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Some random screenshots that I took and that I chose not to edit in the end, but I wanted to share anyway :)


wedding pics 2/3

later that day…


Fae: Come here, nice and close. I promise you that we’ll see each other again. Whether it’s in Windenburg or… Newcrest. It doesn’t matter. I’ll write to you and call you constantly.

Chiffon: …really?

Fae: Of course. I’m going to go get ready, and you take some time to yourself, alright? I think you need some time to think before we go.

Chiffon: Thank you.

Fae: And, Chiffon, - I love you too.

petunia: what´s going on? storm speak to me!

storm: …

petunia: storm?

storm: … what… what happened? where is the doctor… i… i do-

petunia: omg! storm you woke up!

storm: …


These two get along super well…. can you tell?

on the way home…

petunia: storm! watch out!

the next day

they went on a date, storm invited petunia out to newcrust

petunia: where are we going?

storm: it´s a suprise…

they went to a park, petunia was every day there as a kid and they talked and had fun


she´s really enjoying it…

since they don´t have enough money to move, petunia started painting


Painting, it’s my escape. I don’t have to worry about my parents, I don’t have to worry about having cabin fever, none of it. I could pretend to be somewhere other than this house. I could paint the stress away. Because of all the painting I had done, I had gotten pretty good. If I do say so myself. I saved my paintings, in hopes of one day being able to sell them and maybe, just maybe prove to my parents I could be independent. 


Altair: I have to go…

Sirius:  [muffled] Hmm…you should stay a little longer.

Altair: I can’t…

Sirius: At least tell me this before you go: is this a one-time thing or can I expect more of these late night drop-ins?

Altair: I haven’t decided yet.

petunia: this house is really small… we have to move

storm: i know… i know, but we don´t have enough money…

petunia: …