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If you seek for a beachfront luxury tropical paradise, this is it! Villa Melissa in Bali🕶

Danke an alle die beim live mit dabei waren. Das ist das Ergebnis. Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Tag!

Available furnished or unfurnished - £1,000 pcm We have a stunning apartment available to let directly on the seafront 🌊🏠 Two double bedroom apartment based in Southend.

Таиланд, Карон 39 128 р. на 12 дней с 19 июня 2019 Отель: Lap Roi Karon 3* Подробнее:

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Cheap Hotels in Grand Cayman - The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman Hotel blog shown in 5789221 blogs

Cheap Hotels in Grand Cayman a top blog of travel reviewed by - The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman This beachfront resort is just 3 km from George Town It has guest rooms with WiFi, an outdoor pool, a tennis court, a spa and wellness centre and Cayman Islands (United Kingdom) blogged by 5789221 bloggers

Quadrant House in #Poland⠀

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#Architect : KWK Promes⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

#photo : Juliusz Sokoàowski, Olo Studio, Jaroslaw Syrek⠀⠀⠀⠀







🌊🌊I don’t know about Hell, I don’t know about Heaven
All I know is ‘bout right now and this lifestyle is interestin’
Iced down in my section, I just write these confessions
Niggas died and got life around me, I guess that I’m an exception

Ocean views, small circle it’s the chosen few
I wrote it down and I followed through
I bought a pound and we rolled a few
I talk shit but she know its true

Ocean views, small circle it’s the chosen few
I wrote it down and I followed through
I bought a pound and we rolled a few
I talk shit but she know its true

Blood, I’m in the streets with my Cuban on
In my Benz with my music on
Old friends like “watchu been on?” shit, I’ve been on my grind
I ain’t usually home, focused, I ain’t usin’ phones
Lately I’ve been usin’ songs, to get my point across
While niggas ’round me lose it all, but that’s your coin to toss
I guess I always knew the bull
And as this world revolves I’m crackin’ ‘cause I do my job
From fuckin’ hood rats to fuckin’ stars
Spendin’ all cash to slidin’ cards, it’s the definition of livin’ large

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(at Cabo San Lucas - Cabo)

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❤️🌊Memorial Day Weekend🌊❤️
*Friendly Reminder*

If you go to the #beach this #MemorialDay Weekend please make sure that you leave with everything that you came with. Our #oceans 🌊 are dying from #plastic pollution so lets be sure to do our part by cleaning up after ourselves!

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you were great

and then

you were gone

shimmering and


in the sun

the glinting


corners of

broken glass

who would think

this would outlast?

learn to run on

broken bones

never getting to that

forever home

offering yourself

up on a platter

a sense of belonging

that doesnt matter

upon first glance

the light is blinding

the sun that radiates within

his stare holds just like lightning

gazing into your very soul,

the amber of his eyes

numbing every sense

Im a fly trapped in honey

a sticky sweet end

your glance makes me nervous

an unspoken bond

the realization of the forbidden

the achievement undone

his stardust


tear stained sleeves

on numberless sweaters

doesn’t make the pain seem

that much better

corners of broken glass

shimmering and


in the sun

a velvet glove

gripping your throat

pleasant waves lapping at shores of

buried memories

stem the tide of

rising panic.

help me

take the glass

out of my mouth

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Cheap Hotels in Carolina - Hotel La Playa Hotel blog shown in 2759381 blogs

Cheap Hotels in Carolina a top blog of travel reviewed by - Hotel La Playa Hotel La Playa is a beachfront property in Biascoechea, 10 minutes’ drive from Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport It features direct access to Puerto Rico blogged by 2759381 bloggers


Property of the week!
Do you love awesome properties right on the sand? Crazy fish tanks and views for days? What a coincidence so do I! There really is nothing like the sand in inbetween your toes; the sounds of sea birds and the smell of fresh ocean air. Did I mention the views. This one is listed just above $8.8M in Playa del rey.
#noahwalshrealtor #realtor #la_realtor #losangelesrealestate #realestateadvisor #playadelrey #realestateconcierge #beachfront #westsiderealtor #inmannews #plgestates #plgestateswestside #propertyoftheweek #realestate #realestateinfluencer #larealtor #culvercityrealtor #siliconbeach (at Playa Del Rey, California)

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