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Another sleeping cat 🐱💤❤

🌈"Thank you so much for my daughters bed, cant wait to see her little face in the morning" As Seen on TV! 👸5* Star Trust Pilot 👸Delivery across the UK 👸Established for over 5 Years

Cuando laves tu lencería de cama, antes de iniciar asegúrate que el jabón o detergente este bien mezclado con el agua. 💦

From a fat loss perspective, sleep deficiency is associated with an increase in calorie consumption and a decrease in activity and exercise levels, which will ultimately lead to fat gain over time. 😞🛌👀👉

Each bedroom features a huge superking bed, complete with comfy matress, goosedown bedding and soft Egyptian Cotton sheets.

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I avoided a hangover binge today!!

I thought that once I was left home alone with nothing to do except watch TV and stuff my face, that I was in for.

But today I managed to focus on my wellbeing and found other things to make me feel good - having a bath, reading with a coffee, tidying and making the place look nice. I managed to remember that binging will just make me feel worse.

I did a fairly balanced shop; I bought some pitta chips and hummus, but also edamame beans. I also made noodle soup for dinner. I probably snacked on too much bread but I’m happy with how I managed to fight my BED demon today.

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