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Moon: Okay so … 

Daphne: So you’ll be involved. Have visitation, all that good stuff.

Moon: Pay child support. We’ll set it up with a lawyer.

Daphne: Moon, you don’t have to …

Moon: It’s as much for my protection as yours and the baby’s. C’mere.

Daphne: I can’t believe you’re being so cool about this.

Moon: It’s not what either of us would have planned but, you’re still my best friend. 

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Just a couple more shots of the twins… Aren’t these two SO freaking adorable?!


Finally, one day Geo did call. He invited Winnie to meet him down at the bluffs just after sunset for a swim. Winnie was so excited, she could barely focus the entire day long.


A few months later …

Moon: Daphne! It’s great to see you. It’s been far too long.

Daphne: I know, I’ve been so busy. I should have called first, but I needed to see you. Now don’t freak out but … I’m pregnant.

Moon: Wait. What?


???: We had it all. Three beautiful children, a house that was reasonably sized but one that we loved, and careers that made us happy and sustained. Funny enough, it was Whiskers that knew something was off about him. I guess it’s true what they say, that animals are great senses of character. 


???: If only I knew, how little time we would have left together. I would’ve cherished it more. There’s so much we still had left to do. I never would’ve let him into our home. I never would’ve fallen for him.


Dear Diary,

It’s happened. My youngest kids have aged up to children. Cassi and Ava are nearly teens. Cy and Aiya are off in college. I’m getting old. I can feel it. But I can’t help but to be proud of the life I’ve built. I have no regrets.



Father Winter came really late and ate spoiled food. Poor guy.


Hard at work, even during Winterfest.

Merry Winterfest~


Up early and enjoying the snow.

Everyone woke up early on Winterfest morning to play in the snow.


Rhapsody found the girls right where they said they’d be. He sat with them at the table. “Arabesque, I’m very disappointed in you.” Her eyes flicked down to her feet. “But I’m so glad you’re okay.:

“We didn’t mean to worry you, Daddy.”

“Yea, Mr. Mello.” Cassi piped in. “We just wanted to have some fun.”

“I know girls.” He sighed. “Lets get you both home now.”

Sari was in the middle of painting when she got the call from Rhapsody Mello. “Our girls are where?”

“Willow Creek. Arabesque said they hopped on a bus. I’m already on my way to get them. I just didn’t want you to worry.” He sighed heavily. “They won’t be back before the bus gets back from the school. It’s blizzard conditions over there.”

“Thank you, Rhapsody.” Sari got off the phone and went to see if Rhy was home from work yet. They had a punishment to plan.

Devlyn Dragonberry, Dancing Queen.

“Ava, what’d you do to your hair?” Cassi sat next to her sister.

Avalon shrugged. “I wanted to match you and mom. But I couldn’t get it light enough.”

“Mom’s gonna be mad.” Cassi sang.


Lyra loves all her siblings.

“Ava, darling. What are you wearing?” Sari asked, surprised by the bight yellow bear suit.

“The bear is my spirit animal, mom!” Ava’s voice came out muffled by the mask over her head.

Aiya and Cy went to the flea market to try to pick out some furniture for their place. They’ll be moving soon. Aiya have very specific design ideas. Cy, not so much.