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Becky Lynch

He said one of us need to ask out Becky lynch lol lynch

Bir tarafta Lynch ve . Diğer tarafta ise ve . Bu iki takımın karşılaşmasını kim kazanacak? Bu ve daha fazlası 'de.

My Beautiful Princess💁 And 's Beautiful best Friends The👑 Queen # 👧Charlotte _flair Best Friend ForEver I hope You Like Char❤Lynch My heart Beats ❤❤❤❤ u

The signs I had last night.#100% Lass kicker # Straightfire SD Live 1st ever SD Live blue brand women's champion. Lynch.

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dating jealous becky lynch headcanon —

Originally posted by jimdrugfree

- when becky gets jealous, all hell breaks loose

- she gets extremely possessive and really clingy

- she makes sure she’s around when the person that made her jealous is around

- death glares everywhere

- extra pda (such as handholding, excessively calling you ‘baby’, small makeouts in between matches epsicially if they’re near by)

- becky would act like she likes the person but as soon as you look away, she’ll glare at them and mouth ‘mine!’

- she would sit next to you at events or during catering or just at anytime, just so everyone knows you’re hers

- her introducing you as her girlfriend to them but almost aggressively

“This is my girlfriend, Y/N.”

- when you get home, you question her about it and she’ll try to change the subject until she wants to get it off her chest

“I just don’t like when she touches you and all. You’re mine and only mine. I was just sorta’ jealous, ya know.”

“Becks, I love you. I don’t like her that way. You’re my girlfriend.”

- when you call her ‘Becks’, she immediately relaxes

- cuddles afterwards where she holds you close and tells you that she loves you and apologizes for getting jealous and promises to try and not to get jealous again

Alright time for another letter to WWE.

Dear WWE, I get it, you’re struggling lately. Creative isn’t as good as what it was back in the day and now that we have done away with the extreme sexist skits such as bra and panties match, divas stripping for the pleasure of a single male superstar, divas in only manager roles, mud fights, and the term “diva”, you are LOST as what to do with the women. This all may have started when you had a MAN, win the first women’s mitb. That rubbed us the wrong way, and then just re-did the whole match which didn’t make it better but still. You were doing good with HIAC match between Sasha and Charlotte, Elimination chamber match, royal rumble match, then somewhere y’all got lost. And now, we have had stale storylines, back to maybe one to two matches a show for the women, and again INCONSISTENCY. If you want to have a real evolution you gotta include women other than Sasha and Charlotte (no discredit to them, Ladies you guys KILL IT!). Becky, Naomi, Bayley, Alexa, ember, Asuka and all the other women superstars DESERVE BETTER AND MORE! Not just with matches but more opportunities. You only have two championships within the entire Wwe main roster. They’re should be more, such as the long discussed women’s tag team titles, I’m sure with the right minds you can come up with other championship title names for the women, (not meaning badly named championship titles either) bottom line, THE WOMEN DESERVE BETTER! There have been talks of a potential all women ppv event, I hope that if you to go through with the plans, you execute the plans well and do not half ass it. Again, do better with the women, these are the women I and many other fans who are girls look up to and we want to see more for them.

Sincerely, a concerned member of the WWE universe.

Addition: it would also help if we had more women superstars but, what can ya do 🤷🏽‍♀️

After the Night, a CharLynch fic

Summary: One night was all it took to test their friendship. But perhaps it wasn’t meant to be just that. 


The first time I noticed something different between us, it was early in the morning and I had just woken up, alone in a bed. At least, I thought I was alone.

I looked around me, trying to get a bearing on my surroundings, but I was lost. I sat there thinking, where did the night gone? And where the hell am I? I tried to gather my thoughts, but they had escaped me for some reason. I felt only a thin sheet of warmth cover my naked body. On top of that I was having a raging headache. Perfect, I thought. I must have had a lot to drink last night and decided to have some fun. In that moment, I was hoping and praying it didn’t bite me in the ass later. But I’d soon find out what its repercussions were…

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