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شقة مليانة الوان - الشقة المبهجة
اكتر شقة مبهجة في العالم - ديكوراتها مكلفة لكن تستاهل
Tiger in Window

        Morning of December 17, 2006. Sunday.

        Dream #: 14,738-01. Reading time: 18 sec. Readability score: 72.

        I partially wake (within my dream) to see a tiger sitting in the window, on the sill (east wall), at our present address. (The spatial orientation is wrong, as a tiger could certainly not fit in the window in reality.) It does not move from its place. Beyond are details of trees, which is incorrect, as there should be a porch. My conscious self awareness is present, but I do not consider the possible threat.

Each Night (The Rest of My Life)

I like the sound of your farts,

Helps me sleep through the night.

I like the breeze that they make,

Hits my leg just right.

I like the smell that goes on

Throughout the room in a rage,

I like how in my dreams

They turn each silly old page.

I like how warm that they feel

As you sleep next to me,

I like how young that I feel

When I laugh at each squeeze.

I like how some wake you up,

You blush and say that it ain’t ladylike,

But, God, I’d smell all the funk

Each night the rest of my life.


—Nelson O. Gutierrez


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