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New Video. Part two of Heavy Rain!


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Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag

1. Popular makeup product you don’t like.

MAC Prep + Prime Fix +. This was the first  high end/not-a-drugstore-brand setting spray that I bought and I assumed  because of how much everyone loved this online that it was going to  clear my skin and reduce my wrinkles even on top of setting my makeup to  be ready for a red carpet. Unfortunately as I have now learnt,  sometimes things that are cult favourites are only still that popular  because the people using them have rose coloured glasses on that remind  them of their first love with the product.

MAC Prep + Prime Fix + was a terrible  setting spray for me. It does smooth everything down but literally any  spray will smooth out a powdery face. This spray left me shiny and I was  so oily after a few hours that I couldn’t pass it for dewy in any way I  tried. The spray applies patchy, I would always end up with stray blobs  of liquid that dried down funny and I went through the bottle so  quickly that I think it only lasted me about a month. I am glad this was  not the first setting spray I’d ever used because it would have put my  standards for them very low. Thankfully I’d been using a NYX setting  spray before it and was able to realise that I preferred the NYX one and  that maybe this MAC spray just wasn’t all it was hyped up to be.

2. Popular makeup product/brand that everyone else seems to hate but you love.

I said this in the review of this product  but everyone online and anyone I spoke to would tell me it wasn’t worth  it no matter how cheap the product was. But when I finally caved and  bought the BYS 48 Palette Eyeshadow Intense Pigments for AUD$11.95 it  was one of the best makeup purchases I’d ever made. An all shimmer  eyeshadow palette with 48 different colours ranging from neutral to  rainbow, finishes from a sheer glitter wash to straight metallic shine,  there’s very little I can fault with this palette. I also really like  how small the pans are because I’d rather have 48 little eyeshadows than  10 large pans, I never hit pan on any eyeshadow anyway because of how  fluctuating my style is so this palette really does suit my every need.  And yet still online people call BYS a cheap brand with bad products,  this is one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes and the best one for  travel because it has everything I’d ever need all in one.

3. Makeup collab you didn’t like or were not interested in

Honestly I haven’t been keeping up with too  many new releases of late, purely because I’m trying not too buy more  makeup for a while until I’ve used up some of my other products first.  However there was one name that kept popping up on my radar and that was  the James Charles x Morphe Artistry Palette. I don’t watch James  Charles but I am aware of him on Youtube however there wasn’t anything  about this that interested me. The palette looked like it had shades I’d  seen before, even though it was very bright and colourful, it kind of  looked like an almost generic colourful eyeshadow palette. And I’m  finding myself getting bored with the plain shimmer and matte colours  even if they are bright. I’m needing really unique shades or duo-chromes  for me to get excited these days.

4. Popular makeup step that you never do

This one is probably because I’m lazy and  simply can’t be bothered, but I never put on false lashes. I’ve never  used them and can’t see myself starting soon. I can already take up to  an hour on my makeup, I don’t need to be adding another 20 minutes for  false lashes, I just don’t have that effort in me.

5. Popular beauty influencer you don’t subscribe to/watch

Honestly that list is too long, it’s shorter  for me to say I don’t watch any of them except for Tati, Nikki and  Shaaanxo. I used to watch a few like Laura Lee, MannyMUA etc but their  drama and lack of real opinions annoyed me to the point where I don’t  watch them any more. I’m almost getting that way with Nikki too if I’m  honest, only Tati seems to me like a “big beauty influencer” who will  actually say if she doesn’t like a product. Because those things are  what I look for when I watch Youtubers, I am now subscribed to a lot of  smaller channels that still give their honest opinions. Some of my  favourites are Angelica Nyqvist, Mariam A., Melissa Gold, Stephanie Nicole and theblondemann.

6. Popular makeup product/brand that you don’t use/support anymore

This is not a brand that I don’t support as  in they did something that offended me. It’s more that everyone seems to  rave about them but they’re expensive and their products have never  impressed me so I don’t buy from them anymore. That brand is MAC. I’ve  tried their setting spray, lipsticks and foundation and nothing  particularly impressed me for how much they cost, I definitely wouldn’t  call it cheap by any means. So I don’t buy MAC products and until  something amazing comes out, I won’t be buying anything from them in the  future.

7. Makeup trend that you have no interest in trying

There are a lot of them, mostly the silly  looking ones on Instagram with the wavy brows or applying contour with  kitchen utensils. One trend that’s not just plain stupid that I can  think of is matte liquid lipsticks. I just can’t wear them. They’re too  drying and uncomfortable to me. I don’t mind reapplying a gloss or  lipstick every few hours if it means I won’t end the day with cracked  lips. Especially now that I have short hair and I don’t have to worry  about getting it stuck in my lip-gloss, it’s basically all I wear.

8. Makeup product that was better in theory than when you used it. Either swatched better or worked better on others than on you.

I was so excited when I bought my Juvia’s  Place The Magic Palette, it was colourful and big and everyone online  was talking about it. So when it finally got to me I swatched it  immediately and was already planning some cool looks using the shimmers  and colourful mattes. So I was pretty disappointed when in the end it  wore terribly on my eyelids. The shimmers were okay but the mattes were  pretty patchy and everything would crease horribly within a few hours.  So yes, this was a product that under performed on me and I’m still very  disappointed about it.

My Travel Makeup Bag

Primer – Shiseido Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother

Base – Makeup Revolution Revolution Conceal And Define Concealer

Powder – RCMA Makeup No Color Powder

Eyelid primer – Jordana Made to Last Eyeshadow Primer

Eyeshadow – Makeup Revolution Pretty Creative Palette and the SUQQU 09 Ryougetsu

Mascara – Innisfree Skinny Waterproof Microcara Mascara and the Kevyn Aucoin The Expert Mascara

Brows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and the Benefit 24-hour brow setter clear brow gel

Bronzer – Physician’s Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer Light

Blush – Clarins Blush Prodige – 09 Golden Pink

Highlighter – RMS Beauty Magic Luminizer and the DB Vivid Glow Illuminator Palette Over The Rainbow

Lips – OXX glosses and the Surratt Beauty Lip Lustre Oh La La

Setting spray – The Body Shop Mint Mattifying Face Mist

My Skincare Routine and How I Combat My Oily Skin


  1. Scrub – I do  scrub my face of a morning only because I accidentally bought a foaming  scrub when I thought it was a gel. I’m currently using the COSRX Low-pH  Good Morning Cleanser however I think once I’m done I’ll try a non  foaming product here instead.
  2. Toner– This is the acid toner I was talking about. I am using Lotion P50 PIGM 400, on a very thin cotton pad and pressing it into my skin. Some people just using their bare hands.
  3. Acne spot treatment – I’ve yet to find any miracle worker here. I do like the COSRX – Acne Pimple Master Patches though.
  4. Essence  –  Grow Tea Tree 95 Essence. People have raved about it but I think after  I’m finished this I will try going about my routine without it.
  5. Hyaluronic acid – I use the Hada Labo Goku-Jyun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (Moist), it’s a super hydrating yet very lightweight gel.
  6. Vitamin c – I’m currently using the Drunk Elephant C Firma, however I would like to find a cheaper alternative.
  7. Moisturiser – I use the CosRx Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion with Birchsap.
  8. Oil – I’m using The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil, I really like this one.
  9. Moisturiser – Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb. I’ve not used this before so I’ll see if I like it soon enough.
  10. Sunscreen –  I’m using a sunscreen I bought from my local market, it’s all natural  without any of the chemicals that are in most normal sunscreens.
  11. .


  1. First Cleanse – A solid cleanser to remove most of my makeup. I use the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter from the body shop.
  2. Eye makeup remover – I remove any left over eye makeup using a dedicated eye makeup remover on a cotton pad.
  3. Second cleanse  – I am currently using up the last of the Alpha-H Triple Action  Cleanser however I wont be repurchasing it. I’ll find a replacement for  this step.
  4. Scrub – Another foaming scrub that I’ll gently apply to my face to make certain no makeup or skincare is left on my face.
  5. Mask – I don’t use a mask every night, however I will do this step about once a week. I currently switch between the Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask and the Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask.
  6. Chemical exfoliator/acid toner – Lotion P50 PIGM 400, pressed into my skin.
  7. Acne spot treatment – I use a 5% Benzoyl Peroxide cream.
  8. Hyaluronic acid – For night time I use the more hydrating version, Hada Labo Goku-Jyun Premium Hyaluronic Acid Lotion.
  9. Serum – Dear Klairs Rich Moist Serum. I think when I’ve finished this I’ll cut out this step, it’s almost a repeat of the last one.
  10. Night cream –  Grow Tea Tree 80 Cream. This is a recent addition to my routine however  I’m not a fan of this night cream so once I finish it I won’t be  continuing.
  11. Facial Oil / Moisturiser – For this step I actually mix my facial oil and moisturiser together and apply them at the same time. I combine The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil and the Belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb.

Originally my routine wasn’t this long  or complicated however with every YouTube video I watched I was adding  another step that would help solve my skin issues. I can since say that  I’ve reached a point in which I don’t want to add any more steps,  actually what I am working on now is reducing the products and parts to  my skincare routine.

Technically I’m already six months into my no-buy but I wanted to introduce it here in-case anyone wants to know about it or are also doing a no buy. I love to follow along with everyone else.

The rules for my no-buy year are as follows:

NO makeup or skincare for the entire year.

Can I buy replacements?

Yes. But only if there are no other products of that category left.  E.g. I can buy 1 concealer if I completely use up all of my other  concealers.

Can I receive gifts?

Yes. Gift cards will count as cash and can only be spent on purchasing replacements.


I can buy tools for work as long as they are absolutely necessary for me to do my job more effectively.

I won’t compromise on health and safety for my no-buy. E.g. if I need  a pair of high quality sunglasses for my eyes but I have a cheap pair that aren’t broken, I can buy that high quality pair.

Using up categories of products

I cannot simply declutter every product in a category to enable myself to purchase a replacement for that category. I must finish everything I own to be able to purchase a replacement. If I finish a  category by decluttering items that I don’t like, I cannot purchase a replacement until the end of my no-buy year. I will simply have to go  without that category of product.

So far my no-buy year hasn’t been too difficult for me however I’ve always been someone who needs to go cold turkey. I can’t limit myself or try cutting back a little, I need solid rules that I can’t escape so I haven’t bought any new makeup or skincare since the end of 2018.

In terms of my spending the no-buy has obviously made a huge difference.

To compare my spending before and during my no-buy year; in the last five months of 2018 I spent $1,666.70 on makeup whereas in the first five months of 2019 I spent $463.84.

Through my no-buy year I cut my spending by more than two thirds and have finally been able to start finishing more products than I’m buying.

I’m beginning to plan a monthly spending budget for when I finish my year so as to not fall back into my bad habits but I’ll go into further details about that in my next check in.

Until then I’ll be posting updates on the products I use up and also my project pan as well. It’s been really great to get into a new headspace about using up my makeup rather than buying something new.


I realised that I was basically already panning this contour palette so I’ve decided to actually start a project pan. This is one of products I’ll be including in my project pan, I’ll post the others products soon.

This is a nice contour kit, the highlighter is the only shade I’ve entirely panned however it was a little weak for my tastes so I was liberally applying that. Even though the palette is targeted at light to medium skin tones the bronzer shade is still too orange for me however I’ve been mixing it with the contour shade and enjoying that combination much more.

I’ll post an update of how this looks in a week or so, hopefully with more pan showing!


Luxe box Editors box unboxing by a CANADIAN


July 2019 Boxycharm Unboxing

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It’s Summer tongues out middle fingers up! Get this look with Spicy XL lashes @elevenlashes
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Answering Subscriber Questions


Natural days @elevenlashes are always best Carbon Copy lashes on the beautiful @pennylouu
#macro #eyeshadow #falselashes #selfie #undiscoveredmuas #beautyfavs #makeuptutorial #undiscovered_muas #makeupinspo #makeupinfluencer #bblogger #makeupaddict #makeuptransformation #dressyourface #makeupdaily #featuremuas #beautygoals #beautytrendingnow #makeupideas #iwokeuplikethis #makeuptalk #beautyblogger #beautylover #lashaholic #wakeupandmakeup #beautyjunkie #beautyhacks #holygrail #motd

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