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Bradford Eid Festival 2018 See you on the 8th and 9th this year

Fans taking a picture with Khaled Siddiq, every year we allow for people to meet the acts after the event in a controlled space

The BEF community enjoying the sun and listening to the live nasheeds last year, the Eid Festival returns this year 8th & 9th June

Truly a fun filled family event, aunties listening to the live Nasheeds last year

decía “La vasta obra de no solo es la educación política de los mexicanos, sino su educación sentimental”. Descubre más sobre Eduardo del Río en la exposición

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Smiles all round as the Eid Festival returns this year, volunteers and guests from last years event

It's and we are here! Come and see to discuss all finance options available for your growing business

And that’s a wrap! and Alejandro Caminos had a great time keeping up with the developments in the at SF’s Economic Forum. Thanks to for a great event!

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With 66 Points and finishing 6th in the league this Man United fan decided he'd cheer himself up and visit the Eid Festival (Joke) Picture taken at the Eid Festival last year

Crowds preparing for the live performances at the Eid Festival last year, similar to last year we have live performances this year taking with something on both Saturday & Sunday

We're taking stall bookings for the Bradford Eid Festival taking place on the 8th and 9th June at Bradford Moor Park. Call us on 07578888779 for further info

El te proporciona las del sector Sociedades Financieras Populares, chécalas.

Este domingo 20.15 / lunes 21.45 (hora Bogotá-Quito-Lima) cita con el escritor y dibujante mexicano 📺 Una entrevista muy especial, disponible también en YouTube

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Biggest Eid Festival in the North of England Sat 8 & Sun 9 June 2019 12pm - 8pm Huge Funfair, Bigger than ever Bazaar, Food Court, Children's Activities, Live Nasheeds on Sun+ Live Qawali Saturday

El te proporciona las del sector Sociedades Financieras Populares, chécalas.

📣A quick hello from hotel in New York as we’re on our way to . On May 7th, we took part in the 2nd day of BEF in San Francisco. We were one of the speakers during the panel list related to the Use Cases. We also had a lot of interesting chats with investors!

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Our CEO will be at the Blockchain Economic Forum in New York from tomorrow! We will be going in to detail on data security, payment systems and much more:

BEF 2019

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Characters I rp as!

Alright! Before we get into this I have one rule! No NSFW! I am perfectly ok with romance but absolutely no nsfw!!


  • Mei!

Bad End Friends

  • Mother Widow

Total Drama

  • Zoey
  • Dawn


  • Rose
  • Jade
  • Terezi

More will be added as time goes on


We try some of Ikeas sofa beds #Ikea #sofabed #sofa #bef @ikeasverige @superulfo (på/i IKEA)

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wiersel  asked:

1 and 25 kai cakes

What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?*

uhhhhh bill x pennywise for one and billverly perhaps?

How would you end XXX/Would you change the ending of XXX?

not technically the ending i suppose but i despise the child orgy scene and i think it was very gross and pedophilic for king to write it. it’s esp upsetting to me as a survivor of cocsa. i understand fully that the book was about children doing adult things and having their childhoods stripped away from them, but there’s just some lines you don’t have to cross. the blood ritual scene was enough symbolism as is.


👌 @benicassimelectronic.
Y hoy a por @facedownassupcrew.

#dj #deejay #b2b #BEF #Benicàssim #disco #electronic #Zaragoza #SweetDrinkz #FDAU (en BEF Benicàssim Electrònic Festival)

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Brainpower, Ch. 5

Previous chapter

The rest of the meetings went swimmingly on both ends. Jeff and Cor split up the rest of the men into tasks they would be well-suited for. Ash was going to work in the castle, which wasn’t the most ideal place for someone with a doctorate degree. Still, Jeff would be able to keep an eye on him. Some of the men were put on custodial duty. Cor thought they could practice cleaning up after their species now, so he let all of them assigned to that position out of their pods.

They actually did a pretty good job. Jeff did notice one thing, however. Even though these custodians were free from most of the aliens’ control, their eyes still glowed white, with no visible irises. It was a bit freaky to talk to them at first, but Jeff quickly got over it.

A couple days passed, and the ship had finally arrived at Bef. The landing team got ready, and they started to separate men out of their pods into specific groups, that would be taken away for their tasks. The palace had their own group, and Jeff made sure Ash was next to him. They then exited the ship. Cor had alerted his guards that Jeff was not a threat, yet, and so they didn’t respond when a human with irises exited the spaceship. He traveled up front with the King to his castle, which overlooked the planet’s main city.

“I would tell you its name, but since you can’t pronounce the planet’s itself, you can call it Homeworld.”

Jeff thought that was a ripoff of Steven Universe, but he was just excited he didn’t have to know another complex name. Cor escorted Jeff to his room. He was given a hand-picked bodyguard, so he naturally chose his father, Ash. 

Once the door was closed, Ash went over to close it, and then said, “Jeff, help me!”

“Dad! What the fuck? What do you need help with?”

“I can fight the effects, but it’s ‘huff’ tough. Can you fix it?”

“Cor said it was something in the atmosphere.” Jeff didn’t know that that was an utter lie. 

“Well, can you talk to him, ‘pant’, and see if there’s a cure?”

“Sure, Dad. I’ll get right on that.”

Meanwhile, Cor was in a meeting with the High Council.

“King Corianiolaus, what is the reasoning for bringing a non-doctrinated human male to our planet?”

“He has provided some new insight on our use of our men for their various jobs. He has been very helpful, but his time will be up very shortly.”  There was then a knock on the door.

“Hello, King Cor? It’s Jeff. Can we talk.”

“In a moment,” announced Cor. He motioned for the Council to leave, and then opened the door. “Hello, Jeffrey. What do you need?”

“So, I heard from my dad that some men can fight the atmospheric demands of their conscious.”

“Is that true?”

“Fuck yeah! I wanted to ask if there was a way to cure them completely, or if I could get to working on that.”

“Yes, come with me. I’ll bring you to my science department.” As Cor escorted Jeff away, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He had never noticed any men actively resisting. The only problem was that the device used to ensure the men was now deactivated DNA in their bodies. Nothing Cor and any scientist could do would reactivate it. They passed by Ash on the way to the lab.

He watched as his son was taken away from him, not knowing the real reason why. Jeff and Cor continued walking, until they reached a room at the end of a long hallway. It had murdery vibes coming off from it, but Jeff naïvely assumed that the scientists wanted to work in peace and quiet. It was only when the door opened to reveal a room covered with screens that Jeff put two and two together.

“You’re being indoctrinated, Jeffrey,” announced Cor, with a smirk on his face.

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{Reseña #18} Uncle Bill - Bernardo Fernández, Bef (2015)

◘ Trama:

  • Bef, profundo admirador del escritor beat William Burroughs, nos ilustra y relata la vida del autor a través de esta novela gráfica fascinante con un ritmo muy dinámico.
  • Adicionalmente, Bef se toma breves apartados para explicar su vínculo a Burroughs, con reflexiones que le suman un toque personal y enriquecen enormemente el relato.

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