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it feels so good to be so young and have this fun and be successful 🎂 #25

So for my 35th Birthday party on Saturday, I held a wine tasting which was led by my dad as wine master. It was a fantastic evening with good friends and amazing wine!

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So this birthday was was one for the books, it was low key due to my wife being 35 weeks preggo but it was filled w some of our favorite things.. good food, shopping & spoiling each other, video games, & an early bed time. Last bday we will share alone!

this Fri night with my ace and surprise guests celebration ... see ya on the dancefloor

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I never drink before a speech where school gets paid for me to entertain ( are different) BUT as I enter my 6th hour of travel (3 to go) .... and because it’s my Ive given in and ordered a cheeky Merlot for me and the bag ..... roll on and

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Happy Birthday to our fellow I6 RNs Yonette & Shameika 🎉👏 shoutout

Parabéns a Grace Kelly, a atriz que virou princesa, nasceu em 12 de novembro de 1929 e graças ao seu estilo atemporal, sua intrigante vida pessoal e sua premiada carreira é considerada um dos maiores ícones do cinema e do mundo da moda! 👏👏

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minietaes  asked:

happy birthday bb! i hope you're having a great day 💖

Thank you Lavi, hope yours is just as great! ♥ 💖

yoonseok  asked:

JASMIN!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Mau you have a great year ahead of you, as amazing as your talent!!! 💕💕💕💕

Ajhsdjfk mk you’re the sweetest I can’t :c ♥  
thank you for being an inspiration! 💕

bwintan  asked:

happy birthday jasmin! I hope you're having a great day, and thank you for all the amazing content💜 ily!

Aaah River thank you so much for this cute message, you’re making this day even sweeter ♥ i purple you 💜


Hoje o dia é dela: FAA MORENA
#namidiaporuiarazagolin #namidiaportal #uiarazagolin #redetv #faamorena #apacos #febracos #bday #niver (em Somewhere Over The Rainbow ❤)

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yoong02  asked:

birthday????? did i miss it???:o omfg happy -prob late- birthday lil flower~ hope you have/had a joyful birthday and im sending u a kith on the cheek mwuah!!! ilu!! 💛🌻

You didn’t miss it ~ thank you so much bub! ;; sending you a kith back ♥ 🌻


a birthday gift for a friendo! quite like how it turned out~ ❤️🍓

taemines  asked:

Omg happy birthday!!! 🥺🥰 I wish the upcoming year is gonna be your brightest yet, filled with happiness, health and wonderful moments. May all the good things in the universe find their way to you 💖💞💗 I hope you are having the best day!!! *smooch* 🎊💞🎉

Alex omg, thank you so much! ;~; 🥰 💖
I don’t even know what to say, your message is so sweet, I hope all the good things come to you too ♥