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Have to thank you You just made another career A female version of 💝💝💝

What is going on with Everything is mental! is now in catering. Lynch is hugging Bryan vs I got nothing but this...

The 🐐, THE BEST woman, THE BEST champion. Becky Lynch is the damn show! >ronda

WWE Evolution RESULTS: Ronda Rousey beats Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch and Charlotte stand out

Becky Lynch is doing amazing as a heel and wwe better keep her as a heel ❤️ She will be forever be champ!!

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Have I ever seen a more radiant smile before Becky’s?

N o p e .

Me thinking about how hard Becky’s worked since her NXT days to get to this point and become The Man and how palpable her frustration was during the Day Of video that WWE released and how the most unlucky and unfortunate botch gave us the most iconic Becky Lynch moment but kept her from main eventing one of the Big 4 ppv’s


Ronda locks Charlotte in the arm bar. Charlotte refuses to give up, but can’t break the hold. The pain gets worse and worse. The referee is begging Charlotte to just give up. She won’t. Can’t give up when she’s fighting for Becky. Eventually, Charlotte passes out from the pain. Ronda’s hand is raised in victory. Becky’s music hits and she comes running out. Immediately gets right in Ronda’s face and they lock into a staredown, before Becky turns to Charlotte. Who is awake now but laying on the mat in pain. Becky walks over to Charlotte and holds her hand out. Becky helps her stand, and they walk out together, Becky’s arm wrapped tight around Charlotte’s waist to hold her up.