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hmm i actually have quite a few harpy au sketches its just a matter of finishing them…..also watercolor brushes i forgot i had!

This isn’t a game

Sometimes I want

to crawl

under my bed

and hide

from the world.

Like that little girl

I used to be,

playing hide-n-seek.

Hoping that

they’re still looking

for me,


if I’ll be found,

but also

hoping that

I’m not

found, that I

have found the

best hiding spot.

I’m still

not sure,

if when I hide

I want to be

cared enough about

to be looked for,

or if I want

to be left

to disappear.

The only difference

between now

and then,

is that

it’s not “when

I reveal myself,”

but “if.”

This week’s goals

Monday and Tuesday: 1200kcal

Wednesday and Thursday: 1000kcal

Friday and Saturday: 800kcal

After binging the past… forever, I’m ready to be in control again. Please please please wish me luck and if you want an accountability buddy, hmu.

‘The Window Pane’, from Timeless Meeting

“To bed, to bed: a storm is brewing.

Three natural wonders—thunder, lightning, rain—

Test our togetherness. The window pane,

Regaling us with vistas of forked lightning,

Grants our mortality fair warning;

And every stroke reminds us once again

How soon true love curves round to its beginning.”

[Robert Graves]


Hi um I’m new to this even tho I’ve been on tumblr for years and well in October it’ll be a year since I started losing weight. I am 5ft and I was 10st 8lbs (151 lbs) and am now 7st 12bs (110lbs) but now I fear I’ve developed something scary and I don’t know what to do. I just want to feel good in myself and not want to hide away all the time and cover up.

Edit: My dms are always open to new people


Finished ‘The R.L. Stine Collection’ and I actually preferred the first story compared to the other two ones as the two main characters in them were just cheating on their boyfriend/girlfriend, which I didn’t like at all. :/ My next read is the sequel ‘Pages & Co: Tilly And The Lost Fairytales’ by Anna James that I got on Thursday because I already preordered it on August, so I can’t to read it. :D