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A Chinga Donde?

k but when bruce is telling tony about thanos at the sanctum, tony is keeping his distance from bruce, almost like he’s low-key trying to run away from him - run away from what he’s telling him. like, here’s bruce confirming tony’s worst nightmare has arrived and tony doesn’t want to believe it. he’s fucking shit scared. and just,,, everything about tony’s body language and behaviour in that scene betrayed how high-key stressed and nervous he was, despite his best efforts to appear Calm & Chill™️ by like,, stretching his legs and changing the subject to fucking ice cream. i mean???? 10/10 avoidant behaviour. 


He’s here!

I’ll take some better pictures later, but for now, everyone: meet Fisher! He’s a friendly great white shark who scares away bad dreams and meanies with his big sharp teeth! He’s a great friend (super stimmy too!) and I love him so much already. 💕

The Signs As MCU Characters

Aries: Hawkeye // Clint Barton

Taurus: Captain America // Steve Rogers

Gemini: Scarlet Witch // Wanda Maximoff

Cancer: The Hulk // Bruce Banner

Leo: Iron Man // Tony Stark

Virgo: Thor Odinson

Libra: Loki Laufeyson

Scorpio: The Winter Soldier // Bucky Barnes

Sagittarius: Black Panther // T’Challa

Capricorn: Vision

Aquarius: Doctor Strange // Stephen Strange

Pisces: Spider-Man // Peter Parker