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Estamos com vagas abertas! 💙 Procuramos Designer, Web Designer/Front-End e Estagiário Administrativo Financeiro para fazer parte do nosso time de alta performance. Vem ser >

I'm up here reading about and vectors. I'm not nearly as panicked as I thought I would be, since I started learning with and vectors. But I'm definitely pushing my boundaries. #

I'am Brẹndạ Scаrlettẹ and i'm so lewd bitč̣h. Dọn't be shy, write > 😼

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La a pris sa décision respectée la cher Monsieur!

Estamos à procura de Web Designer/FrontEnd para fazer parte da equipe de Marketing! 🙅♀ Vem ser ! >>

Vaga de Web Designer/FrontEnd na SocialBase

, , , 3 y visitaron establecimientos comerciales, con el fin de presentar la campaña "Ilumina tu Vida, Vívela sin Pólvora", que busca generar conciencia y disminuir el número de afectados por pólvora en durante esta época en

Estamos à procura de um novo baser resiliente e proativo para nosso Suporte! Está dentro? 💙 Vem ser ! >>

Vaga de Estagiário de Suporte na SocialBase | Vem ser #Baser

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bandit serba guna ...provokator Bisa kasi alamat lo..saya undang ngopi?

🔥COMBO🧯 ¿cómo renombrar columnas con ... ? 👨‍🚒 mAyúScUlAs 🚒 símbolos como: > % ( 🤬 tildes y caracteres especiales como: êãçàúüñ 🥳 aquí una solución con "rename_all()" link a gist:

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So was right and his did work, BUT 's suggestion for coalesce also worked and this is indeed shorter code. Thank you everyone!! FYI, here is the version and the

🤯 showing us to set the color palettes in plots using the scales📦! try it out: palette(viridis_pal()(4)) plot(Sepal.Length ~ Sepal.Width, data = iris, col = Species, pch = 20) is the best 😊

Det bygges friskt i Norge. Både tunneler, broer og veier. Mye konstruksjon som krever dyktige fagfolk, HMS-fokus og innovasjon. Noe vi er glade for! Vi er på plass på leverandørkonferansen Nye Veier.

मैं तो एक छोटा सा सवाल हूँ, और दुनिया कहती है तेरा कोई जवाब नहीं

‘Vi stopper sgu ikke, før vi har solgt 1 million parasolfødder’. lancerer nyt brand, giver status og sætter ord på planerne i 2018 og -19! Flot arbejde til hele holdet. Vi og er glade for kunne bidrage på rejsen.

baser CMS導入中です。 テーマ変更が面倒くさすぎ。ダウンロードしたのにWPみたいに切替が直ぐにできない。フォルダーを作り直すやり方もうまく説明されていないから。Cubeのほうが楽かも。ロリポップサーバー使っているからデフォルトのサイト作成は簡単だけど  

A esta hora se alistan nuestros para apoyar a la en la entrega de ayuda humanitaria para los habitantes de la Region del Soldados Multimisión

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Happy 4th July⚡️💥🎊🎉💥🎊🎊🎉💫✨
Today’s goal get half as turnt as this guy
P.s his lifting might be a little sketchy but the kid has moves.

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12ozProphet is Looking for Contributors

12ozProphet is looking for interns. From their Instagram:

“12ozProphet is recruiting qualified contributors and interns worldwide. We are looking for individuals who can write strong editorial and take professional quality photos. We’re a global brand, media platform and social network for many of the most authoritative and influential voices from throughout the creative community. Check out to apply. #graffiti #streetart #12ozProphet

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If you have what it takes, apply! You never know what could happen. Years ago I answered a call just like this and things worked out very well for me. Let me know int he comments below if you answer the call!

Additionally, if you didn’t catch this week’s handstyle contest by 12ozProphet, judged by the handstyle master Baser (@drvNYC), the winner was Keep6. You may know him from STOMPDOWNKILLAZ, as he has been in some of their most watched videos. His whole cars roll all over Canada and the U.S. I’ve included his winning entry below.

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Traced bases are nothing but party favors. 

You’re a damned fool if you think you’re a serious artist just because you can edit lines of a pre existing digital coloring page. 

You’re not an artist until you pick up a damned pencil and use those motor skills God gave you. 

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“Can I help you?” He probably doesn’t actually want to help. Honestly, he’s more interested in getting away from here and on his way.

Meet the first version of Newt, known then without a last name. Just Newton. He was a bit of a grouch back then, won’t directly tell you to go away, but he’s probably thinking it. Also- he can’t see too well, no glasses when he is at the time, and his eyesight kind of sucks.

“Don’t be such of a grouch, Newt. What'cha need?”

And his partner in crime- Gypsy (which I’ve more recently learned is an offensive name and I feel horrible about that but this is not something I knew in sixth grade). She’s less of a grouch, but has a weird sense of humor. Also has a slight obsession with knives.

“Don’t call me Basil. Please.” He sounded a bit tired, as if it’d been a very long day.

Baser, my newest character. He doesn’t mind being called Basil by his friends, but it became a bit of a taunt. The second most magically powerful kid at his school, and he gets pushed around because he doesn’t do anything about it. Didn’t last long, due to reasons. He’s pretty quiet most of the time, but (no surprise) he’s kind of insane sometimes.