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Top 10 Trends in Retail : 2019 [Infographic] 👉 Understanding the fast-changing dynamics of the banking ecosystem.

A screen of today shows a has a of +23% with a change that is negative, could this continue?

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Top 10 Trends in Retail : 2019 [Infographic] 👉 Understanding the fast-changing dynamics of the banking ecosystem. Cc JimMarous SpirosMargaris psb_dc leimer helene_wpli floriansemle Xbond…

Over 1.75 billion mobile phone users are expected to use their devices for purposes by the end of 2019. to explore why are gaining popularity @

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Yesterday’s video over at the One Minute Economics YouTube channel was about something that tends to give economists goosebumps: capital controls :)


1) What are capital controls?

2) Why should you care?

As far as question #1 is concerned, give me one minute (seriously) of your time by watching the video and you’ll find out. 

When it comes to question #2… ask those who had to deal with the Cyprus banking crisis back in 2013 and they can give you many reasons, heh. Seriously, capital controls are one of those things nobody cares about until THEY have to deal with it, until it affects them and their families.

I’d strongly advise against waiting until the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan to find out what capital controls are. Good luck!

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You know the more I think about it I bet the Van Der Linde gang’s chest was filled with gold instead of like stacks of money, if I remember my history classes right there was no standardized banking system in the late 1800s but every dollar was backed by gold (and silver depending on the year) so for being constantly on the move just having the gold itself would just be a lot more convenient

Yep! You’re correct about the banking system. It was really confusing because it could vary from bank to bank and such. Can you imagine how heavy John’s satchel would have been? 

How Maggie L. Walker opened a bank in the midst of the Jim Crow era

In honor of Black History Month, Yahoo Finance is highlighting the achievements of black pioneers and difference makers in the fields of business, finance, and tech. Yahoo Finance’s Reggie Wade reports to Adam Shapiro and Akiko Fujita about Maggie L. Walker, the first African American female bank president to charter a bank in the United States.

Talked to wally world. Here in my office 23.

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