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Good morning Playa del Carmen.

Even when clouds are in the sky, Jetty Jack's will still warm your soul with this tasty chicken noodle soup, swing on by and see us for lunch!

Checking on nearby attractions for an upcoming trip, I said out loud to no one "Oh, we can watch tourists eat it on the surfing simulation wave pool." Lived in Tacoma 20 years, still a California native at heart.

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Santa Barbara – 2017



it had been years since we’d seen our ex-midwestern compadres craig and kevin. crucial homies, we grew up skating together and used to stay up all night editing and watching each others footage. the two of them had split for california after high school and only rarely made it back to chicago. we were long overdue for a visit

planning on staying a week, we put down roots right in front of craig and chels’ spot and made friends with their neighbors immediately. ramp repairs and a case of bud heavy were slated for the following afternoon…


It’s mid year and it’s time to jump start my goals. Starting today I’ll be creating some weekly challenges for myself. Challenge 1: Morning walk everyday for a week. #madcatchallenge2018 #weeklychallenge #morningwalk #beachlife #asburyparknj #asburypark #beachtown

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