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If it's mid-December, you know it's also Season. With that in mind, the first of the season drops Wednesday, along with this year's first installment of One-Timers. Make sure to read 'em both and get your hockey fix before heading out to the rinks 🏒

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Just Pinned to Makeup by Kristina: THE UGLY TRUTH: All About My Life. One Makeup Artist Struggle to Success.

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Africa is nature, the soul of beauty, and the purity of divinely flawlessness ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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true love

i thought i knew love for a long time. there were a few people that i thought i loved, who i gave up a piece of myself for. it wasn’t until i really knew love, that i realized i’d been wrong. when i met him, it was like meeting a part of me. in a short time he was my best friend. i told him things about me nobody knew, he told me his greatest fears and about people who hurt him before. i spent long nights in his arms, laughing at jokes that wouldn’t have been funny to anybody else, or tickling him because the sound he made when i got his ribs just right, was the sweetest sound in the world to me. everybody wondered what drew me to him, he wasn’t hot in the way that people expect, and he wasn’t my type. his porcelain skin was dotted with acne scars, and his shaggy brown hair fell in front of his eyes. i couldn’t see how anyone who looked at him saw anything less than perfect. there was no better feeling than his skin against mine, or hearing him say my name.


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I wanna be in love with someone and be loved back, no more crushes. I want us to be besties and match perfectly together, I wanna live with him without any difficult, complicated circumstance, I wanna touch him, sleep with him, feel him, I want this relationship to be so real no more long distance ones. I want to feel this happiness so bad. I just desire to live like any normal human..