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Thank You! !! We found another original print of 's visit to and Don's skill has made it look like new! It is only with the support of community business leaders like Don that the is successful!

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We're at Meridian Place getting ready to hear who will be performing this year at Troubadour Festival 2019! – at Memorial Square

You gotta eat here! Just kidding...but you DO have to check us out & find out why is a Michelin Star worthy, award-winning daycare that will be opening right here in ! Your little chefs will love us - stay tuned!

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Former Barrie Car Dealer Sentenced For Damage Done At Orillia Dealership

Yes, It was a McHappy Day! Ronald has finished counting the cash from this year's McHappy Day; $78-thousand dollars raised in , half of it going to the NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit at RVH, the rest to Ronald McDonald House

Side Split Bungalow on Large lot For Sale in located across from Steel Street Park! Watch the virtual tour for 209 Cook St. Contact John Burbridge at 705-828-3456 or to book a showing or for more details!

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The Best One of The Best Ones (tyson barrie)

A/N: Hi angels! This one has been bouncing around in my head for a while, so i hope you enjoy!. Title from “Stolen” by Dashboard Confessional (because tys is a big mush and deserves the mushiest song in the world) (word count: 1827)

warnings: oral sex, two morons in love, some curse words

For what feels like the 300th time since you’ve moved to Denver, you wrap yourself in a big fluffy blanket on your couch, heart sunk with disappointment after yet another failed attempt at  dating. You thought your first two dates with Ian had went well; he was smart and interesting enough and you’d made him laugh on more than one occasion. Before leaving in your uber, you’d told him you were free again this weekend if he’d be interested, and he told you, right there on the sidewalk, that he didn’t think that was the best idea. It seems to be the same conversation every time: “You’re a great girl, but I’m not the guy for you” and “I’m sure you’ll find Mr. Right someday.” It’s so familiar at this point that you could probably recite the lines by heart and that thought makes you snort humorlessly. You’re about to dig into the big bowl of ice cream you’ve set up for yourself when you hear the front door of your apartment creak open. You’d sent your best friend Tyson a text half an hour ago, just a simple “can you come over?,” and left the door unlocked, hoping you could stay awake long enough for him to arrive. “(Y/N)?” he calls in to the apartment and pads into the room, shoes left at the door. He chuckles a little at the sight of you wrapped up and you pout up at him. “What’s the matter little burrito?”

You wiggle over to make room for him to sink into the couch next to you, careful not to unwrap your blanket cocoon, before answering. “Just another guy who ‘isn’t looking for anything serious but wishes me the best.’” The frustration and disappointment in your voice is clear and Tyson borderline coos at you as he wraps an arm around your shoulder, pulling you in to curl yourself into his side.

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Darjeeling- Barrie



Barrie “Geology” (2019)

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“G.T.R. Brakeman Shot by Tramp,” The Ontarian (Belleville). April 24, 1919. Page 10.

Norris Webb Had Close Call at Colwell Recently - Three Shots Fired at Him.

Barrie Examiner - Norris Webb, a Barrie brakeman had an exciting experience at Colwell recently that might easily have ended fatally, when a tramp fired three shots at him, one of which grazed his leg.

As an extra freight bound for Midland, in charge of Conductor Hayes, was pulling into Colwell Jct., shortly after midnight a man was noticed clinging to the side of the car. When the train stopped, Brakeman Norris Webb, went to investigate and as he approached the stranger whipped out a revolver and fired three shots at the trainman in quick succession. One of the bullets grazed the brakeman’s left leg but he was able to proceed to Midland. Considering the close range it is a wonder he escaped without much serious injury.

His assailant made a rapid disappearance after he fired his third shot and special officers are hunting for him. He is thought to be a tramp who was trying to beat his way to Midland.