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The best beauty and skincare tips

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What’s your best skin care tip or hack?! We love adding essential oils to face masks to maximise the benefits for the skin! Let us know yours in the comments…

Great book! Also, my nails are no mess, no dry time awesomeness! Get BOGO French tips but hurry! This offer is closing soon!

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❄️My Best WINTER💄#beautytip & #beautyhack has to be my💋5 Minute Face by @arbonne with this cute bun head beanie 👑! Hair brush not required lol
Thank god for #arbonnemakeup 🙏
Cleaner Greener More Ethical Beauty Health & Wellness General
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❄️My Best WINTER💄#beautytip & #beautyhack has to be my💋5 Minute Face by @arbonne with this cute bun head beanie 👑! Hair brush not required lol
Thank god for #arbonnemakeup 🙏
Cleaner Greener More Ethical Beauty Health & Wellness #missmidamerica #missecointernational #beautyqueen #effortlessbeauty 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
🌱Botanically Based
🐰cruelty free
🍍Vegan 👉🏻swipe right for befor and after shots #nofilter #timelapsevideo •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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This is a quick glimpse into how I tint my eyebrows. My friend introduced me to using mustache and beard dye to tint them. No, It doesn’t last weeks especially if you have a heavy skin care routine like mine but it lasts a good amount of days and reduces time spent filling in brows and is a cheaper alternative to paying for it to be done. And the box can last for quite a few rounds of dyeing since you’re only dyeing a small section. For me doing my brows is the longest part of my makeup routine. I use Just For Men mustache and beard dye in Dark brown. And that shade works just fine for me. You don’t need to use as much as the box tells you To use because you’re dyeing a smaller portion. The box also says to keep it on for 5 mins but I do 20-30 honestly because 5 showed 0 results for me. Make sure you scrub with a shampoo when you’re done. Thoroughly. It fades over time so I do this maybe even once a week if I can remember. I have patches in my brows and areas that don’t fully connect so this is a great way to create an illusion of fullness. Let me know below if you have any further questions below. 👇🏽👇🏽
Ps- I’m over due for a Naired face 😩 lol
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I impulsively decided to get myself lash extensions but before I committed, I did a little research before getting the procedure done but everything was definitely not what I expected. So here’s what you need to know before committing yourself to this high maintenance piloka life:

If you’re unwilling to be inconvenienced, this is not for you

Pretty eyelashes come with a user’s manual. You can’t wet your lashes for a day after the procedure, you have to clean your lashes, you can’t rub your eyes, etc. Plus, it’s such a hassle to do your skincare routine and take a shower without touching your lashes because they’re fragile and might fall off. BUT they fall off anyway like your natural lashes which leaves bald spots that are not cute so you’ll have to get a retouch (if you want keep your lashes) after 2-3 weeks.

Eyelash glue hurts like shit.

It’s hard enough that you have to lay still for at least an hour while somebody is poking hairs to your lash line with your eyes closed, the adhesive has to run down eyes and be a bitch. IT BURNS. It feels like getting shampoo in your eyes but you can’t wash it off because, going back to #1, you can’t wet your lashes after the procedure so you’ll have to wait blindly for a while and maybe cry a little before the adhesive dries up and you can see clearly again. 

There are TONS of eyelashes to choose from, it’s addicting

When you think there are only long and short lashes, think again. There are varying thickness, curls, and colors too. It’s overwhelming. Sucks for people with glasses though because they can’t get the really long, diva-ish ones because it’ll touch their glasses. 8-10 mm lashes would be pretty enough though, 10 being the longest because anything more than that would just be a disaster. Unless you decide to stop wearing your glasses and stick to contact lenses instead.

Now that you know what you’re getting into, let’s move on.

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Mini Life/Beauty Hack.
This is the best skincare for my skin. I love it. It’s made my skin so much better. And I was coming to the end of my tube, me being very fussy I knew there was a bit I couldn’t get out. So I cut it open with a pair of scissors and found a fair amount left. Just a tip from me to you to get the most out of your tubed products. I’m quite impressed with myself. Spreads it a lot longer ensuring you get the best value for money. This is premium product, it has lasted me way over 6 weeks this tube morning and night time use. You need a small blob. #beautyhack #younique #makingadifference #greatvalue #makingthemostofit #lifehack #skincare #queen #royalty

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Its a pain in the ass when you wear glitter then think how am I gunna get this off without getting it all over my face! So I tried sellotape and it worked!
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Repost @popsugarbeauty
DIY this adorable lava lamp lip gloss with @kirbiejohnson
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Weekend #BeautyHack with Lizette from (#InYourFace @theanniewarhall) (at Zoe’s Beauty Products Salon & Spa)

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Beauty Hack: Cleansing Make-Up Brushes

Make-up brushes and sponges get super gross over time. Foundations, powders, concealers, and facial oils build up and clog applicators causing skin irritations and blemishes. Even worse, having a ton of different products on your applicators can cause uneven distribution of make-up or color mixing that can alter your desired look! Have you ever accidentally put on light eyeshadow with a brush that was last used for a dark shadow? THE HORROR.

Washing your brushes and sponges is super easy and you can do it as frequently as you wish.I recommend at least once a month. While there are tons of brush shampoos and cleansers out there for your purchasing pleasure, all the ingredients you need can be found right in your house! Two things, an oil and a cleanser are all that’s required. The oil can be anything - I recommend olive oil or coconut oil. The cleanser needs to be something fairly gentle so I recommend a clarifying shampoo or a face wash that lathers.

1. Fill a small container about half way with hot water
2. Mix in 1 tbsp of cleanser
3. Mix in 1 tbsp  of oil
4. Put your brushes, brush side down into the mixture and swirl around
5. Leave your brushes in the mixture for about an hour - so that the build up can breakdown
6. Under warm water, rinse your brushes one by one, brush side down, adding extra cleanser if necessary until the water runs clear - the build up should come off easily - do not rub bristles too much as this could cause them to shed or stick out in different directions once dry
7. Lay your rinsed brushes out on a flat surface to dry

1. Add ½ a tbsp of oil to the sponge
2. Add ½ a tbsp of cleanser to the sponge
3. Under warm water, rub the mixture into the sponge and squeeze till the water runs clear

Ta-da! Brand new brushes! Your face will thank you!

Pro-tip: Wash your brushes/sponges over the weekend or at night so they have time to dry!


Really frustrated that Buzzfeed hasn’t gotten back to me for my genius beauty hacks. #beautyhack #cramqueen #makeuptutorials

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Using a clean sock as a beauty blender? 😱😱😱 This gives beauty on a budget a whole new meaning, would you try it?
🎥 - @mayratouchofglam #regram #alittlekiran #makeupvideo #beautyhack #beautyblenderhack

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Hair Hack: Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is amazing for cooking and better yet, beauty treatments! Coconut oil can be used for a combination of hair treatments like reviving dry ends, moisturising the scalp, which can also help with dandruff, help hair growth and sooo many more. You can mix in certain essential oils to boost the results as well! 

I’ve used Spiral Food’s Organic Coconut Oil recently by itself as a deep conditioning treatment. Although it is used for cooking my mum said It’s perfectly fine as a hair treatment too! I found that a large tablespoon of coconut oil was able to cover all of my hair. I massaged it in from the ends to my roots because my roots were dry but decided to do it all over. Ive been having dandruff problems for weeks now and my anti-dandruff shampoo wasn’t doing anything but still used it when I washed my hair like normal after having the coconut oil in for around an hour. When I brushed through my hair I was surprised because my 98% of my dandruff had cleared up! AND my hair felt a little thicker as well. With the benefit of my ends feeling less dry.

One down side is that you really need to wash your hair thoroughly. I didn’t wash out the oil well enough because a few hours later I realised my hair had dried but my roots were still oily, so I had to wash my hair a second time. 

I’ve used the coconut oil as a deep conditioning treatment on my hair a few times now and the ends of my hair are feeling less dry, my hair feels thicker and my dandruff is all gone! So happy! Although, I don’t recommend using coconut oil twice in a row on your roots as they’ll get greasy/ oily quicker. A lesson I’ve now learnt. So I definitely am a coconut oil lover now and there are so many benefits from using it and you don’t have to limit it to hair! Hope you enjoyed this hair hack post. (Also, I was thinking that if this post gets 5+ notes I’ll do a post on the different treatments you can do with coconut oil!) 

Lailaababyy ♡ xx