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Hey Hutghis at the Nook, we are loving the sign! We're ready for April 4th at the Hutghis on the Nook von Trapp Can Release Party! Visit the Facebook Events page for more upcoming von Trapp Brewing events. Prost!

We’re so much more than a sign shop! We can do everything from business cards to large outside signs. In this case, these custom tap handles from turned out fantastic! 🍻 🍻

Japan's Whiskey Is Some Of The World's Best -- But What About Japanese Craft Beer?

The Euro 2020 qualifiers continues tonight and we’re showing it live on our projector screen! 7:45pm Republic of Ireland v Georgia

Tuesday To Do List: Get to Salt Dogs, Drink a few cold ones, drink some more, get bevvied, pull a sicky tomorrow 😎🍻🙌 FREE classic hotdog with your beer 5-8pm! . .

Go beyond just normal Thursdays at 6:30pm with at as you test your knowledge over a few brews. Win gift certifcates of $25 for 1st, $15 for 2nd & $3 for bonus rounds!

Thank you to for the informative and entertaining tour! If you’re looking for a new to try, I highly recommend their collection! They source products, donate to children’s hospitals, and give back to the community.... plus... the beer is great! 🍻

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Cold, cold beer , don’t you ever worry, I am right here , never live without you, dont care what I amount to no, talkin’ bout cold, cold beer, don’t you ever worry I’m right here, i could never live without you

Wicks Brewing Company is a microbrewery in Riverside, California. There are 26 taps; 9 of them are Wicks craft and the remaining from other craft breweries along with a cider. In addition, bottled beer and wine is available.

I sampled their Best Coast, a west coast IPA; Tiny Little Dinosaurs, a classic American IPA; Bard’s Song, a brown ale with roasted pecans; and Mowgli, a porter. Best Coast is straw yellow with an amazing light and drinkable tone for its style. Tiny Little Dinosaurs appears an orange amber and has a beautiful watery dank, resin mouthfeel, and a pine finish. Bard’s Song is dark, malty, roasted with pecan notes, and has a refreshing water quality. Mowgli is a quality, straightforward porter.

I got a pint of their New England IPA, NERD Reynolds. Pineapple has a domineering taste to the body. Mango is juicy and smoothens the complexion. Hops texture the mouthfeel and harmonize with the tropical fruit.

Wicks Brewing Company has great beer and an establishment with excellent service for a restaurant and microbrewery. The selection of food does not have a lot of options for vegetarians and vegans, but you can request accommodation. Off of the 91 freeway at La Sierra, Wicks is perfectly located to make a stop from a long commute. If you get stuck in traffic (which happens often), it is a good place to make a stop while you wait for it to die down.

Cheers. Prost. Drink for the love of beer.