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VR glasses + Child = A new and amazing world 😵 by @degrootephotography

Em 6 dias podes fazer uma grande diferença no teu corpo!!! Queres saber como? Manda SMS privada que eu vou te ajudar nesse objectivo!!

The Hotel at touching the Indian Ocean is stunning. One of the only hotels designed by the father of ‘Tropical Modernism’ architect !!!

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We glamerize moving as fast as possible through life. We often emphasize that we must find our soul mate, our career, a house and pet and achieve everything as soon as possible. That everything must be in order. Everything must be perfectly put together right now. But where would the journey be in that? The beauty of the process? The anticipation of this current moment as it leads onto the next? It would be absent. If we were to achieve absolutely everything right now in life, how much excitement would be left? Where would we move next?

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