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Battle royal on dnd.

Today I draw much of “evilness” as but also something “angle” as “normal” Hah. I think maybe tomorrow, depends on time, I make from this second with , Let’s see 😆👍

is back to regular schedule. VENTI and HAWG plan to push all that post to a different level. 0700 - 0800 AC FLORA HS HC now!

Battle Chibi! - (c) her player - part of a larger commission for an RPG group. open

おはようございます‼️ 横浜に日本初のクリスマスツリーが飾られた本日12月7日も絶賛定例会開催します‼️ 寒くてもサバゲーすれば暖まります⤴️ホットドリンク無料‼️午後参加はお得な2300円です‼️

RT SwordExperience: How do we stay fit? Try to combine cardiovascular exercise with a sedentary activity that you already do.

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I was bored, so I sketched a comic


MiniMates - Terminator 2 Wave 2 by Darth Ray
Via Flickr:
MiniMates - Terminator 2 Series 2 Motorcycle Cop T-1000, Battle Damaged Sarah Connor, Combat T-800, Young John Connor, Asylum Assault T-1000, Inmate Sarah Connor, and TRU exclusive Assault Gear T-800 & SWAT Officer

This is a piece I made for my little brother
He commissioned me wanting to draw him something dealing with his top favorite super heroes, with a twist of my own style.
I couldn’t get the image out of my head from this one comic cover done by Dell'otto for Civil War ii. Plus I originally wanted to buy him the comic just because it was such a sick cover. So instead of buying it, I ended up using the pose and lighting for reference to this piece and gave it my own twist so it would give more meaning
It was a challenge yet so much fun putting everything together for this outcome. I was stuck forever on how I wanted to make the background, and that one I give credit to the special, one and only, Brittasticjinx, in helping me finally figure it out.
My lil bro is one of the most dearest person in my life and I wanted to show even a fracture of that through the hard work, creative thought, and time I put into this drawing
Love you bro, and hope you love the piece too ♡


Boring movies back-to-back… Strike Back was damn boring, goldenrod double up his annoyiness; Only I really like about it is Leia’s better awesomer outfits, improve hairstyles, Leia’s level of badassness, Leia, OFC wonderful Lando Carlissian, shutdown of C3p0 and his blasted to pieces and cool visual effect of Luke’s fall and slides. I liking team of Lando, Leia and Chewbacca way better than boring ass Han team.

Phantom Menace, nothing good about it beside Darth Maul, Kenobi and CGI war. Wasn’t Jedi supposed to be hero? All I see is Jedi behave like Christian on crusade but with force and laser sword wooa. And seriously, belittle Jar Jar Binks for annoying, yet C3P0 appear in each movies with his assholely annoyiness; Jar Jar was just accident prone and actual helpful when needed. Lastly, what about princess, with all these moolah and status she having, refuse use these to free slaves, what an scum.

Attack of the Clones and Clone Wars are next.

Some Unholy War


For what seems like an eternity, this has been the face of F.N.V.


From a tender young age, I was thrown into some unholy war. I was forced to leave my innocence. What I created to defend myself wasn’t exactly the most graceful. I really hated myself. Maybe if I’m the first one to hurt myself, everyone else’s punches wouldn’t feel so bad.

I met you and you made me believe I was worth something. You were my comrade in battle. We scrounged through life enduring many injuries, but holding on tight. But you grew tired of some of my survival tactics. They were ugly. They hurt you, and I didn’t care. I’m sorry.

I almost died. And you almost let it happened. I reached out my hand, and you let me fall. Since then I realized I couldn’t put my life in your hands anymore. I couldn’t trust you. I know I lost yours a million years ago. Two tattered souls entwinged, suddenly broken. Shattered.

I came out of this war alive, but look at the sacrifices. All to live.

I was so selfish. I let my battle buddy down. I’m like a bitter war veteran, suffering from PTSD. Reminiscing of all the horrible things he’s done to survive war. Haunting him.

Your spirit and your essence is still Inbedded in my mind. It lingers in my heart. For as much as I want to tear it off, it’s there. Mocking me for my sins.

- F.N.V.


Your body loves you so much. Everytime you could be dead in seconds, but your body pulse your blood and breath the air that you need to still be alive, and it does it when you are sleeping and when you even forget that you need this to be alive. Your body heals your scars, rebuilts broken bones, close your wounds and battles with every illness that could have damaged you. It protect you, and want you to live.

 Your body loves you so much.

 It’s time to love it back.