumbling from almost everyone]

Castelia: Seriously, Sage? Way to call out Nimbus here, he’s never–


Fidget: We’ll take good care of her! Come on, Pansy! We have a lot of friends waiting for you, and a super exciting day!

Vision: Let’s go! I’ll take you in and introduce you to everyone.


Penti: Bye sweetie, have a good first day!

Artemisia: We love you, be good for your teacher!

Pansy: Bye, Mommy! Bye, Daddy!

Lavender stopped by after lunch.


Lupin Silk Snowberry


Sari made a big enough meal she was able to pack some up for Daire to take to work the next day. She was feeling pretty proud of herself.


Pansy: Blizzard, do you like school?

Blizzard: Sure, I guess. You learn a bunch of stuff.

Pansy: I can’t wait to learn! I hope my teacher likes me.

Jade: I’m sure she will! And you’ll make a bunch of friends too.

“It’s no big thing.” Sari insists as they sit down to the dinner she prepared. “I wanted to do something special. Since you work so hard for us.” The last part is accented by a pat to her stomach.

“We make a good team, Sari.” Daire smiles at her once more before digging in.

Daire came home just as Sari was putting dinner on the table. He grabs her hands and pulls her to him. “Now, this a guy could get used to. Beautiful wife, dinner on the table, it’s perfect.”


Poor Rob…

Poor poor Rob…


Our story cannot continue now for it is no longer about You and I.

This story is now about Her.

I, Whisper Picnic, welcome you, my precious Banquet Flair to this world.

To this Island.

To this Isle of the Midnight Sun.

dun dun dun… intro over !

I’m combining the Midnight Sun challenge with the Berry Pastel Rainbowcy.

Here is what is planned for the next two generations:

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To meet the last gift you gave to me.

Sari groaned but got out of bed. “Daire, a pregnant berry needs her sleep.”

“She also needs her love day flowers.” He said, holding out a snapdragon to her. He thought he was pretty clever choosing that one.


This is so cute (灬♥ω♥灬)

Meet Guava and Lucas adopted berry, Lara! (which is short for Laranja)

Capella got back up to dance a short while later. Sari made her way over to her friend. “So, Nora-

Van flushed. “You met Ella? She’s pretty great, right?”

“Why didn’t you tell me that was why you wanted to stop seeing Rhapsody? I would have helped you guys find someone to set him up with.” Sari playfully pushed Van’s shoulder.

“You don’t know anyone around here, how are you gonna help?”

“I’ll enlist Daire.” Sari pouted. Van was right. She really didn’t know that many people around Windenburg. She should make an effort to get out more.


Lucas: Let’s get this play date started!!!


I asked her to do a medium painting, but I guess she’s feeling lazy so she only painted half of the canvas xD Broken game what? No way!

But on a good note, Buttercup finally has the perfect eye color :’) Purple! 😍