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the Historic Memorable Day for the MUSLIMS of SUBCONTINENT. Let , Patriot, Passionate, Kind, Honest, United, Grateful, Ready, Powerful, Peaceful & spread the LOVE in everywhere. Having all these Peaceful Petitions wishing u a very HAPPY PAKISTAN🇵🇰RESOLUTION DAY.

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Healthy. Dance-a-thon, Zumba Day and the Severn Beach Marathon. We have been so active this week!

Healthy. The Severn Beach Marathon! To show our support for Mr Jones. We shared the 26.2 miles between us.

Nunca es demasiado temprano para comenzar a planificar para la 🤔 Regístrate con el código de pase de invitado que aparece en la imagen para obtener un pase de acceso al Show Floor de la ♦️

Please follow im planning to archive big dream y support counts more then anything Rn 🙏🏾. 🔥

Listen to their advice, answer their questions, and appreciate their concerns. That said, remember that you run your own show and, if they are such experts, why aren't they already successful at doing what you want to do? Exactly.

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Rin and Yuki with a soft, squishy, smol sister?

  • alright, let’s clear up some things first. since momma is dead and daddy dearest better stays in Gehenna, their sister is most likely not blood-related to either of them. I could imagine Shiro picking up another stray and since she is somewhat in the same age range as the twins, they stuck together
  • let’s be real here, if Rin was ever shy with her because another person invaded his very personal circle of family, it didn’t last long. He was the first person to proclaim that she’s his sister, and by default also Yukio’s (not that he was ever asked), and from then on it was just set in stone??
  • i’m a little torn about how big their age gap should be because, on one hand, if she were like two years younger than them, it would be so great for both of them to have someone to trust and just vent to. 
  • Like “Rin, I know you don’t wanna do your homework but please, do. I fear Yukio’s either gonna kill you or worse have a heart attack!”
    How is that worse??” 
    “Come on, I’ll even help.”
  • “Yukio, could you tone it down with the nagging? Rin’s gonna poison your food one of these days.“
    “But I’m right.“
    Doesn’t matter. Cool it.“
    Or I’ll help him.
  • On the other hand, just imagine them with a little girl. Like TCA has a kindergarten or something, I don’t know, Mephisto figures something out. 
  • Those three fangirls Yukio has in the beginning? Straight up melt when she runs up to him and all he’s doing is kneeling in front of her, listening to whatever she has to say with the gentlest smile you have ever seen
  • Those three will also have a freaking heart attack when they see her run up to Rin, catapulting into his arm and him reciprocating with the same enthusiasm. 
  • Scene straight out of a movie. 
  • Anyone sees Rin and his baby sister, ovaries explode with girls and guys alike. Guys just grew them for this purpose. (I don’t care what Kazue says about Rin not having fangirls and -boys. Everyone’s calling him Daddy after this, in the most unsexual, innocent way)
  • Regardless, Rin will definitely be the one to pull the whole “hurt my lil sis and I hurt you”- shite, Yukio’s the one who actually intimidates them. Just something about him smiling that oozes serial killer. 
  • I don’t think she’ll have any problem getting dates or anything. Rin is easily convinced, as much as he tries to fight it, while Yukio doesn’t really see the issue; he knows that his sister will come to him if she needs help or deal with it herself. 
  • What Rin will do, however, is grab Yukio (if he can’t escape quick enough) or some of the Exwires, and stalk her while she’s on a date bc he has “to make sure they won’t defile her!”
  • Lil sis, of course, figures it out, Rin’s not quiet nor is she stupid but she lets him do this and be her BigBrotherTM. She really doesn’t need the waterworks again when she stopped calling him Aniki. 
  • Renzou has never known fear until after he made an inappropriate joke in the presence of Yukio and Rin
  • In turn, the twins are never as terrified as when their sister gets mad at them. They absolutely hate it when she cries, even Yukio’s heart stutters in panic, but even more when she’s not saying anything. No, thanks.

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