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It's more than a drink... It's a way of life!

No plans for tonight? Start the weekend with live DJ set by DJ LuiJack (from 10PM to 2AM), our delicious cocktails and cold draft beer! 🎧

with a signature nutty and fragrance, the Kai Pen is a specialty in northern . river are gathered, seasoned, and left to dry under the sun. Often served fried with a dip, they're great to go with chilled local !

★✴︎店休のお知らせ✴︎★ * 明日(7/20)と明後日(7/21)の土日は 終日お休みとさせていただきます。。 ** ご来店を予定していたお客様、大変申し訳ございません💦 *** さて!今日は金曜日ですっ!! 涼しい店内で美味しいお酒をご用意してお待ちしております!

A great beer for Oregon, since it rains so much and we always get caught in the rain... @oldtownbrewingco

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You will want to stop by during . They will be serving cold and great eats by @fatchoito from 12pm-6pm. Then enjoy from 6pm onwards. See you on July 27th! 🍻🥢🍲 . . . 📷 by

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Amazon UK adds Dash buttons for beer and batteries

It’s already pretty easy to find and purchase products on Amazon, thanks to a wide array of apps and additional hardware like the Echo and grocery scanner. However, Dash buttons make things even simpler. Fix one to the fridge and every time you run out of your favourite home product, hit the button and it’ll instantly re-order what you’re after. In the US, the program is already two years old and spans over 250 different products, but in the UK, where the program isn’t yet a year old, things are a little more sparse. That changes somewhat today with the addition of 20 new products that range from batteries and beer, to coffee and vitamins.

Amazon’s expanded selection includes major brands like Duracell, Glade, Heineken, Mentos, Mr. Muscle, Tassimo, Wellman and Wellwoman (full list below). Like the buttons that preceded them, they cost £4.99 but Amazon says it will refund the same amount after their first press, essentially making them free.

As part of its announcement, Amazon also confirmed what Brits have been dying to re-order. Toilet paper is the most popular Dash button to date, no doubt pleasing Andrex, with Finish dishwasher tablets and Ariel washing capsules coming in second and third. At least now alcohol, mints and additional coffee pods have been added to the line-up, you might be able to enjoy some of the things you buy, rather than just using them to keep on top of chores.

Full list: Aquarian, Dad’s Root Beer, Duracell, Eukanuba, Glade, Heineken, Hycell, IAMS, Joseph Joseph, Kiwi, L'Or, Mentos, Mr. Muscle, Perfect Fit, Perfectil, Regina, Scott, Tassimo, Wellman, Wellwoman.

Alt-week 9.22.12: Quantum Scotch tape, moving walls and scientific beer

Alt-week peels back the covers on some of the more curious sci-tech stories from the last seven days.

Sometimes, here at, we’re literally on the bleeding edge of technology. We get to explore concepts and ideas that are almost nebular in nature. Not this week though, where there’s a distinct utilitarian aroma in the air. The glittery overcoat of future science is replaced by the rolled-up sleeves of good old-fashioned engineering. A bit of sticky tape, a proof of concept omnidirectional bike and a hardware matrix wall. After all that, you’ll probably want a beer to wash it down with. Fortunately for you, it’s all here. This is alt-week.

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The Pongbot makes beer pong actually challenging

If you ever went to a party in college, chances are you’ve played beer pong. You throw a ball into a cup filled with beer, and a successful shot means your opponent has to take a drink. It’s a way to make drinking a bit more social and competitive. It’s also not something you do past a certain age – maybe because of the frat house association, but also because it’s not that hard. It’s not supposed to be, given that the point is to get drunk. The Pongbot, a $40 device hitting Kickstarter today, shakes things up by making those beer-filled tumblers a moving target. You might not get drunk as fast, but you’ll definitely feel the high of increased competition.

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Bill Gates: philanthropist, nerd, beer baron

Being the shrewd businessman that he is, Bill Gates has just invested a significant amount of money in one of the few products consumed during both good times and bad: alcohol. Actually Femsa, the Mexican brewery in which Gates now owns a $392 million stake through his Cascade Investment LLC fund, does a lot more than just brew booze: according to Reuters, it’s also the world’s second-largest Coke bottler as well as operator of Oxxo, Latin America’s largest convenience store chain. When asked how he felt about the Microsoft founder moving in on his home turf, fellow billionaire Carlos Slim reportedly shrugged off the threat, boasting, “Not only am I a wealthier man than Mr. Gates, but he couldn’t even make it through half a Power Hour with his nueva cerveza.” Read more