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a year of * 500 CHALLENGE * | | Anna D. Hirsch ~ ~

Good morning,Godmorgen and Ohayou… It is sunny this morning…and it seems to be warm here today…?

Another looked with my lipstick cant wait to try and get this coming mystery box!!!😍🥰❤

An amazing resource introducing beginners to Deluge. Definitely worth using this tool as a new user or developers looking to learn a new language or brush up on some basics.

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Started my journey. Following my first tutorial. Still working on it but here are the results (yes it's a donut I know everyone does a donut but I'm new )

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Would u like to Fuck a h0ttie? ->TAP HERE<-

Hi! So after like a day of reading Thea’s book I found out that I can’t try everything that I want in her book (the exercises) until I’m not at my house. (My family is very Christian and doesn’t support any of this.) And scrolling through tumblr, I found a podcast that someone recommended and decided to try it out. I LOVED IT. It’s called Seeking Witchcraft and oh my god is it amazing. Ashley explains things so well and is really helpful to me. After listening to her first episode I’ve decided to make a tiny altar. I don’t have much to put in it yet, but I’m making it in this box that I have. I have to clean it up and all because it’s where I store my old rock collection lmao. But I’m sure it’ll make a perfect altar away from prying Christian eyes. :)

So far everything has been going amazing. One of the first exercises that I tried in Thea’s book was about energy. You basically run your hands together and then slowly take them apart and try and feel the energy. I definitely felt it. She said people usually feel it in their palms or fingertips and I felt it in my palms. I tried it with my sister but she didn’t feel anything. I’m guessing because she doesn’t believe in it. But that’s okay :) I understand that she has her own beliefs.

Anyways, that’s my update on my journey so far. Have a nice day!


Studyblr time!

Hi there, everyone! I joined tumblr recently and I think that studyblr was the first thing that I discovered. And well, it inspired me sooo much, that I decided to start my own studyblr (or maybe more langblr, since I’m gonna be focused more on learning languages). That’s why I decided to introduce myself a little here

My name is Nadia, I’m 16 years old (well, this year I’m turning 17, but it’s half year ahead of me, so let’s stay with 16) and I’m Polish

I love learning new things, but I procrastinate a lot, so maybe this studyblr will help me to become more organised

I’m currently learning English (for like 14 years I guess) and French (only half a year, but I’m determined to learn it). I was also learning German (6 years, but school made me hate it. Although now, when I don’t have to learn it, I would like to start again) and Spanish (3 years and I know nothing, but I would like to start again someday). Also, in next school year I will start studying Latin (compulsory, but I can’t wait) and maybe if I’ll have time - Russian

I’m a big fan of Harry Potter (ravenclaw here!), Friends, SoC, Darker Shade of Magic and million other things

That’s because I read a lot. Well, maybe not lately, but in general - yeah, a lot

I also love sports - I snowboard, play squash, volleyball (in school’s team). I’m a big fan of Polish volleyball (that’s probably not surprising for anyone who follows volleyball’s world), ski jumping, handball and some other sports, but I usually watch them, not play

I’m very interested in ecology and I hope I make even a small difference. Because of that I’m vegetarian (maybe vegan in the future)

My main account is: @hiitsnadiathere

My goal for this year is to be more organised, learn as much French as possible for me, have good grades at the end of school year, participate in 100 days of productivity, learn more history and be more ecological

I hope that being part of studyblr community will be great and I’ll become at least a little more organised. Also, I hope that someone had actually read this whole post, because it’s super long.

And well, if someone has actually read this whole thing, do you have any tips how to run studyblr? Because it’s still new to me and I would love to become a better part of this community

Untitled #1

This was my first piece of creative writing it’s a bit rough but I still wanted to share it

Looking back I can’t say for sure what they looked like. I can’t say what they were wearing and I did not know their name. To tell the truth I don’t even remember what if they had been a girl or boy. However, I remember their eyes they reflected everything. In those eyes I saw a reflection of the world but it was a better world, a brighter, more hope filled world; like that was all they could see just goodness and beauty. Those incredible eyes, I could have explored every part of them and never found a way out. I remember their voice. So clear and smooth, it rang out and filled every corner of my mind until it was the only sound I could hear. It was a great sound one I can never forget and one I don’t wish to. It was a voice that wrapped around my heart like a string, drawing me closer with every syllable. In one moment the world around me was silent and colorless the only light came from those eyes, the only sound was that voice. Then they were gone and it was as though a wave of cold had struck me. Color and sound slowly dripped back into the world but it was lonelier than it should have been. I wanted nothing more than to go back to that grey, silent place; but I hand no name to speak, no face to search for. My heart led a protest from its place inside my chest. That string of sound had been pulled away slicing through me as it left. My own eyes began to sting, left with no reflections to explore. I know what happened. I had heard stories of this before. I had fallen in love with a soul but knew nothing of the person to whom it belonged.


cont. from my last post.

first: i should say i’m following a tut cause i had no idea where to start.

second: the tut was made way back in 2017 so like i said no chance on help from there/.

honestly i’m just ranting and taking a mini-break before i end up hulk-smashing my monitor…..

Couch potato to 5k

So last week I downloaded an app called 5k runner. It is for people who have never run before, but want to start from the bottom. It is basically running workouts where you walk and run in certain time intervals. At first you start with 1 minute run and 1,5 minute walk and I think it is really wonderful. In the past I have tried to start running several times, but I usually got discouraged so fast! I was always out of breath I didn´t know, what was the right speed or distance and I didn´t like it at all. Now I am looking forward to every run and I can see the progress. I have finished my fifth run today and I feel awesome!

So if you are looking for a motivation to start and something to support yourself I highly recommend downloading this kind of app (there are more of them, but the concept is still the same.)

I really want to run a 5k race in the summer and finish it without walking!


Art #1

So in today’s vent I had mentioned posting my own art, so why not start?

I finished this painting today. I got the inspiration from @muhammedsalah_ on Instagram, I think this is just a reference for a tattoo? Not entirely sure though. So this got me thinking a lot and I said fuck it and came home and drew it on my tiny canvas from Walmart. I used my new watercolors, except not really? I used them as acrylics since I’m still getting used to painting.

So the pictures show one without stars, I changed it because I hated it. I made the lips too thick on one side and then added a random line to the nose on the right so I said, add small details, and that’s the finished product.

Feel free to leave your comments but pls be careful I’m too sensitive. It’s obviously not the same as the original but credit is due where credit is due.