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Colder: So let me ask you this very important question, if you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Aurora: Oh that’s easy, the power to go back in time.  

Colder: Really? I was expecting something like teleportation. Why back in time?

Aurora: Think about all we could learn, all we could see!  I would get to talk to some of my favourite authors first hand, I could shop my screenplay around in the golden age of cinema.  I could fix past mistakes and get answers to some questions.  Why wouldn’t you go back in time?

Colder: When you put it that way, it does sound pretty cool.  But you never said you could go forward in time sooo now you’re stuck back in the 18th century with those favourite authors.

Aurora: Very funny Mr. Monkey’s Paw.  Okay, what would your superpower be?

Colder: Teleportation, obviously.

Aurora: Okay, why?

Colder: Right now?  So I could teleport and visit you every night.

Aurora: Ooh smooth.  But that’s Dragon Fruit Fly coming up next and Rosebud will kill me if I miss them.  Maybe I’ll see you out there?

Colder: Count on it.

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Chic: I gotta admit…you’re not what I expected. 

Dia: Hm, neither were you. Never thought I’d talk to a reporter again…and like it.




The Teapot reached out to Rigel and Artemeisia Centauri for comment.  Their publicist released the following statement:

“We’re so happy for our son and Peaches.  We’ve known Peaches since she was a teenager, just starting on the set of Whipped Cream Dream.  She’s played our daughter in the past, and now she’ll finally be an official member of the family.  We couldn’t be more thrilled.”


Rosebud: Rory, there’s something I think you should see.  The Centauri family just released a statement to the press and it’s about Chant.

Aurora: What?  What about Chant?

Rosebud: Rory…I think he’s engaged.

Aurora: ….what?

Rosebud: Here, take a look.


Chant: I need a refill.

Aurora: The bar’s still open at this hour? 

Chant: Of course.  This place is fully staffed 24/7.  It’s also billed directly to my parents’ credit card, so allow me to offer you a refill of the most expensive champagne they have.

Aurora: In that case, you know my motto.

Chant: Two hands, two drinks?

Aurora: See, this is why I love you.