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A few of the pups! My good pups! My dogs are better than yours... yes the chihuahuas are named Taco, Belle but that wasn't planned Haha. Online tonight at 6!

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Belle-Île-en-Mer, l'escapade bretonne par excellence ⚓ appréciée d'artistes , elle vit depuis principalement du . Quatre constituent le canton de -Île. ➡️

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Our next Patron request this month comes to us from CoreDumpError and Emily! We had a joint request to see the Mercs meet, but maybe not really help, a client pulled into a fairy tale world for Beauty and the Beast. Look, if the mission board says you’re looking for a country girl, you can’t expect them to investigate people in fancy gowns.
Thanks for the suggestion, Emily and Core!
Our Patrons will get this week’s bonus art at full resolution!

anonymous asked:

What are your top 5 Disney princesses and why?

hello dear!❤ 

That’s a wonderful question, thank you! My Top 5 are:

1. Princess Aurora: bc I love her aesthetic, Audrey Hepburn inspired early drawings of her and “Once Upon A Dream” is just beautiful! Aurora & Phillip are my favorite couple/ship/pairing, so it makes sense I absolutely adore her and you probably already guessed from my avatar! I can also relate to sleeping a lot! And (yes, there is more) my fave colours are? - You guessed it! Pink & blue! Although Aurora is the princess with the least screentime, yet with most of her lines sung, not spoken, I can’t help but feel like she’s my favorite.❤

2. Queen Elsa: “Let it go” made me cry so many times. I also love her magic power and the depth of her character. I think she brings an important twist into the classic Diseny Princesses: fear and danger aren’t caused primarily by an antagonist (although there is one of course) but by her own powers. Frozen teaches girls that love is stronger than fear and Elsa teaches them that by embracing your true self, you set yourself free. [I almost started crying while typing that last sentence, so you know I just love her!] ❤

3. Cinderella: bc -once again- the aesthetic, but also bc she teaches a very important lesson! That being soft, friendly and feminine isn’t a weakness. Being a good person and staying positive even in despair takes guts, if you’re asking me. She’s helpful and kind, doesn’t seek revenge on her stepmother/stepsisters, actually forgives them, which becomes pretty obvious in the sequel in which she helps Anastasia to find true love! I am glad that feminist fairytales are teaching that girls are strong and can fight and save themselves - but I think it’s a pitty that -for example in Nikita Gill’s poetry- they do so by changing old fairytales (like Cinderella) into something they’re not, almost as if being wild and a warrior or seeking revenge is the only kind of strenght there is, which of course is just untrue and I think Cinderella is a perfect reminder of the strenght kindness and love hold. ❤

4. Mulan: I loved Mulan since was a child! I still drink out of my Mulan cup when I am sad or sick or.. honestly just feel like it! She’s strong, brave, smart and combines not only skills of a warrior but also her skills as a woman to win a fight! Mulan is a very reliable character - being forced by society’s and her family’s expectations into a place she doesn’t feel comfortable in or like herself. Mulan encourages young girls to be themselves and fight for what they believe in, to protect the people they love. ❤

5. Rapunzel: She’s just so fun! Brave, beautiful, artistic and relatable! The only thing I don’t get? - Why not cut the hair about waist high? It’s not like that would’ve changed anything, it would’ve just looked prettier and I mean.. you know how long it will take to grow that hair back? - Man, she crazy, but she has got some guts! I don’t think I have to explain, why I just love Rapunzel! ❤

Honorable mentions: Belle, Merida, Tiana !!❤

Are we on the same page? What are your Top 5? I hope my choices don’t disappoint you! ❤

Beauty and the Beast

Chapter 6 is up: A Sad Pair

Excerpt: A letter from the Beast

Dearest Belle,

To Belle,

My Love,


I hope I scared you out of your foolish notions. It is my sincere hope that I did not frighten you when we last we spoke. I must admit that it was my intention. It was not my intention. You know not what you do to me.  The subject of our discussion is not an easy topic for me. I envy those you’ve been intimate with. I envy your candid approach to everything. Your openness and modern perception of the world, and of me, is something I aspire for myself. You are easy to talk to most times. Please forgive me. I don’t know what I’d do should you reject me or leave me. I hope I will see you tonight for dinner. I understand if you need more time alone. Though I know I should keep my distance, I cannot help myself.


Yours Always,