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This girl is on fire - Bringing the summer heat with a smile is HRH 💃🏽✨✨@duchesss_stephanie ☀️🔥 I know it's a bit early but I can dream can't I? . . . . . .

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.. . . Photo and edit by @john_stenberg_photography model @alt_lady_decay headpeice @halobyvivekagren bindis by "CREATIVE RANGE" #

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Đầu tháng, đầu tuần chăm chỉ đi làm, enjoy cuộc sống vậy 😌

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Like most twenty-somethings, I have gone through a variety of phases in my life. Going into detail on them would take years, but these phases have made me who I am. When I was seventeen, an acquaintance (now close friend) described me as “farming barbie”. My farm upbringing was overshadowed by showing up to a horse barn for my first day of work with french tips and a face full of too much, too dark make up. Like many teenage girls, I feel into a drastic black hole in which the right make-up, the right dress size, the perfect hair, etc. was what I needed to fit in. Boy was I wrong!

​I started out as a chubby middle/jr high schooler who would not brush her hair and evolved to a size two bleach blond who wore too much make up and walked on egg shells, doing things just because others wanted me too and lacking the self confidence I needed to become myself.  With the help of a core group of friends, my now husband, growing in my relationship with God, and many hours of self reflection, enter Farbie. 

To me, Fabrie represents the meshing of my past, my present, and my future. I like to think of her as Farming Barbie’s older, wiser, more confident sister. Instead of dressing up for others, she dresses up for herself. Instead of being skinny for others, she now is focused on being fit for herself. She learned the proper amount of make up to wear and when it was time to put on a dress. She still knows how to throw on a pair of jeans and get some grease in her hair, but she always makes sure that hair is brushed and healthy.

It is my hope that this blog can bring some faith, fun, and insight into your life. It ties together the pillars of my life and throws in a healthy dose of realism: God, books, horses, and fitness.


PS Bonus points if you get the above reference <3


‚Fractured Beauty’
First picture with my beautiful model at @swisscreativemakeupcontest
Photo and Artwork by @julieboehm_artist
The beauty we see is an illusion, an interaction of order and chaos. (Order: ordered geometric arrangement of the diamante surfaces, chaos: irregular, seemingly chaotic appearance of the refractions.)
The visual appearance, however, is only a fragment of reality - broken light - to recognize the true nature of things requires more than just looking at the radiant surface

#caustics #fracturedbeauty #makeupcontest #beautyshot #ringlight #beautyface #fractured #diamondpainting #travelmakeup #creativemakeup #julieboehmart #rubin (hier: Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern)

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