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With a few technical difficulties throughout the stream and some connection issues with servers we did all right. Thank you for the resubs, the bits, the follows and the love. 😊❤️🌈🧔🏻

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Live Bearded blog Best Beard Trimmer in 2019... Beard Styles... Master your Mustache... 👨🧔

Met the men from, . Chris & Quentin are cool guys with serious beards and some great products. I picked up some beard butter called ON THE ROCKS. Check them out at

Right now is in the lead. What we streaming tonight? Also WILL BE OPEN!!! Can’t wait to see you! Live Wed. Fri. Sat. 10 PM EST

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You guys ready for BID WARS!!!!??? Let’s do this!!! Bid starts at $5 if you want patches raise it up beards!!! ALPHA of the day will be who? . . . …

This month just remember, everyone deserves to love and be loved no matter their sexual preference. Love is love. Mind your own damn business.

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Hahaha estoy subiendo de peso al fin…