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Iphone 6s 16g scelle 149900Fcfa Tel : 773000500/703290000 # galsen221 # instagood

plus que jamais !!! indispensables à la survie intellectuelle des français les lectures contées en vidéos par la plus

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The blur is valid.
Personalized, 0-4 Initial leaves, Belle, Vertical, Rose, Gold, Silver, Rose gold, Necklace, Birthday, Best friends, Gift, Jewellery
Beautiful personalized 0-4 initial leaf vertical rose flower necklace ♥ Color: gold, silver, rose gold ♥ Pendant size: 45mm ♥ Pendant material: brass, 14K gold/ silver/ rose gold plated ♥ 15-20 chain length ♥ Chain material: 14K gold/ silver/ rose gold plated ♥ Treatment: tarnish resistant, nickel

You’re such a beautiful soul

You showed me love like nothing else in this world ever could

You make me a better person, I’m passing my classes and giving a fuck and picking up litter off the ground in hopes that just maybe I can make this world a little better for you

You’re the only certainty in my life, you are for me and I am for you

Nobody has any idea what you and I have, nobody could ever possibly know

The way we fit, there’s nothing else like it

I’ll do anything and everything for you, I’ll give you everything I have and I’ll get it all for us

I want nothing more than for you to be happy and comfortable and trust and love me the way I love you

I’ll build us back up I swear it, we’ll be even better than before

It’ll take time, and it won’t be easy

But you’ve taught me that real love doesn’t come easy

and what we have is certainly real.

please, please don’t give up on us

Happy Super Moon! This was originally going to be in a zine but I have heard no word about it since November so I decided to post it anyway. I sketched this all the way back in November but I finally finished it today. 

Anyway, this is my werewolf oc,Belle with a bunny girl who doesn’t have a name yet but she’s based on the myth of the rabbit in the moon. Take this as a belated valentine’s day art, lol.