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Book 9 What Little wouldn’t giggle all the way through this book? Every Little would! Bath time may not be on the millionth list of things to do but this book sure makes it more fun.

HL2 Covalent- Bath Current status: another brief rest. Nori’s privacy & security can be ensured when she is protected by a former Combine Soldier- physically and psychologically incapable of being a pervert.

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Yep, it can and is being done. This is our beautiful regeneration project in - designed and built by a housing association with a long term interest in the community and place 👌🏼

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That yearly bath … Scrub a dub dub #snowfoam #scrubadubdub #bath #workcar #ute #clean

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Them boyz takin a bath with their s/o (any gender idc) can be sfw or nsfw. Ur choice

V3 boys taking a bath with s/o


Here it is~

Mod Dia

Shuichi Saihara

  • You’re the one that suggested it.
  • He’s super embarrassed, somebody help him-
  • He takes off his clothes super slowly, giving you time to change your mind.
  • You don’t.
  • He’s starting to panic a little.
  • By the time he finally takes his shirt off, you’re totally nude.
  • Holy you’re beautiful-
  • Oh no, he’s blushing so much.
  • “What’s taking so long? Want me to help you?”
  • “N-No need..!”
  • He hurriedly finishes getting off of his clothes and you two get into the tub.
  • This feels nice.
  • He shyly asks if you want him to wash you.
  • He tries not to stare but he’s having a hard time with that-
  • Would love it if you washed his hair.
  • He’s trying to cover his body as much as he can because he’s insecure.
  • If this becomes a regular thing, he’ll get more used to it and become more relaxed.
  • He’s not opposed to doing this again.

Kaito Momota

  • This was his idea, obviously.
  • While you’re undressing, he’s staring at you with a smirk on his face.
  • He is blushing slightly and you know damn well he’s enjoying the show.
  • “Do you mind?”
  • “Hmm… Yeah.”
  • You roll your eyes.
  • You enter the tub and he quickly takes off his clothes so he can join you.
  • He insists on washing the entirety of your body throughly.
  • He washes your hair for a bit then hugs you from behind.
  • “You’re so goddamn gorgeous, ya know?”
  • His head is resting on your shoulder and his body feels warm against yours.
  • It truly does feel like heaven.
  • You hope you can do this again.

Ryoma Hoshi

  • He says he accepted because it saves water.
  • In reality, he really does want to be close to you and make you happy.
  • This situation may bring him some unpleasant memories from his time in prison but he wants to get over it for you.
  • You two strip down quietly and get into the tub.
  • He washes the parts of your body that you can’t easily reach like your back.
  • He isn’t against you washing him but he won’t ask for it.
  • This is probably going to be more like a quick shower than a bath.
  • He’s trying his best.
  • That’s enough for you.

Rantaro Amami

  • This somehow has the same energy of a mother washing her child in the kitchen sink.
  • But he’s the mother, you’re the kid and the sink is the bathtub.
  • He’s having a blast, caring, washing and talking to you.
  • The fact that you are both naked doesn’t seem to faze him.
  • He’ll let you wash him too if you ask.
  • He likes bath bombs so you’ll probably be using at least one.
  • Seems very happy that you trust him enough to want to take a bath with him.
  • After he finished washing you he just holds you in his arms for a little while.
  • He whispers some sweet words into your ear and then gently kisses your neck, while rubbing your body so the soap comes off.
  • He’s making this more sensual than it needs to be without even realizing it.
  • Will definitely want to do this again if you also enjoyed it.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He’s not too sure about it at first but ends up accepting.
  • He has this cute blush on his face whenever he looks at you.
  • You help him take off his clothes and the two of you enter the tub.
  • You offer to wash his hair.
  • He has so much hair.
  • How?
  • It takes you a while to shampoo all of it but Gonta seems happy so you’re happy too.
  • He’s too shy to wash your body but he can wash your hair as well.
  • He’s super careful because he doesn’t want to hurt you.
  • He can’t help but notice how small you really are compared to him.
  • His feelings about wanting to protect you double.
  • He suddenly embraces you from behind.
  • “Gonta will definitely protect s/o!”

Kokichi Ouma

  • Surprisingly, he was not the one suggesting it.
  • While he was undressing he kept humming this weird sensual tune.
  • He finishes undressing first then sits on the closed toilet watching you take off your clothes.
  • He’s definitely looking at your…. delicates.
  • Don’t bother asking him to stop because he won’t.
  • He lazily enters the tub then commands you to join him.
  • You have to wash him or else he’ll just sit there doing nothing.
  • He will use your shampoo because he can.
  • Probably going to squeeze your butt at some point and laugh like the devil child he is afterwards.
  • If the water isn’t scalding hot he will bother you until you make it the right temperature.
  • Definitely the type to like bubble baths.
  • He’s super cute with his hair wet.
  • Afterwards he asks you to dry him.
  • You refuse.
  • He says he won’t do it then.
  • You drop a towel on his head and tell him to start drying himself off or you’ll get mad.
  • He chuckles for a bit but obliges.

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • Aftercare.
  • He turned on the water and then returned to your bedroom.
  • You were still laying on the bed, breathing unevenly with that cute embarrassed expression on your face.
  • He gently picked you up in his arms and brought you to the bathroom, lifting you down into the tub.
  • There were rose petals floating in the water and scented candles illuminated the scene.
  • How so very romantic of your boyfriend, you chuckled to yourself.
  • He was quick to join you, pulling you to him so that you were resting against his chest.
  • He asks you if you’d like him to wash you.
  • You tell him to go ahead.
  • The water is just at the right temperature and Kiyo seems to know exactly what to say to you.
  • This boy makes you week at the knees, placing small kisses all over your body while washing you.
  • He wanted to give you this little treat.
  • He hopes you enjoy it.
  • And he knows you do.


  • He discovered that sometimes people in a relationship take baths together and he was upset he couldn’t have that experience with you.
  • He’s very transparent so you noticed he was feeling down and he reluctantly explained to you what was making him sad.
  • “Well, I don’t know if this makes you feel better but you can come with me next time I shower.”
  • “R-Really?”
  • “Well, sure. It’s a promise, okay?”
  • So the next time you had to take a bath he came along.
  • While you were taking off your clothes he was curled down in a corner hiding his face with his hands.
  • You sighed and entered the tub, sitting down with your back turned to him.
  • Why’d he ask just to get this flustered?
  • Eventually he found the courage to come closer and asked if he could wash your hair.
  • You accepted the offer and he carefully started shampooing your hair.
  • He was surprised by its softness and the way bubbles started forming as he rubbed it.
  • Then he rinsed it with water and got the shampoo off.
  • It was strange for him to be the one taking care of you for once but it also made him happy and fuzzy inside.