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Dunkirk Tour: the BEF 1940 & the Miracle of Dunkirk Tour, 31 May - 2 June 2019, details:

There are plenty of Battle studies out there, but few hit the mark as well as did with his study of the Ridge operations. I’m going back in for the second time studying one of my favourite brigades in the .

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Our first session of Angell Elementary Entrepreneurs ended with a pizza party. We raised enough money to adopt TWO families and have several pop-up businesses in the works. Thank you for making our club possible. You are the !

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Make your Amazon holiday shopping go the extra mile for a student or teacher by signing into your Amazon account through . Shop as your normally do and Amazon automatically donates a portion of your purchase to the BEF.

: British Expeditionary Force - The Final Advance – September to November #1918 by Andrew Rawson

¿Te preocupa tu patrimonio? Identifica las recomendaciones del al contratar un Seguro de casa habitación

There's STILL time to donate to the challenge set by our friends at ! They are matching up to $500 to help support schools. Special thanks to Bellevue neighbors, and for joining forces with us to better our schools!

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¿Te preocupa tu patrimonio? Identifica las recomendaciones del al contratar un Seguro de casa habitación

The season of giving is upon us, and we can't think of a better gift than a quality education! Donate today at and help us give the students of the tools to succeed beyond the classroom.

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We try some of Ikeas sofa beds #Ikea #sofabed #sofa #bef @ikeasverige @superulfo (på/i IKEA)

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wiersel  asked:

1 and 25 kai cakes

What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?*

uhhhhh bill x pennywise for one and billverly perhaps?

How would you end XXX/Would you change the ending of XXX?

not technically the ending i suppose but i despise the child orgy scene and i think it was very gross and pedophilic for king to write it. it’s esp upsetting to me as a survivor of cocsa. i understand fully that the book was about children doing adult things and having their childhoods stripped away from them, but there’s just some lines you don’t have to cross. the blood ritual scene was enough symbolism as is.


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The lighting wasn’t that great before, so I waited a bit before I took a photo of my WIP of the British Expeditionary Force section from Warlord Games. I plan to use them as Regular Army forces in 1938: A Very British Civil War, and obviously any WW2 games set during the early period.

Since it’s just a basecoat, the painjob is a bit sloppy, but I’ll neaten it up as I go along.

They’re nice models. They’ve got character, and there’s enough variety on them too so it doesn’t look like it’s just an army of clones. After working with plastic for so long, it’s nice to use some metal again.

{Reseña #18} Uncle Bill - Bernardo Fernández, Bef (2015)

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  • Bef, profundo admirador del escritor beat William Burroughs, nos ilustra y relata la vida del autor a través de esta novela gráfica fascinante con un ritmo muy dinámico.
  • Adicionalmente, Bef se toma breves apartados para explicar su vínculo a Burroughs, con reflexiones que le suman un toque personal y enriquecen enormemente el relato.

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Okay bear with me. 😏 I’ve been thinking on another bad end friend. Here are some picks:

Bad end Kenneth (Kenny from South Park)

Bad end Avatar (Aang the last air bender)

Bad end Raven (Raven from teen titans)

That some of the characters I’ve considered doing. I think the concept is fun and even if I don’t make one, I’ll probably write a fanfic for BEF.

(I don’t own any of the shows or characters mentioned in this post)