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This teacher on is rocking some eccentric facial hair.

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Before and after visiting @tada9221 at @topnotchbarberandshaveshop. Needed a quick clean up on the beard and a shave. He always does a great job. Keeps it natural but tidies/evens it up.

Still growing the beard out. No more baby face 😂

Great to catch up with this Legend today! The main man Michael Kearney Not every meeting covers business growth, marketing, social media, sales & spirituality! Quality time with a quality guy 👊

Lately, we've been posting our awesome Beard Club members' beards on our Instagram stories. The response is just as legendary as we've been expecting; it's the best club to be a part of. If you want in, USE THIS FORM: Or reply here!

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anonymous asked:

If I remember there was 2 blind items about gay couples in the kpop industry right? One who said that there is a same-sex couple within an idol group and are trending idols that their relationship would cause a ripple in the industry. And one another who said that an A-list idol group member ‘A’ fell in love with member ‘B’ and they’ve apparently been dating for five years. So the two of them talks about a gay couple within a group. Honestly, do you have any idea of who the 2 couples can be?

Hey!! So yeah these blind items are what I’ve referred to in previous posts, dispatch every year have managed to somewhat mention these couples, especially the second one. Last year was the first year which I noticed it hadn’t been brought up, which was quite strange.

I had an idea who one of the couples may had been, and honestly everything about it makes sense, the timing, the status of being one of the most popular groups, the “proof” and then the item stopped being brought up, it all adds up to this one couple but I can’t talk about it out of respect as one of them is not here to speak for themselves. I think you all may know what “couple” I’m referring to but you may have to do the reasoning part yourself because it feels wrong to speak of someone who cannot defend themselves.

The other couple, honestly I have no idea about, a “ripple in the industry” to me seems like it would be either two members of the “big group” who have been attatched to eachother and under our noses the whole time, two members who literally couldn’t be more different and are unexpected to be a couple OR the couple could consist of two members who are portrayed to be the “straight playboys” of the group.

I feel like the last option is the most likely one, everyone would be shocked if it were two members who are portrayed to be womanisers, much like Harry of 1D and he’s now living his best androgynous and fluid sexuality life after cutting ties with his managment and old company. So I feel like it’s a common tactic used in any entertainment industry to throw people off, a gay person is portrayed to be the heart breaker and the “playboy/girl” normally not out of their own choice but their labe'ls in order for the group to gain popularity and to protect the groups image, their own image, and the company’s image.

Bearding is another really common thing to happen to stop people from speculating an artists sexuality. If there is a queer idol/artist who is speculated to be lgbt by the public or they may currently be dating someone of the same sex, have been papped with them and are then being blackmailed or threatened with the photos they will have a public dating scandal with someone of the opposite gender which is really just a PR stunt in order to hide their true sexuality, which is called bearding. There can be a couple where one person is a beard for another, or there can be a couple where they are both beards for one another. I do think there have been a few dating scandals in Kpop where I’ve believed they were bearding, for example I never believed that Baekhyun and Taeyeon were dating, at the time Taeyeon was hugely speculated to be a lesbian and she still is, so I think Baekhyun was a beard for her. It could have been genuine though, I don’t know.

I feel like out of the more current big groups both couples may have been likely to be under SM purely because I feel it’s the company with the most LGBTQ+ idols underneath it and the company which has a high majority of dating scandals which just seem like PR stunts. Honestly though the couples could literally be any members from any group, all of these dating scandals are always so out of the blue and surprising and idols are so professional so honestly there’s no way of really having an idea, I would never want any of the couples to be outed EVER if it wasn’t out of their own choice. I hope that a day will come when they can be publicly out and publicly dating but until that time comes all we can do is show our support to the idols. :) - Caitlin


⚔️HAPPY BIRTHDAY⚔️ To the greatest group of gentlemen ever! 🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡

For the ones that know.
They said BV was a fad…. they said BV was just an IG thing.

5 Years Later.
We stand stronger than ever and our brotherhood keeps growing.
Thousands of people have seen our unity and efforts to help others.

The world has seen it all they said… Then BV came up and we showed the world what this brotherhood is capable of.

Here is to YOU VILLAIN !
To our real ones, To our families and friend who have supported our charities and events, to our haters and to the ones who BELIEVE IN BV.

Here is to 5 years of what this world once thought it was impossible.
Thousands of like minded bearded men who beyond race, creed and borders have come together and proven that United we are ONE BROTHERHOOD …. ONE SHIP.

#beardedvillains #BV5strong

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Head Scout. @stiner_
Scout. @BearJ00
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Marzo de viene!!!!! LATÍN AMERICAN MEET. BUENOS AIRES 👊🇦🇷🇻🇪⚔️🏴


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My President: @von_knox
My Chapter: @beardedvillainsargentina
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My scout: @cristofian
My secretary: @il_tano_


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