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Don't wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any you...

I love being surrounded by my family and places that welcome me and make me feel like home ♡ Thank you for everything , can't wait to be back ! 🇦🇺🐨

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Morning you lovely lot😍I can't believe it's only Wednesday🙄Are you all well? Back to the grind again today although yesterday was absolutely fine at work, I'm easing myself in gently🤣whatever your plans, enjoy your day. Take care and stay safe 💖

"Si nadie te garantiza el mañana el hoy se vuelve inmenso" ~Carlos Monsiváis Buenísimos días, MILER- 🌧

As long as you can laugh at yourself you’ll never cease to be amused.

My son is happy,healthy and thriving ♥️ I have a wonderful marriage and a supportive husband. 💕 Good night! 💕

. Ten years in history. Today I got a reminder from my Facebook of this photo taken back in 2009. That's 10 years ago! 😱 It has been 10 years! Oh my gawd!

🍀🌿☘️ 🍃・° Happiness isn't something you search for .. Its right in front of you :web 🔆Happy Wednesday🔆 🌿 .*・🌵

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5 minute core on the floor is no joke! That plus dynamic strength ✓ Remember, when you first start working out or change it up your body will retain water so it will seem like you gain weight. Don’t let it get you down! It can take 6 weeks before the scale changes but you will feel the results in the way your clothes fit. Measurements are so important!


Here’s that video I was telling tall about, unfortunately I couldn’t attach another vid while I was recording so I had to upload them separately but regardless check this shit out and put some respect on homie😎🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽big up to yourself @fisbanga keep pushing🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽 #realshit #positivevibes #positivity #consciousrap #staywoke #befree #lovelife we don’t need guns we need #love #loveyourself #loveothers and #behappy 😎🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽 #marsnation all that for my area..

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Maybe you’ve decided that you won’t forgive someone who has wronged you. Guess who will be the one to get hurt? You will. Harboring resentment and unforgiveness will hurt you more than the person you’re refusing to forgive. If you want to be healthy and vibrant spiritually, then you must learn to forgive.

#forgiveness #peaceful #lighthearted #behappy #positive #gratefulheart #love #loveyourselffirst

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Without a single weapon or power-hungry thought, Gandhi became one of the most powerful and great leaders that the world has ever known.

So, just what was the method behind Gandhi’s success?

Many believe that it was his stress-free way of life that gave him his strength. Gandhi was known to pray and meditate for hours at a time. Plus, despite his increasingly powerful status with the people, he kept to a life of simple living.

It was this life of extraordinary simplicity that kept him free of the stresses and distractions that preoccupy the majority of us. This allowed him to focus with greater intensity on his goals and passions.