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That’s my boy! Penguin bounces back, shots may have been involved

nice touch on the barcode from the guys at & 👌🏼 two hundred fathoms is a damn fine stout - rich, deep and treacley, probably the nicest barrel aged stout I've had 🥃❤️🍺 10% - exercise caution

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Hoptimized 6A de la brasserie Demoersleutel 6,5% Nez: houblon, fruits tropicaux, pêche, litchi, fleurs, pin, caramel Bouche: houblon, agrumes, pêche, litchi, pin, caramel, amertume, légère sécheresse C'est fruité, ça reste en bouche, c'est très bon !

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As a P&L leader having moved offices/teams open secret is sq ft $ and 📈 clusters of young west of ; obligates looking west. You’d be surprise # of mom/dad drinking away from

Come grab a with us on the patio of Long Table Brewhouse , you'll find our there from 4-8 today! Photo courtesy of Long Table Brewhouse

Introducing "We’re proud of our craft, integrity and quality. But we’re not afraid to break the rules to produce something that breaks the mould. Here’s to good, honest, beer. Beer worth howling for..." LOVE IT 🍺  

*LIVE* It's day 41 on the sub server, the horde base is half repaired. Guess we better get to it :P 7 Days to Die is live now. Come scream and summon some zombies!

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Join to celebrate the #holidays in #NewYorkNewYork with one of our many spectacular heart warming soirées. Enjoy live #music delicious #food, #wine and tasty #cocktails. These events sell fast so grab your tickets today.
Some go in on a #beer and some go for a #glass of #champagne. Some hit the #dance floor while others lounge and #network. It’s #NYC so #NewYork the #bigapple so anything can happen from #celebrity sightings to #hiphop royalty. Bring your #rnb swag cus your #instagram is about to get #lit with the #picoftheday #photograph. Take it as a regular high #fashion day in #Manhattan, #Brooklyn, #Bronx, #Queens or #StatenIsland. It’s soul stepping for an uptown #Harlem to downtown #Wallstreet crowd. men & #women

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Cape May’s City to Shore Double IPA on tap at Capone’s in Norristown, PA. A 3 of 4. Hazy and juicy, with lots of tropical fruit in the nose. The body is juicy and has a thicker creaminess to it, with very little bitterness or alcohol poking out. Lots of candy-like fruit sweetness in the body, and while decently well-balanced, is on the sweeter side of things for a DIPA.

Our craft beer tasting starts tonight at 5 pm with an optional craft beer food pairing for only $19. We hope to see you soon!
*1st Wave Break IPA paired with Tapenade - Fried capers, roasted red pepper aioli, grilled pita
*2nd Citrus Pale Ale paired with Salmon Slider - Pickled onion, arugula, grape
*3rd Kellebier Lager paired with Clams - White beans, bacon, Dijon, modica
*4th Black German Lager paired with Carne Tacos - Mole, queso fresco, radish, jalapeño
*5th Breakfast Stout paired with Maple Mousse - Toasted oat crumble