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{Recrutement CDI} >>> <<< 💡

is an ordinary person with a heart is Fighting against Injustice is caring for others is making your voice heard is love in the face of hate. Brave Stand Up for Equality & Human Rights in Tanzania 🇹🇿

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The meeting will start soon. New Finance Minister is ready! On the agenda : 2019 euro area recommendations, international role of the euro 💶, and deepening EMU (follow-up to December Euro Summit). More ➡

Thankful 🇧🇸 __________ Incredible Island. Amazing friends. Loving family. Best views. Fantastic food. Words can’t describe how special time with friends and family can be. Especially in the islands! 😎 __________

Travessia de Santa Tereza, BH - centro histórico de Sabará. Guarda-chuva também guarda-sol! Acompanhe essa caminhada de 33km pelas bordas da cidade no destaque BH-Sabará-BH Foto da , @atravessarbh

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Let's be clear, its just $3


Our long sleep has ended,
the veil lifted,
tender from the journey,
the light, bright enough to hurt,
the wind, soft enough to discomfort,
too much at the same time,
but not enough reason to ever go back.
#windows #lens #oculus #vision #1 #dream #2 #be #3 #longsleep #lazers #blue #yellow #green #sensative #thematrix #portals #climbing #center #align #9 #process #breatheasy #liveslow (at Fresno, California)

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how i feel inside


Back in September, I gave an informative speech in my college speech class about Andi Mack. Today, I am clearing out old papers and found this anonymous peer comment: “Can’t believe this is the 1st Disney show w/ gay relationship + multiracial parents” and reading that makes my heart hurt a little. Because canonically, we only have a gay *character* and not a relationship. Tyrus, so many of us are counting on you. Even random college students who have never watched the show. (((Sidenote: this student also said “‘friendom’ kind of surprised me.” Aka you guys are pretty legendary.)))


10 RARE CREATURES Soon To Be Extinct


10 Rare Endangered Species Soon To Be Extinct