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Changes to disability benefits cost £4bn in extra welfare payments
OBR’s figures will boost disability groups’ calls for overhaul of PIP system
By Phillip Inman

The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), the Treasury’s independent forecasting unit, said predictions by the Department for Work and Pensions dramatically under-estimated the costs of rolling out the personal independent payments (PIP) system, which began to replace disability living allowance (DLA) in 2013.

A saving of £2bn was expected by 2018, but that has since been revised to an over-spend by £1.5bn to £2bn, leaving an estimated £4.2bn gap in the public finances.

The figures are expected to bolster calls by disability groups for an overhaul of the PIP system, which has been described as a “vicious attack” on disabled people. MPs on the work and pensions select committee concluded an investigation last year that found the assessments of claimants by private sector contractors to be “shoddy and error strewn”, leading to hundreds of thousands of successful appeals.


Frank Field, who chairs the Commons work and pensions committee, said: “DWP told us PIP would save taxpayers money and introduce a fair, transparent assessment process. Today’s report lays bare that it has achieved neither. PIP will cost a fifth more than the system it replaces: a sorry situation largely thanks to DWP’s failure to cost the reform accurately before bringing it in.

“Far worse, though, is that the PIP assessments are riddled with repeated and serious errors and have caused untold anxiety and misery for far too many of the people who rely on the benefit to live. The cost of those mistakes is also knocked forward into the tribunal system, not back to the contractors who made them.”

That’s exactly what I expected would happen, it is what typically happens under austerity or “welfare reform” policies. The next step rightwingers generally take is using the high costs of the gutted program, which are mostly administrative, as an excuse for further cuts and scapegoating of recipients.

I would not want

to see her now

age will surely

have taken its toll

though she swore

her regimen

held her tight to youth

all the benefits

yet to be seen

& if I could

I would instead

imagine her lying on me

under me

in the early morning

holding on to something

we were sure we had

until life took its toll

I would not want to see

what could not be unseen

beauty thinning

fading golden skin

changing to lace

neil benbow